The Vampire Journals: 10 Most Inconsequential Circular segments & Turns, Agreeing To Reddit

The presentation of numerous side characters and digressive plotlines as it were diverted watchers from the critical parts of TVD. They were superfluous.

The cast of The Vampire Journals had a sweet gathering at the I Was Feeling Epic tradition as of late, and fans were back to feeling TVD fever. The appear set a point of reference within the young extraordinary tv class with its emotional cherish triangle, but the sprawling TVD Universe had a few plots and turns which included no esteem to the story.

The presentation of numerous side characters and certain digressive plotlines as it were occupied watchers from the critical parts of the appear. Numerous fans on Reddit do not get it what the point was for these turns to exist at all, and in case they hadn't been a portion of TVD, the appear might have been a smoother observe.

10/10 Fake Sarah Salvatore

Most watchers were perplexed by the expanded presentation of Sarah Salvatore, which was prefixed by Monique, a understudy mimicking the genuine Sarah. Her veneer was figured out by Stefan, and after that she was slaughtered by Enzo, but no one very caught on why Monique was ever presented within the to begin with put. As Cebolla_y_cilantro summarizes "She’s there, Enzo slaughters her, and then…?"

To be reasonable to the journalists, the fans did have a point as "fake Sarah" included no measurement to Sarah, nor did she have any imperative data to donate to the most characters. It's not astounding that she was a character who was overlooked almost by the conclusion of TVD.

9/10 Mass Killing Main Characters In Season 5

The Vampire Journals cherished to toe the line between life and passing, which was most apparent within the season 5 finale. As a character, Bonnie was ill-treated a reasonable bit, but slaughtering each fundamental character, counting Stefan, Alaric, Elena, and Damon fair for the purpose of making them come back to life was absurd.

There was no real reason for all of them to kick the bucket, particularly Elena, who fair joined in for the ride to the Other Side and back. The mass slaughtering was peculiar and felt like, in itsshannonm's words, "They were a bit, like well I figure we will murder everybody since they'll be back following scene besides!"

8/10 Bonnie Becoming A Huntress

Rayna Cruz was a lowlife who irritated most fans, so when her final life and characteristics passed on to Bonnie, it got to be indeed more baffling. For one, the witch had been through sufficient trials and merited a easy way out of her bind. Furthermore, she never had a sword to check a vampire with, so it was hazy as to how she was chasing Caroline and the pack without checking them.

It included nothing to Bonnie's character or the story in common, other than the truth that she needed to murder her companions and darling. Bonnie might never have it simple, and LovingWife82 thought it was all "Mind boggling, silly & superfluous!"

7/10 Tyler's Death

There's bounty around Tyler that has matured ineffectively, and his unceremonious passing is one of them. He was a beautiful imperative character who was slaughtered off fair to appear how Damon had gone off the profound conclusion, which was a truth that had as of now been built up as he murdered individuals with Sybil. It did not require assist cycle, and certainly not by slaughtering the as it were wolf within the bunch.

His passing moreover gathered deficiently feeling from his companions, once more making it a inefficient passing. Happy_sloth1234 said "All it did was p**s individuals off who really preferred him."

6/10 Doppelgängers Ending Up Together

The doppelgänger storyline was retconned more than once on TVD, and Redditors thought that making two sets of twin line who were mystically bound to drop in love was totally unneeded, because it didn't reinforce one dispatch or the other. It felt constrained to incorporate this, and it appeared like a thought up way to create Damon and Elena's adore appear more true blue.

Fans saw right through this control, and felt that it cheapened Stefan and Elena's cherish. As Inner-Manner-6768 reverberated, "it demolished Stelena for me."

5/10 Damon And Andie's Relationship

After Damon's ill-treatment of Caroline, he went through a few shape of redemption where he was getting to be distant better;a much better;a higher;a stronger;an improved">a higher man. At that point, he chosen to date Andie Star, and rehash all the same botches with compulsion and assent that he had made prior, which made this circular segment totally futile.

Andie went through the same nonsense that Caroline did, however Damon was considered a transformed man. No one said anything, and the relationship and harm it cleared out was overlooked as well before long. StrictlyMisadventure concluded "The presence of Andie and Damon's "relationship" includes actually nothing to the story that couldn't be included in a few other simple work-around."

4/10 Elena Compelling Away Her Memories

In spite of the fact that Elena experienced a parcel of melancholy amid her six season residency individuals, numerous Redditors thought it was distant as well simple for her to compel absent her relationship with Damon since she couldn't adapt. No other character was given that benefit, indeed in spite of the fact that they managed with misfortune as much as her. As Novel_Volume_2830 addressed "There have been Bounty of other individuals grieving misfortune all through the appear, but as it were Elena gets to compel her misfortune absent?"

It too made no sense that Elena took this exceptional step after losing Damon, by one means or another proposing that his passing was much more regrettable than her guardians, her brother, or her aunt's. Whereas it may have been done how Damon and Elena's adore was able to overcome the greatest of chances within the conclusion, it did appear a bit futile.

3/10 The Delena Sire Bond

Numerous fans were against the sire bond between Damon and Elena, because they thought it as it were served to create the couple happen rapidly after the Stelena break-up, and for them to urge physical faster. This was totally out of character, and Elena ought to have had a few time to be single and after that get along side Damon.

The sire bond fair made their union unpleasant as numerous fans didn't just like the reality that Elena had no office or that Damon was making the larger part of her choices. As BuffythePastaSlayer summarized, "I can't think of anything important it included to the plot."

2/10 Killing Lexi

The introduction of Lexi, who was an awfully critical character in Stefan's life, and after that slaughtering her off suddenly made completely no sense. She had a part of potential, and an set up backstory which looked like it was reaching to be investigated advance, till it was brutally prematurely ended.

Slaughtering off a adorable character for a unimportant reason like Damon's was a misfortune, and Novel_Volume_2830 wished that "they would have kept her longer and utilized her character for more great."

1/10 Enzo's Whole Arc

Gorg234 pronounced "I think each storyline with Enzo was futile..." They assist clarified that his backstory with Damon wasn't curiously sufficient, and his contempt for Stefan was all-consuming but illogical. For a whereas, it appeared just like the scholars did not know what to do with Enzo.

He had wavered between Lily and a few other ladies on the appear, so fans found it insulting that Bonnie was matched with an ambivalent man like him. Indeed his passing had no reason behind it, which made Enzo's presence on the appear totally inconsequential.

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