Who is the curator of The Dark Pictures Anthology? 10 Best Reddit Theories

The Curator is a recurring mysterious figure in The Dark Pictures Anthology. Theories abound as to what his true identity will be.

With Directive 8020, the latest installment in Supermassive's Dark Pictures anthology series, set to release in Fall 2023, fans have many burning questions on their minds. Chief among these, "Who's the Curator?" games may go a long way toward obscuring the character's true origins and purpose, but they provide plenty of clues for eagle-eyed players.

Theories abound on the internet as to the identity of the mysterious character who guides the player through the game, and Redditors have come up with some excellent theories, but it remains to be seen which of them will prove correct.

He Is Not Real

Some players didn't pay much attention to the explanation for the curator's identity, theorizing that the character's existence was no great mystery at all. They took the most basic route by claiming that Curator isn't part of the story at all, just a simple game mechanic.

Redditor Brianman27 thinks the curator is no more real than the game's main menu: "So far he hasn't been in the story, it's like saying my mom read me Little Red Riding Hood is part of the story story because she is reading the book. "Other Reddit users pointed out that the Curator is actually lurking in the background of the main game. He often appears, and in fact, a character is about to die - which certainly calls this theory into question. ^Other players also believe that the Curator is not entirely real , but more like Dr. Hill from Until Dawn, another video game best suited for horror fans. In Until Dawn, Dr. Hill is a fictional character imagined by the real villain, tormenting him Trauma and murderous urges.^ If the Curator is a fictional character imagined by the main characters, it is not clear for what purpose. Redditor SirArthys brought up the idea that the game takes place in the minds of comatose patients, and the Curator represents one of them who wants That part of leaving that world and coming back to life.

He Is A Hallucination

The curators do seem to know more about what's going on in the story than the players or the main characters, but Redditor aguycalledpeter claims this I don't because he's a god in the true sense of the word, and most of the players and theorist misunderstood him.

Their theory is that while the Curator is a "real" being that the player interacts with, none of the stories in the game are real, but simply stories told by the Curator. They point out that when the player makes a choice, the curator appears in the background, implying that this is what he chose to write about, and that the post-introduction scene has the curator taking a book from his shelf, saying "this The story is only partly written."

He Is The Author

As Redditor TaliesinMerlin pointed out, curators are not authors by definition. Instead, his job was "to care for and preserve knowledge, not to create it". They believe that the Curator is just one of a trio "who facilitates the player's movement through the story through a combination of advice and annoyance", the other two being the player himself and an unknown Orchestrator responsible for events.

Redditor DankTankThomas seems to agree, suggesting that a curator's role is to "document how and when people die. [It's not simple.] As a curator representing death, he happens to be right there with it because he needs to document potential deaths "When they Come for his own sake or at the behest of another being.

He Is A Guiding Spirit

This theory ties in nicely with the most popular theory about the Curator, possibly making him the Angel of Death or something close enough to it. Whether he is responsible to an unknown god or to the Christian God, as Reddits' Outrageous_Hamster_6 and Thorfan23 always assume, something "keeps him in check so as not to manipulate the story to make everyone die", which is presumably his prefer.

Other Redditors like jereG137 want a scene where the Curator "finally intervenes/interacts with characters in the story" in future games. They went on to say, "He's in the background of every possible death scene after all, so maybe a story could involve the pure [sic] character calling him to fight his superior," no matter who or what the superior is.

He Answers To A God

Far from God, Death or Satan, theory holds that the Curator is an integral part of the Norse pantheon. Redditor malcolmreyn0lds, who just finished playing the latest God of War game, got the curator's idea of ​​"an incarnation of Hugin or Munin" in particular, and the crow brings all The knowledge of the world was passed on to the god Odin.

As further evidence for this theory, they point to the Curator's extensive knowledge of the game world and why feathers, ravens, and ravens appear in multiple scenes throughout the series.

He Is A Norse God

The theory that dominates forums and message boards is that the curator is actually death itself. Many Redditors agree that much of the Curator's actions and dialogue, and where the game chooses to insert him, point to the idea that the Curator is death personified. Redditor Drakeskulled_Reaper even suggested that the player is the embodiment of life, fighting him to keep the character alive.

The Curator is a timeless figure who "loves a grand funeral", asserts that both death and meeting him are "inevitable", makes repeated references to famous deaths in literature and history, and as noted elsewhere That way, when a character shows up, he's always there dead. It seems very plausible that he presided over or was responsible for some of the bloodiest deaths in horror games.

He Is Death

The curator may actually be trying to lure or lure the player, but this theory paints him as More malevolent than theory that he's Grim Reaper, making him more in line with characters from other horror games like The Dark Pictures Anthology. If he's an out-and-out demon, he couldn't be more intentional about an unaware player character going through such a horrible situation.

Redditor pedromclovin - This suggests that Curator "works directly with Satan", referring to Curator's personality changes from being kind to angry and frustrated over the course of the game, as well as his anomalous appearance as a serial killer in The Devil in Me A panicked response, Du'met, is not killed as planned. After all, Satan would not be pleased if his servant did not do his job properly.

He Is A Demon

In Greek mythology, Charon is neither the god of death nor the dead (the domain of Thanatos and Hades, respectively). He was the psychopath responsible for carrying the souls of the dead across the River Styx to the Underworld, provided they had proper funeral rites and could pay for his travel.

Redditor themercilessket suggested that the curator take on this role in the game's avatar of death, citing a line that many curator death theorists have pointed out "he See everyone once", noting that the characters in the game House of Ashes are based on Sumerian gods who had a major impact on the Greek pantheon. ^Even if the curator wasn't Death himself, Death may still exist in the dark Pictures The Anthology universe, as the master of all its dark events, fits a series of games with so many unique deaths. However, he acts through the curator, who "is not allowed to help" the player or interfere with any part of him

He Is Charon The Ferryman

Redditor MaxWellCamp says, " I think curators are just servants of death. He was once a human being, and after his death he became some kind of reaper. "It certainly fits with his mysterious demeanor and the implication that he will have to answer to someone if things don't go the way they should.

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He Is A Lesser Servant Of Death

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