The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 10 Tips for Playing Death March Difficulty Levels

With the next-gen update for gamers, many will want to try the game at its highest difficulty.

Released on December 13th, the next-gen update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt adds a ton of exciting new content to the popular fantasy video game. Many players returned to the game for the first time in years, keen to relive it in an upgraded form.

The most hardcore of these players will be eager to attempt the most difficult death march in The Witcher 3. Death March mode is brutal, especially at the beginning of the game. However, it's essential for those aiming for a 100% completion trophy, so those trying to complete it will need all the help they can get.

Complete Every Side Quest

Leveling up is crucial to winning battles and overcoming the dangerous obstacles Geralt faces. The story mode itself is fairly lengthy, and since the game isn't too difficult, side missions are optional.

However, this is far from the situation in Death March. Players should seek out and complete every side quest they can find so the game will be easier for them as they continue their adventures in the main campaign.

Master Quick Sign Casting

Many players may find themselves proficient in only one or two signs, However, mastering all of these is necessary to truly thrive in the death march mode. Thankfully, the Witcher 3 next-gen update has a great new hidden detail that allows players to cast their signatures much faster.

When holding the button to cast a sigil, all sigils will appear in the lower right corner for selection. It's a life-changing addition to the game that will help players defeat enemies more easily than before. This setting must be changed manually and will not become the default.

Unlock And Upgrade Abilities

It is important to try to upgrade as many abilities as possible. This is especially useful when using more powerful versions of flags. However, thanks again to the quick sign casting, this will make Geralt stronger than ever.

In addition to the emblems that benefit Geralt in battle, there are more upgrades. A basic ability that players should acquire as soon as possible is Refresh, which restores 5% of Geralt's health each time he drinks a potion, regardless of the potion's other effects.

Find The Best Armor Possible

It goes without saying that players will want to find what they think is the best armor set Might be able to do that in The Witcher 3, one of the most popular action games, they should also try to get the best of it early in the game.

The Temerian armor set isn't a bad choice at the start of the game, and is great for when Geralt starts early side quests. This armor can be purchased at the first town Geralt visits in White Orchard. The two new armor sets added to the next-gen game update under My Rewards are also fantastic new options.

Find The Best Swords Possible

Like the armor, the sword will be Geralt's best friend, and players should get the best of them early. Like the armor, there are rewards for the brand new swords, so players can gain an advantage by downloading and using them right away.

However, another great option for players is the Viper School sword set. Schematics for the Steel and Silver Swords can be found in the White Orchard. These weapons have a higher chance of dealing poison damage, which is the perfect advantage players need on this brutal difficulty.

Know Your Enemy

one of One of the coolest features in The Witcher 3, one of the best medieval fantasy games, is that players can actually study their enemies and learn about them in Bestiary. Most monsters will have some weakness, so like a real wizard, the player should approach these battles tactically and find or craft the necessary items to aid them in the fight.

On lower difficulties this doesn't seem like a big deal, the player will probably approach most enemies fairly casually and use more or less the same strategy every time. This doesn't work well on death marches, and it's advisable to learn how to defeat enemies more easily.

Always Have Plenty Of Consumables

Healing health and status effects are essential in combat. It's important to stock up on as many consumables as possible before a fight so players can recover at a moment's notice.

Some enemies will require Geralt to use up almost all of his inventory, so players should remember to keep replenishing and getting ready for the next battle. They should buy, loot or craft potions. All of these are great ways to have a good inventory of consumables.

Make Constant Saves

Persistent saves are a good idea and should always be done before the player knows they are going to encounter a strong enemy. It's also not a bad idea to make frequent saves on a regular basis, in case players don't know what's around the corner.

So that if Geralt dies or the player has a bad strategy and consumes too many items, they can reload to a previous save file and get all their items back. This will save time and keep players from having to recollect all consumables again.

Loot Everything And Sell What You Don't Need

In The Witcher 3, one of the best PC RPGs on Steam, looting everything can sometimes seem tedious, and most players just loot what they need. However, for the death march mode, players should grab everything every time.

While players don't really need everything they loot, they can all be sold, and money will be more important in death march mode, since all money needs to be spent on materials and consumables, as well as in the forge anything.

Craft And Use Swallow Tonics

Swallow Tonic is one of the best potions in the world The Witcher 3, can be crafted early in the game. These tonics increase Geralt's health regeneration rate, which is ideal in combat. It's not hard to make a Dwarven Spirit along with five Celandines and a Drower Brain.

The only downside is that Geralt can only have three of these at a time, however, these are still essential potions to craft and use. Thankfully, upgrades can be added to Swallow Tonics as players progress through the game.

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