What Happened To Daniel Harthausen After The Huge Brunch

The Enormous Brunch star Daniel Harthausen strolled absent from the HBO appear with the $300,000 terrific prize. Here's what happened to him taking after his win.

After weeks of intense competition, Daniel Harthausen strolled absent from The Enormous Brunch as its to begin with victor, and here's what he's been up to since at that point. The arrangement was made and facilitated by Schitt's Stream engineer Dan Require, and highlighted ten skilled chefs who tingled to form the finest brunch dishes, within the trusts of winning the $300,000 amazing prize. Daniel, from Richmond, Virginia, was joined by Antwon Brinson, Catie Randazzo, Danielle Sepsy, J. Chong, Kelly Jones, Kip Poole, Bricklayer Zeglen, Nadege Fleurimond, and Roman Wilcox. The hopefuls fought it out over eight scenes.

By the time The Enormous Brunch finale disclosed on November 24 (Thanksgiving Day), as it were three contenders remained: heating master Danielle, Cantonese chef J., and Daniel, who paid tribute to his Korean culture with deliciously-inspired plates. All three trade proprietors awed Dan (and individual judges Sohla El-Waylly and Will Guidara) with how they would contribute the $300,000 big stake. Be that as it may, it was Daniel's Katsu curry that tied the bow on his noteworthy track record. Whereas Daniel was moderately unfamiliar some time recently he made his tv make a big appearance, his life rapidly turned around after he was presented on The Huge Brunch. Here's what happened to Daniel after he won the arrangement, and what he's been doing since.

Daniel Harthausen Returned To His Normal Life (For A Time)

Whereas the city of Richmond has certainly celebrated Daniel's win since he was delegated the victor of The Huge Brunch, Richmond Times-Dispatch uncovered that Daniel's life didn't alter much when he returned domestic. To form beyond any doubt The Huge Brunch would stay spoiler-free, Daniel unobtrusively celebrated his win alone some time recently he cleared out Los Angeles, in spite of the fact that he did tell his sweetheart Megan the great news. “After almost some of weeks, I was fair back in my claim rhythm,” Daniel told the distribution. Bound to mystery, Daniel returned to his position as the Bar Director of Eatery Adarra.

Daniel Harthausen's Pop-Up Restaurant Soared In Popularity

Whereas Daniel has an noteworthy culinary continue, with huge bar involvement, The Enormous Brunch fans know that Daniel's pride and bliss is his pop-up eatery, Youthful Mother. As Youthful Mother's chef and proprietor, Daniel's Korean and Japanese-inspired diner was well-known to Richmond foodies some time recently The Huge Brunch. In any case, since Daniel risen as the victor, Youthful Mother gets more asks than ever some time recently. In an meet with Virginia's Travel Web journal, Daniel, who uncovered that his favorite supper is Pho, talked approximately Youthful Mother's future and prodded, "I’m trusting to have a brick-and-mortar by 2023 here in Richmond, Virginia."

In spite of the fact that there are bounty of culinary competitions out there, Daniel and the other contenders stood out on The Huge Brunch, which rapidly picked up a expansive taking after upon its debut. Other than the strong sums of ability highlighted, and the wholesome states of mind of Dan, Sohla, and Will, the show's special concept and comprehensive environment as of now has watchers inquiring on the off chance that another season is within the works. Meanwhile , fans of The Huge Brunch can keep an eye out for Daniel's future endeavors and, in the event that all goes well, Youthful Mother's possible change.

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The Enormous Brunch is accessible to stream on HBO Max.

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