Why Kayla and Seb Split After Too Hot to Handle Season 4

Kayla Richart and Sebastian Melrose split after Season 4's overheating, and they share the reasons behind their decision and what lies ahead for them.

Keira Richart and Sebastian Melrose were season 4 runners up, but the two revealed they broke up after filming. Apart from the winners Nicki Kici and Jawahir Khalifa, they were the most loving couple in the room. As for Too Hot To Handle's co-stars, Brittan Byrd and James Pendergrass also ended the show.

Kayla enters Season 4 of Too Hot To Handle and everyone in the house is paying attention except Nick. While Scottish racing driver Seb wasn't her first choice, Kayla was drawn to him after being cast by Nigel Jones. Seb and Kayla stunned fans by breaking countless no-body contact rules along the way. This earned them a reputation for being selfish, especially after Flavia Laos Urbina joined the group and went after Seb, and Kayla acted out of insecurity. The couple ended up with only one roommate voting to make them the season 4 winners.

Why Kayla Richart & Seb Melrose Split

Many fans consider Kayla and Seb to be the season 4 couple who can survive in the real world. However, the official Netflix relationship update dropped on YouTube 28, and showed the couple discussing their split. Keira said she and Seb dated for a few months after the show ended and she went to see him in Scotland. "A lot at once," she said. "Long distances are really difficult for both of us, it's always a fear," admits Seb. The Scot native was previously concerned about getting too far away from the LA native, which eventually led to their parting ways, despite their strong relationship.

Are THTH Duo Kayla & Seb Back Together?

While Kayla and Seb confirmed that they split after Too Hot To Handle season 4, they also made it clear that they have not closed the possibility of getting back together. "We didn't stop communicating," Kayla said. "I still love her very much. I think we have enough memories to continue doing things together," Seb added. "Hopefully soon we can try again," joked Kayla. Many viewers believe that Kayla and Seb have gotten back together since filming the YouTube update. They seem to be giving their relationship another chance now.

What Is In Store For Kayla & Seb After THTH?

Looks like Kayla and Seb are now trying to make things work. Many are too hot to handle The actor moved to Los Angeles, where Kayla already lived. Viewers thought it would make sense for Seb to move there to be with Kayla and could be an influencer. Like Kayla, Seb also seems to enjoy sharing content with fans while in the spotlight. Many viewers were very interested in seeing the dynamic between the couple and their castmates. Brittan and James also recently moved to Los Angeles from Hawaii and are reportedly dating again. It's possible to have two happy Too Hot To Handle To Handle season 4 couples in Los Angeles.

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