We hope the GTA 6 rumors are true

Rumors have swirled for years about what features the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI will include, some more popular than others.

Rumors of a Grand Theft Auto 6 have been swirling since the beginning of the GTA V era, with players eagerly digging for all the information they can find on the next generation of the beloved franchise. While the game is still a long way off, more information has trickled out over time about what fans can expect from GTA 6, thanks in part to leaks as well as more convincing rumours. For fans of the series, some rumors are more intriguing than others, depending on what they think the previous GTA games were missing or could improve upon.

Earlier this year, the leak of 90 GTA 6 videos confirmed and refuted some of the most popular rumors about the upcoming game. Some of these rebuttals are hard to swallow, and while these videos offer a lot of new insight into what GTA 6 will bring, there are other details that remain up in the air as many of the video leaks don't provide enough either way. evidence. These features would add a lot of fun to GTA VI, if they were true.

An 80s-Set GTA 6 Would've Been Retro Fun

One of the most popular rumors Grand Theft Auto 6 is about the game's time period. The leaker claims that the game will not be set in the present day, but around the 1970s and 80s. However, GTA V makes the rumored '80s setting impossible - in the GTA 6 leak, the NPC references a character from the previous game, meaning it takes place after. The backdrop of the past few decades could be a big change in pace for the series after GTA V, especially since players are returning to Vice City - the original Vice City game was set in 1986, so this rumor doesn't sit well with the timeline.

This rumor also gives the game great potential for the soundtrack. The Project Americas leak mentions that Rockstar wanted to give GTA 6 a strong retro soundtrack, which would have done amazing things for the game's atmosphere and immersion, offering songs that would have GTA 6's radio stations easily beat GTA V's. While the in-game radio in previous games was pretty good, a 1970s or 80s setting would revolutionize what players listen to in their car in an interesting way.

Rio Would Be An Amazing GTA 6 Setting

One of the core rumors The Americas plan theory of its namesake is that GTA 6 will span the Americas, including areas inspired by Rio de Janeiro and possibly Cuba. Unlike the previous one, this one has not been confirmed or denied by any leaks. The videos show the Vice City set and possibly nearby Gellhorn Harbor, but they only represent a small portion of the game, with other areas not yet revealed. This is arguably one of the most likely GTA 6 rumors to be true, and it would be an incredible twist on the series' normal setting.

Empire Building Could Add Depth To GTA 6

Another unconfirmed rumor is that GTA 6 will include a complex empire-building system not found in most other games. This will be a mechanic similar to the one introduced in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, where players battle rival gangs and take over various businesses. A similar feature exists in GTA Online, allowing players to amass their empires, but rumors suggest that the underlying GTA 6 system is more complex. This has the potential to revolutionize the series' gameplay in a big way and add A new challenge and strategy layer for the game progression system.

While players can expand their empire in GTA Online in a number of ways, from making money as a CEO to arms smuggling, the prospects for more complex systems in single player are promising. Returning to the Vice City setting is the perfect time for the franchise to dive back into the empire-building mechanics, and will bring a lot of renewed joy to GTA 6. The empire-building elements of the Vice City story were what really set the game apart when it launched, and combined with the confirmed Red Dead Redemption 2-style heist elements, could create the best crime system in the series to date.

Narcos-Inspired Storytelling Would Be An Inspired Shift For GTA 6

One of the most interesting and thus far undisproved rumors about GTA 6 is that it may draw inspiration from the cartel-centric series Narcos. This rumor is another part of the GTA 6 Americas project theory, and is in line with others who believe the game's main story will involve drug trafficking. If players believe theory GTA 6 will partly adopt In a South American-inspired setting, this Narcos theory gains even more traction. It also fits with the game's rumored empire-building system, as the show focuses on the rise of cartel leader Pablo Escobar.

An extension of the Narcos rumor involves the idea that, like the show, people from other countries speak their native languages. This means the game will have many more subtitled scenes than previous titles. This change, along with the overall possible Narcos inspiration, would undoubtedly change the tone of GTA 6 from earlier games in the series, perhaps in a fun - albeit more serious - way.

The overall ambition of the game is probably why Rockstar waited so long to announce GTA 6, at least in part. Currently, while things like titles set in the 70s or 80s have been conclusively proven wrong, other features on this list are still up in the air. Many players may have hoped that certain mechanics, such as empire building and more areas to explore, would eventually prove to be part of the next game in the series, but they'll have to wait a while to find out. When Grand Theft Auto 6 is finally released, it's likely to include at least some elements that players haven't anticipated amidst the many rumors surrounding the game.

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