Why Did Tori Higginson Take off Stargate: Atlantis?

Torri Higginson's Commander Weir was minimized to a repeating character on Stargate: Atlantis, some time recently clearing out the appear - so what happened?

Torri Higginson played Stargate: Atlantis' Elizabeth Weir, and she cleared out beneath something of a cloud. The character of Elizabeth Weir was initially a pivotal one for Stargate: Atlantis. She was situated as the foremost coordinate association between Stargate: SG-1 and the modern spinoff, which saw Weir take charge of an expedition that got to be stranded within the Pegasus World. Shockingly, in spite of the fact that, Weir got to be a auxiliary character after season 3 and was at that point composed out - with Amanda Tapping's Samantha Carter making the jump from the freshly-canceled Stargate: SG-1 to require charge of the Atlantis mission.

Higginson herself long appears to have been disappointed with the way her character was treated, feeling Weir merited to be more than a repeating character. Talking to GateWorld, she conceded she felt she was composed out in portion since the journalists and makers had dependability to the cast of Stargate: Atlantis' canceled sister appear. "I do not judge them for it," she pushed. "I accept that there's a dependability to the [SG-1] individuals and when they knew that appear was finishing they attempted to discover a way to keep the individuals they'd been steadfast to for ten a long time lively, and I absolutely admire that. There's a part of devotion to this commerce. I think that's exceptionally awesome, and exceptionally benevolent of them."

Stargate: Atlantis Struggled To Balance Its Many Characters

Stargate: SG-1 had a little number of characters, meaning everyone got their chance to sparkle. In differentiate, Stargate: Atlantis was the story of a enormous mission stranded in a far off system, meaning there were a number of essential and repeating characters. The journalists battled to adjust to this unused approach, and a few of the heroes essentially fizzled to arrive. In an meet with Ruddy Carpet News, Higginson famous she felt Weir was especially tricky. "My character got kinda pushed out since she wasn’t military solid sufficient," she famous. "Amanda came in, and after that within the conclusion, it was a fellow that ran it. Picardo came in and ran it, right? So I don’t know how dynamic that was. But I’m just being a devil’s advocate."

Higginson certainly incorporates a point when it comes to the military side of Stargate. The Stargate groups are related with the US Discuss Constrain, which implies they by and large have a military approach. Weir, in differentiate, was a ambassador who had been set in charge of the Atlantis mission. This was likely assumed to be an expansion of the conflict between Daniel Jackson and the initial Stargate missions in Stargate: SG-1, but it simply didn't work - since when the Atlantis mission arrived within the Pegasus Universe, they found themselves in a state of war with the Phantom. Weir felt as in spite of the fact that she was sidelined, and the character was regularly either standing around within the foundation or, more awful, serving as a blocker for the more military individuals of her undertaking to overcome. Weir basically wasn't a great fit on a conceptual level.

What Happened To Torri Higginson After Stargate: Atlantis?

Stargate: Atlantis kept going five seasons, and the cast exchanged up a parcel amid that time. Season 2, for illustration, saw Jason Momoa connect Stargate: Atlantis as previous Phantom detainee Ronon Dex, supplanting Rainbow Sun Franck's Lieutenant Portage as a major character. Higginson's flight is more recognizable, in spite of the fact that, essentially since it happened at a time when the show's status quo at last appeared to be settling down. Still, she went on to proceed her effective career, quickly joining NCIS as Dr. Jordan Hanson. She can as of now be seen within the Canadian TV arrangement Transplant, where the previous Stargate: Atlantis star plays a major part of the cast.

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