This Hack Lets You Use Your Tesla to Play Steam Games on Apple TV

The Tesla Model S and Model X now offer Steam integration for streaming games to Apple TV using the Steam Link app.

A Reddit user has revealed a hack to play Steam games on an Apple TV using a Tesla. To drive traffic and retain existing customers, Tesla has invested heavily in entertainment options in its cars. Users can stream Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube on their car screens, or play Beach Buggy Racing 2, Cuphead, Cyberpunk 2077, Fallout Shelter, and more through Tesla Arcade.

Tesla recently announced its annual holiday update, bringing many new features to its cars, including support for Apple Music and Steam games. Taking advantage of the latter, Reddit user u/tearaway_Tea (via Electrek) has revealed a hack that allows Tesla Model S and Model X owners to stream games from their car computers to their Apple TV. Use the Steam Link app to fix this. To do this, simply connect the Tesla and Apple TV to the same local network.

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The hack is certainly a neat one - by downloading the Steam Link app on Apple TV, Tesla users can play their entire Steam library without investing in an additional gaming computer. In addition, playing games on a big-screen TV at home is more enjoyable The gaming experience is more important than using the wireless controller within the narrow confines of the Tesla. Besides being on the same local network, the only requirement for it to work is that the Tesla needs to be in range of the Apple TV. That should be easy to manage if the car is in the garage, but probably won't work in an apartment building.

While hacking was an interesting experiment, it doesn't make much sense given that people who play Steam games on a Tesla probably also have gaming rigs at home. It's worth noting that only Model S and X units built in the last two years can run Steam games because they have powerful gaming computers. The top-end models in Tesla's lineup are all priced at $100,000 and above, exempting those pricier EVs from a 2023 federal tax credit for the cheaper Model 3 and Model Y. ^Meanwhile, Tesla is offering double-price Model 3 and Y discounts, equivalent to up to $7,500 in credits from the U.S. government. Discount applies only to deliveries before December 31, 2022. any delivered vehicle Tax rebates will be eligible after that date, meaning buyers won't miss out either way. While neither vehicle supports Steam integration, their cheaper prices make them the most popular Tesla models.

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Source: u/tearaway_Tea/Reddit, Electrek

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