Vicki Gunvalson reveals she's 'jealous' of Tamra's return to RHOC

Vicki Gunvalson admits she felt "jealous" when she learned Tamra Judge was invited back to The Real Housewives of Orange County instead of her.

Vicki Gunvalson opened up about how "jealous" Tamra Judge was when she was invited back to The Real Housewives of Orange County, but she wasn't. Vicki and Tamra are two veterans who have helped RHOC make their name. Vicki was RHOC's defending OG when he was fired after 14 seasons. Tamra was then fired and the two stopped "yelling" and stirring the pot. Vicki and Tamra return for Season 2 of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls' Tour and express disappointment at being fired.

Shortly after appearing on the Real Housewives spin-off, Tamra confirmed she was returning to RHOC, while Vicki was not invited back. Ahead of the new season, Vicki shared her disappointment at not being invited back with her good friend Tamra. "I was jealous and angry," Vicki told Us Weekly. "I thought the phone was going to ring for [me]. I thought, 'Hi, Andy [Cohen], you didn't call me!'" But despite some initial jealousy, Vicki was glad Tamra was making her comeback in her stead. "I'm so happy for her," Vicki said, noting that Tamra "really wants it more than I do. She's good TV."

Vicki Gunvalson Will Make Guest Appearances In RHOC Season 17

With Tamra's return, she was able to invite Vicki to events that will be held at RHOC Season 17 made some cameos. With Tamra and Shannon Beador. "I love my Tamra [and] Shannon, we're great together." Vicki also hinted that she might return as a full-time housewife in the future. "It's Bravo's decision, right. And then, at that point, I'll fix it," Vicki explained. "Hopefully my filming days aren't over yet"

Vicki starred on the series Real Housewives from its inception in 2006 until RHOC Season 14 in 2020. Fans watched as Vicki's life changed dramatically, from a devoted working mum and volatile wife to husband Donn Gunvalson, to a heartbroken divorcee regretting cheating on her shady ex-boyfriend Brooks Ailes Dunn. Vicky's daughter Brianna Culberson helps serve as the voice of reason during Vicky's outbursts and antics. Over the years, Vicki managed to rub everyone the wrong way and even feuded with Tamra at times. But her dramatic banter proved to be too much when she was filmed with a group of housewives. Vicki was criticized by fans and viewers when she appeared on RHUGT Season 2.

Vicki just broke up with her ex-fiancé Steve Lodge and is devastated by the split. Vicki mopes at the house, complaining about the remoteness of Dorinda Medley's bluestone estate. Fans are tired of Vicki bringing energy down, and Tamra acts as the perfect middle woman between Vicki and the rest of the cast. Apparently, Tamra impressed the producers so much that she was asked to return to RHOC for season 17. Taylor Armstrong, who also appeared on RHUGT season 2, was asked to join RHOC even though she originally started on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. With Tamra and Taylor joining The Real Housewives of Orange County, it became more apparent that Vicki might have been intentionally left out. There's a reason for her jealousy after the apparent snub. Maybe her cameo will change the producers' minds and see her return in the near future.

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