Viz Media raised the price of its subscription service in January

Viz Media's Shonen Jump subscription service launched at rock-bottom prices. That price will increase in January, but so will service offerings.

Starting January 2023, subscribers to Viz Media's Shonen Jump service will have to pay a little extra to access their favorite heroes and villains as the manga and anime publisher and producer look to update and improve their offerings and set a The price point allows it to continue to bring "the best manga straight from Japan" to its members.

In a December 2022 email to members of its subscription service, Viz announced that starting January 2023, the base price of its monthly subscription service would increase from the current $1.99 to $2.99. In addition to the price changes, Viz also announced a suspension of payments for subscription services, which previously could be made through Paypal, a global financial transaction intermediary. No reason was given for the suspension of Paypal payments, but it should be noted that from January 17, 2023, subscribers who have been using the service will need to reactivate their subscriptions through the Shonen Jump app. Prior to the change, Viz will be contacting all affected subscription accounts with specific instructions on what they need to do to ensure subscriptions continue without interruption.

Viz Has Always Been America's Top Manga Distributor

Founded in 1985 As Viz Communications, it is a business focused on bringing comics to the huge American comic book market. In 2002, Viz struck a deal with Shueisha to begin distributing the English-language version of the popular Japanese manga anthology Shonen Jump. In 2005, Viz merged with another American comics publisher, ShoPro Entertainment, to form Viz Media, Inc. Still focused on the goal of popularizing manga in the U.S. and the world outside of Japan, the merger makes Viz Media an "international authority on manga" and one of the leading publishers of manga and animation outside of Japan. Through a subscription service launched in 2018, Members have access to currently running comics, the weekly Shonen Jump and affiliated Jump magazines, and retired comics. Currently, a subscription to Viz costs $1.99 per month.

Viz Media Provides Great Services At Affordable Price

At the original subscription price of $1.99, Viz can be described as a teenager The best and cheapest way for Jump fans to access some of the best and most popular manga. Some of the games accessible through its service include One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, One Punch Man, Spy x Family, Jujitsu Kaizen, Bleach, and Chainsaw. In addition, due to agreements with various companies As an anime publisher, members can also watch anime adaptations of these manga for free or at a discounted price. Even with the price hike, Viz Media still seems to be the most affordable comics subscription service. Considering all the anime access a subscription offers, $2.99 ​​is a steal, especially for die-hard fans.

Although fairly modestly priced, Viz Media said it actually increased the content available to subscribers by more than 50%. Additionally, they say they will only add to their Shonen Jump offerings as the service grows and expands.

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