Transformers' Last Decepticons Eat People, Not Energon

After ages of its nonstop utilize, the supply of Energon has finished. Presently constrained into survival mode, the Transformers turn to a commonplace “food” source.

Warning: This contains SPOILERS for Transformers: Last Bot Standing

Whereas Energon has long been thought of as the as it were source of food for the Autobots and Decepticons of the Transformers' universe, the Robots in Mask turned to a stunning elective when this "nourishment" was now not accessible. There are other things that the Transformers can "eat" and in spite of the fact that these nourishments were not favored, there was no other choice once it got to be incomprehensible to produce Energon.

The Autobots and Decepticons don't in fact eat; in any case, just like the cars, planes, and machines they change into, they need a source of vitality or fuel to function. At first depicted within the unique 1984 energized arrangement as being a Decepticon-only source of vitality, Energon was afterward canonized, most pertinently in Marvel's The Transformers (1984) as being the essential source of vitality for all individuals of the Cybertronian race. Whereas a consistent helplessness to both Autobots and Decepticons, for the foremost portion, Energon remained a persistent foundation issue within the Transformers adventure. Given the ubiquity of Energon over the universe, a primary source of conflic has been who controls the source, instead of if it is economical. Whereas there were ways for Autobots and Decepticons to outlive without Energon for periods of time, such as with the Maximals and Predacons amid the Beats Wars, for the most part Cybertronians have gotten to be usual to "eating" Energon as the essential implies to maintain themselves.

In Scratch Roche and E.J. Su's Transformers: Final Bot Standing miniseries, the Cybertronians are at an awfully diverse point in their history. Not as it were has the millennia-long war between the Autobots and Decepticons desolated thousands of universes and killed endless species, but it has too lefts the system dispossessed of Energon, the backbone of both Cybertronian bunches. Normally, without the conventional implies of food, the Autobots and Decepticons are constrained to "adjust and overcome" the challenges they confronted. As Roche and Su's comedian uncover, the major adaption to how Cybertronians "bolster" themselves was exchanging from Energon to expending natural nourishment. Whereas Autobots and Decepticons continuously had the capacity to control themselves without Energon, turning to eating organic foodstuffs, like people, isn't something numerous fans mulled over. On the one hand, it does not make sense that a machine can change over natural fabric into vitality. On the other hand, it makes sense, expecting the plenitude of natural fabric within the universe, that it seem give the Cybertronians with a prepared source of vitality.

The Cybertronian Preference For Humans

The foremost eye-opening uncover from the miniseries is the choice of natural nourishment that the Cybertronians appear to favor. In spite of the wealth of natural nourishment such as creatures and plants, the favored natural nourishment source in Transformers: Final Bot Standing is people. It's a choice that flies within the confront of the verifiable relationship between Cybertronians and people. The Autobots were humanity's defenders, committing their lives to guarantee the security of Soil. And in spite of the fact that the Decepticons were no companions of humankind, their detest of them certainly did not result in them needing to expend people for food. To be beyond any doubt, what a diverse story it would be in the event that Optimus Prime, Megatron, and their individual groups fought on Soil whereas expending people for nourishment. Whereas eating people is depicted as vital for the survival of the Cybertronian race in Final Bot Standing, the truth is that it sums to the Cybertronian-led genocide of humankind. Additionally, as Steel-Jaw concedes, they've developed so utilized to expending people that indeed in the event that they did discover Energon, they'd still incline toward to eat on people.

Transformers: Final Bot Standing is one conceivable finishing for the Transformers adventure. It gives a conceivable conclusion to the Autobots and Decepticons' battle, one that finds the two previous adversaries shockingly joining powers to expend people, who the Transformers presently consider them nothing more than the another feast.

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