TMNT/ Control Officers Epic Modern Hybrid Craftsmanship Is The Extreme '90s Mashup

The Powerful Morphin Control Officers and High school Mutant Ninja Turtles collide in epic unused craftsmanship from InHyuk Lee that combines the two adored establishments.

Spoilers for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II #1 by IDW Publishing and BOOM! Studios

^ The Control Officers and The Young Mutant Ninja Turtles are around to form their most recent comedian book hybrid as unused craftsmanship grandstands the extreme '90s mashup highlighting fan-favorite characters from each arrangement. Within the unused craftsmanship for Forceful Morphin Control Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II by IDW Distributing and BOOM! Studios from craftsman InHyuk Lee, Leonardo and the Blue Officer star in an epic modern variation cover which mashes the two establishments together and prods the enterprises ahead for the heroes.

Control Officers and The High school Mutant Ninja Turtles stay two of the foremost prevalent establishments ever, much appreciated to numerous vivified arrangement, comedian books, and activity figures that come to their top within the early 1990s. Within the show day, Control Officers and TMNT are still running and have crossed over with one another. Within the 2019 comedian, Powerful Morphin Control Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the two groups joined strengths to require on the Green Officer and the Foot Clan. With a spin-off to the miniseries coming this month, InHyuk Lee uncovered a modern variation cover which is able have fans of both notorious series' hyped.

With the unused Control Officers and High school Mutant Ninja Turtles hybrid coming in December, craftsman InHyuk Lee shared his most recent variation cover featuring Leonardo and the Blue Officer. The blue costumed heroes strike a threatening combined posture as they jump into activity with their weapons unsheathed. Leonardo sports his famous two katanas, whereas Billy Crantson's Blue Officer sports his flexible Control Spear. Check out the epic picture underneath.

Forceful Morphin Control Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II will take after up six months after the occasions after the two team's to begin with hybrid, where they took down Shredder and Rita Repulsa. The Turtles and Control Officers will confront off against an "startling lowlife" that IDW Distributing and BOOM! Studios are prodding fan's requested. Seem it be Ruler Fancy woman Detestable? Krang? Check out the see for the primary comedian of the five-issue miniseries underneath.

The TMNT/Power Rangers Crossover Will Unite Them Against A Common Enemy

The InHyuk Lee variation cover featuring the Blue Officer and Leonardo is the idealize mashup of '90s heroes who will play a enormous part within the up and coming hybrid comedian book. The pair will likely have to be work together more than ever along their particular groups to halt the colossal risk the Control Officers and Young Mutant Ninja Turtles will before long confront, which ought to make for an action-packed, can't-miss story. Compelling Morphin Control Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II #1 by Ryan Parott and Dan Mora from IDW Distributing arrives in comedian book stores on December 28, 2022.

It's been six months since the Teenagers With Attitude and the Heroes In A Half Shell teamed up to defeat the unholy alliance of Rita Repulsa and Shredder, but a new threat will force them to reunite in the crossover YOU demanded! Between an invasion from beyond, old enemies teaming up with unlikely accomplices, and a threat to the Rangers' powers themselves, will the two teams survive the onslaught, or will they need help from the most unexpected ally imaginable?

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Source: InHyuk Lee

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