The Way of Water Has Solved Your Biggest Avatar 3 Villain Problems

In Avatar: The Way of Water, Quaritch proved himself fully qualified to be the main villain in the Avatar 3 (and beyond) series.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Avatar: The Way of Water

^ Despite criticism of Avatar: Way of Water suggesting that Avatar 3 and future sequels should have a new villain, Miles Quaritch (played by Stephen Lang) has earned the right to be the franchise's premier villain . The changes Quaritch went through in the new Avatar were big and complicated. As such, it feels like there should be plenty of room to explore his character.

In Avatar: Way of Water, it is revealed that Quaritch downloaded his memories and personality when he died in the first film's final battle. After the deaths of Jake Sully and Neytiri, the RDA activated Quaritch's recombinant, his own Na'vi hybrid host, to take over all of the original Quaritch's memories. However, Way of the Water proves that this new Quaritch is much more than that by the end of the film.

Due to his new status quo, Recom Quaritch experiences a whole new level of inner conflict, which makes him more attractive than the original, which had a much smaller dimension in the first Avatar. Quaritch not only must get used to owning his enemies, but he must also reconcile his past memories with his present self. Despite his consistent vindictiveness towards Jack Sully, at some point Quaritch is now less sure of himself and even terrified after seeing the recording of the original Quaritch's death. As such, there are so many new depths and dimensions to be explored in Avatar 3 and beyond.

The Way Of Water's Quaritch Changes Prove He Can Be Avatar 3's Villain

Likewise, these changes are highlighted when the new Quaritch meets Miles "Spider" Soccoro, the son of the original Quaritch raised by the Na'vi and humans loyal to the Omatikaya clan. Bringing him back to the RDA and attempting to use him for intel, the Quaritch showed a level of sympathy and affection for the Spider that the original supposedly never provided. Likewise, he tries to woo the spider: "I'm not the one." At the end of Avatar: Way of Water, this sentiment starts to materialize, especially after Neytiri threatens to kill the spider in the final confrontation, Quaritch lets Jack's daughter go.

Spider and Quaritch are connected enough in The Way of Water that Spider chooses to save Quaritch's life rather than let him drown. However, the spider Still decided to go back to the Sally family instead of leaving with his "father". So Quaritch is alive and there to be a villain in Avatar 3 and future sequels. However, one might wonder if Spider's kindness will prompt Quaritch to embrace a new way of life, letting go of his past and old Quaritch's grudges.

Could Quaritch Be Redeemed In Future Avatar Sequels?

While full redemption seems slim, it wouldn't be surprising if this new version of Quaritch tried to reunite with Spider, since he cared more about him than the original Quaritch. Regardless, Avatar 3 doesn't need a new villain because it already has one. The first movie has the original Quaritch, "Avatar: Way of Water" Recom Quaritch debuted, he is in a transitional space, and "Avatar 3" can allow Quaritch to continue to embrace new things, become more three-dimensional in future movies, and maybe Be more compassionate.

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