Who Texted Wednesday? We Think It's This Lost Character

There's a modern hypothesis with respect to who texted the debilitating message to Wednesday Addams that sets up Season 2 – Xavier Thorpe’s celebrated father!

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for the Wednesday season 1 finale.

A unused hypothesis with respect to who texted Wednesday Addams within the finale of Wednesday season 1 recommends it might have been Xavier's father, Victor Thorpe. Supposedly a world-famous psychic, Victor Thorpe, was an inconspicuous nearness all through Wednesday season 1. It's conceivable he might make his to begin with on-screen appearance as the chief scalawag of Wednesday season 2 which the undermining content is the opening salvo of his campaign against her.

The relationship between Xavier Thorpe and Wednesday Addams all through Wednesday season 1 was strained, with Xavier having an solitary pulverize on the young lady who once spared his life and afterward had him unreasonably detained. In any case, Xavier appeared Wednesday there were no difficult sentiments at the conclusion of Wednesday season 1 when he gave her a cellular phone with his number as of now modified in. This made a modern secret for Wednesday season 2, as she gotten a debilitating content whereas clearing out the school grounds. There are a few reasons to suspect the concealed Victor Thorpe may be mindful.

Xavier's Father Needs To Appear In Wednesday Season 2

Victor Thorpe was prominently truant from Wednesday, season 1. He was to begin with specified by title in Wednesday season 1, scene 3, "Companion or Misfortune," when Wednesday examined her psychic powers with Xavier. He was able to offer her a few counsel, given that his father was a world-famous psychic. Wednesday was recognizable with Victor Thorpe, saying that her brother had observed his Vegas Extraordinary "so numerous times I'm shocked it's not engraved on his eyeballs."

Wednesday suggested that Victor Thorpe's relationship with Xavier was not the most excellent. Not at all like most of the guardians of the supporting cast of characters in Wednesday, Victor Thorpe did not go to Nevermore's Guardians End of the week in Wednesday season 1, scene 5, "You Procure What You Misfortune." It was recommended that Victor Thorpe was constraining Xavier to take after in his strides, as Xavier was said to have "a darker side most individuals do not see." This, coupled with Xavier's claim that his father saw his mental wellbeing treatment as "a PR issue that he has to oversee," paints a picture of a father more concerned with his picture than his son's well-being,

Why Xavier's Father Might Have Texted Wednesday

What small is known around Victor Thorpe based on Wednesday season 1 recommends he might have created a resentment against Wednesday Addams and can be her stalker in Wednesday season 2. Xavier was captured on doubt of being a dangerous beast, based on prove accumulated by Wednesday. Indeed in spite of the fact that all the charges against Xavier were dropped, that might have been sufficient to win Victor Thorpe's ill will, given his detailed fear that his sincerely disturbed child might wind up within the tabloids.

Victor Thorpe is additionally one of the few characters who might have get to to Wednesday's modern phone number and the implies to keep his personality covered up. Thorpe was appeared to remain in touch with Xavier by content, recommending he is tech-savvy as well as psychic. It's too conceivable that the phone Xavier bought Wednesday is on his family's arrange, allowing Victor get to to the young lady who about destroyed his son's life and constrained him to confront the outrage he'd continuously feared.

Victor Thorpe Could Be A Powerful New Villain For Wednesday

The mystery of Wednesday's stalker stands balanced to be one of the greatest questions of Wednesday season 2, but the appear will moreover require a modern lowlife to drive the story. Victor Thorpe might effectively be such a scalawag, having the implies, rationale and opportunity to form Wednesday's life troublesome as exact retribution for uncovering his son's history of mental wellbeing issues to the media. Past being popular, Thorpe has the riches to equal that of the Addams Family. In expansion, his psychic powers may make him a imposing adversary on a spiritualist level, given that Wednesday is still acing her capacities and doesn't have the good thing about Goody Addams' direction any longer.

Thorpe might moreover effortlessly be portion of the larger group behind Shrub Entryways that's attempting to annihilate Nevermore Foundation, in the event that not its engineer. This scheme can be tied into the Nightshades mystery society and the secret of why their bunch was constrained to disband 30 a long time prior after the passing of a ordinary child. In the event that Victor Thorpe is associated to this bunch, it seem clarify how Tree Doors might get to the Nightshades' library and the source of her insider information almost the school. In any case, Thorpe ought to be a noteworthy character in Wednesday season 2, whether as a amazing scalawag or a trivial irritation.

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