The Reason Hugh Grant Joined the Dungeons & Dragons Movie Is Hilarious

Hugh Grant reveals hilarious reasons for joining Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, resonating with an aspect of the film's character.

While the extent of his role in the film is unclear, Hugh Grant has an interesting reason for joining Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Rogues. Based on the Wizards of the Coast board game of the same name, the story revolves around a bard and his band of adventurers as they try to recover an artifact they stole for a dangerous man intent on destroying the world. Chris Pine & Michelle Rodriguez, Reger-Jean Page, Justice Smith, Sofia Lillis, Hugh Grant, Chloe Coleman, Jason Wong and Daisy Head co-star in "Dungeons and Dragons: Glory Among Thieves."

In a recent interview with Collider at the Brazil Comic-Con Experience Center, Hugh Grant spoke about his experience working on Dungeons and Dragons: Glory Among Thieves. When asked about working with writer/director duo John Francis Daly and Jonathan Goldstein, Grant shared his hilarious reasons for wanting to be on board this adaptation of the iconic board game, noting the uniqueness of the characters in the story. "Loser" nature. Check out Grant's explanation below: ^While the film's marketing tries to highlight its bright tone and fast-paced nature, Grant's desire to join Dungeons and Dragons may be one of the reasons One of the film's most promising signs so far. One of the greatest joys for tabletop gamers comes from trying to make their character a proper hero, working with the Dungeon Master to craft an extensive backstory to incorporate the DM's campaign and their actions within it. Entering the campaign with an overly powerful character not only doesn't allow for any development, but quickly tackles any obstacles in their way, including the various monsters shown in the movie's trailer.

I think maybe what I responded to most in their script was that it's about losers. This little band of comrades, they're all a bit crap. You are not great at being a bard. And the magician, played by Justice [Smith], is really bad. What do they call magicians in Dungeons & Dragons? Sorcerer. He's not much good. And Michelle [Rodriguez’s] character has been thrown out of whatever. What is she? Barbarian. And is still in love with her husband, who is in love with someone else. And I responded to that loser-ish thing about this little band. Maybe that's an English predilection. We love a loser.

Why Grant's DnD Comments Are A Promising Sign

The latest Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Rogues video teases in more depth some of the underdog qualities that Grant poked fun at for the film's role, including how that would work in their fight scenes. While Rodriguez's Barbarian Holga is supposed to be the strength of the group, footage reveals that some of their skills in the scene are a matter of sheer luck, with her weapon being picked up by accident after being shot down in the hands of an enemy. Edkin, the bard of Pine, also humorously portrays himself as a leader with a failed plan, despite arguing that he A good improviser, and with Smith's wizard Simon showing little of his abilities, it's clear the group will have a lot to grow in the film.

Grant states that the film will focus on characters more familiar to those who have played the tabletop game than Big Hero, Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves seems to be in the hands of those who understand the appeal of the game and want to keep it spirit and tone. Considering that the original film is not only regarded as one of the worst films ever made, but was a terrible attempt to adapt the world of Dungeons and Dragons for the silver screen, any sign that the new film will be closer to its source would certainly help establish its Further anticipation of arrival. When Dungeons & Dragons: A Rogue's Honor hits theaters on March 31, only time will tell if it lives up to fan expectations.

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