Why Chantel Fans Think Pedro Is a Narcissist

After Pedro's recent behavior towards Chantel during and after the divorce, fans of the Chantel family believe that he has always been a narcissist.

Four seasons later, Chantel fans now believe they've seen Pedro Jimeno for what he really is - a narcissist. At first, the relationship between the two that fans first witnessed on the 90 Day Fiancé series looked like any other relationship, with its ups and downs. However, Pedro's shocking divorce petition and his stunning turnaround in season 4 convinced fans that he had been playing the game.

Pedro's complete fall from grace among The Family Chantel's fanbase was expected by many, as most fans had been suspicious of Pedro's shady personality. While some fans initially felt he was simply misunderstood, his suspicious and selfish behavior towards Chantel (which led to their divorce) led fans to identify with his hypocritical character. For example, Reddit user estrellita007 noted, "This guy played a long-term scam. His mother trained him to behave a certain way. A 'naive' person wouldn't have the emotional range to manipulate and ignite what Chantel (he) has been doing .He's biding his time; once they have assets (the house) he's going to drive her out with idiotic excuses." There There are clear signs to support this argument, pointing to Pedro's narcissism.

Pedro's Exploitative Behavior

One of the main character traits of a narcissist is exploitative behavior, which is what most fans believe Pedro did to Chantel during their marriage. Many believed that Pedro and Chantel were only together because he wanted something from her, since marrying Chantel meant he could leave the Dominican Republic for the U.S. and get a green card. Before finding a job, Chantel also paid for the household expenses, but once financially independent, Pedro's attitude towards Chantel changed.

Pedro's Annoying Sense of Entitlement

During the divorce proceedings, Pedro was surprisingly stoic and showed no emotion, even though his seven-year marriage to Chantel was coming to an end. However, he became visibly distressed when he learned that Chantel had withdrawn all the money from their joint account. Pedro believed he deserved some of the money, even though he withdrew from the account behind Chantel's back. He also refused to be intimate with her while allegedly having an affair with a colleague.

Pedro's Endless Selfish and Gaslighting Behavior

Fans first saw Pedro's selfish and arsonistic behavior when Chantel failed his nursing exam, and instead of comforting and encouraging his wife, he berated she. Also, when Chantel cried during their divorce proceedings, Pedro said her tears were manipulative, even though he was the one filing the divorce. Despite the heartbreak, fans of the Chantel family are delighted that Chantel has moved on from narcissist Pedro.

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