The Vampire Journals: 10 Caroline Forbes Plot Gaps That Make No Sense

Caroline's character was the finest to rise in TVD, but there were a few plot gaps in her story. On the off chance that these had been tended to, her circular segment would be way better.

Candice Ruler has been smashing the social media amusement with her most up to date podcast and entertaining reels on Instagram, and fans cherish to see the Caroline Forbes performing artist living her best life after the ultimate conclusion of The Vampire Journals Universe. Her character is considered one of the most excellent to develop from the appear and with great reason.

She was for the most part exceptionally well-written and agreeable, but due to the nature of the sprawling TVD legend, there were a few plot gaps in her story. In case these blunders in her curves had been tended to or paid more consideration to by the showrunners, Caroline would have had a near-perfect run on The Vampire Journals.

Entering Her House As a Vampire

Caroline changed a entire part from season 1, and the most prominent alter was her move into vampirism. In any case, the rules of property represented where vampires seem enter, but they were very spotty. Caroline ought to not have been able to enter her house after she to begin with got to be a vampire since the deed was in her mother's title, but she was able to come and go unreservedly.

A sense of possession did not decide where vampires seem go, since the appear delineated individuals exchanging proprietorship papers to arbitrary people to avoid section, so Caroline's "otherworldly" proprietorship of her house moreover did not tally.

School & College Life

Being a portion of committees and extracurricular exercises was a enormous portion of Caroline's life, but it was hazy how she overseen her scholastics with the misfortunes that powerful life gave to her.

Caroline was never seen examining or giving exams, and she as it were orchestrated one as well numerous moves for the school. However, Caroline got conceded to Whitmore College without a hitch and indeed got a dramatization major degree when she scarcely ever went to college. Unless she was compelling the staff, it made no sense that Caroline got anyplace in her scholastic life.

Damon & Caroline's Telepathy

Damon's powers in season 1 were a parcel more shifted than they were afterward, and the showrunners strangely staged out his other abilities as the appear advanced.

When he was bolstering on Caroline, she created a clairvoyant association through which she was able to put through to him and free him from confinement. This was a one-off superpower that Caroline was reserved into, like a few other Damon-related jams that she was stuck in as a human. Caroline's character within the Vampire Journals. was utilized as Damon's flunky through a control that was never clarified or utilized afterward on in TVD.

Liz Not Putting Caroline On Vervain

Since Caroline was so defenseless as a human, numerous fans couldn't offer assistance but ponder why her mother, who was for all intents and purposes a establishing family part, didn't put her on vervain when she knew that vampires were lurking around the town.

It was a major plot gap that Caroline's mother ensured everybody but her possess girl. In any circumstance, Liz would have shielded Caroline over everybody else, but this was overlooked within the appear, which had unfavorable results on the high schooler.

Not Addressing Damon's Abuse

A enormous portion of Caroline's bend was her unpleasant involvement with Damon, where she was conceivably sexually attacked and compelled to go against her companions to do his bidding.​​​​​​​

The journalists made a huge blunder in skipping all the injury she went through and brushing her manhandle beneath the mat to keep the plot going. Elena and Caroline were supposed to have the leading companionship, but Elena totally overlooked what Damon had put Caroline through. She chose him as her accomplice, knowing what her best companion had persevered with him, and this was out of character for both the young ladies. They were as well caring to disregard these occasions, but the appear sparkled right over them.

Making Caroline Turn Her Humanity Back On

Caroline was likely the foremost taught vampire to ever exist, and indeed when she turned her humankind off, she was not within the temperament to slaughter or harmed individuals. She was utilizing the switch fair to not feel her profound melancholy, and all would have been well in case Elena and company had fair cleared out her alone.

Since she was doing no hurt, there was no reason for them to bother her to turn her humankind back on. In the event that they hadn't incited her, she would have remained in her path and turned it back on when she felt prepared, rather than spiraling and slaughtering individuals like she finished up doing.

Getting Pregnant

Vampire richness was a subject that was fixed and last on TVD, but Caroline's astonish mysterious pregnancy retconned all of it and made a tremendous plot gap. ​​​​​​​

There was no way she ought to have been able to support a single infant, let alone mysterious twins, but Candice King's pregnancy was suited by making this plot peculiarity. No other vampire seem get pregnant on the appear, and Caroline would have kicked the bucket had it not been for her plot armor, delivering siphoning witch babies. The complete plot was illogical.

No Relatives At Her Mother's Funeral

Losing Liz managed Caroline a tremendous blow, and whereas it was common information that Liz was a single mother which Charge was dead, it was bizarre that there were no other grown-up relatives of hers who appeared up to bolster the now-orphaned Caroline.

She was alone amid the complete burial service, and when she returned domestic. The seats were filled, but there was a discernible need of familial bolster for Caroline who was fair in college at that point. It was exceptionally odd that not indeed one family part ventured out from the woodwork to bolster her.

Broken Compulsions

Destitute Caroline was stuck doing the grimy work of recompelling people whom Stefan had tricked and made a trick of amid his whole life after he turned human, and his compulsions blurred absent. But, he was the as it were one with whom this odd wonder happened.

No other vampire confronted broken compulsions with passing or the return to human state, and as it were Caroline had to do harm control for Stefan. It moreover appears outlandish that she might have secured recompelling each single individual who turned up to complain against the more youthful Salvatore.

The Wedding

Whereas the thought of the June wedding was wonderful with the endless foretelling, it made completely no sense at all. Everything around it appeared constrained, particularly with the approaching fate that anticipated Spiritualist Falls. Stefan's readiness to give up himself after being recently hitched made it indeed stranger.

Caroline too fair acknowledged the passing of her spouse on the day they were marry with scarcely any talk, which was exceptionally out of character for her. It appeared as in spite of the fact that the wedding was as it were defined to include a few show to the appear since its timing and Caroline and Stefan's behavior did not include up at all.

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