The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 3: The 10 Best Storylines, Ranked

Relive the best storylines from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City's dramatic third season.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City filmed their third season reunion without Jen Shah, and the cast is gearing up for a dramatic finale that will change the dynamic of the group forever. The third season is a book, as the women travel more and get involved in more unresolved battles than ever before.

With Jen Shah's verdict pending and Heather remaining tight-lipped about her dark circle, this season's storyline has delighted fans and left them hanging in Season 4, despite rumors of a cast reshuffle, which Bravo has yet to confirm One point keeps swirling

Heather's Choir Auditions

When Heather announces that she's starting a choir to mend her relationship with Faith, it seems like a good idea, but takes a dramatic turn before the choir can pass the auditions. From Jen fighting Angie H. on the sidewalk over her husband's Instagram antics to Lisa showing up after a fight with Heather, the project seemed doomed. While she seemed enthusiastic about her new venture at first, it now appears that Heather has been less excited since she flew to San Diego for her girls trip, and hasn't Mentioned again. With a few more episodes left in the season, Heather's chorus may appear again.

Whitney's Husband Losing His Job

Whitney had a difficult season as she tried to heal from her past and continue to come to terms with her changing relationships with the women around her, but one of the biggest blows was the firing of Whitney's husband Justin.

Justin explained that he lost his job in part because Whitney's behavior on the show was considered bad for the company, and they didn't want people associated with Whitney working for them. This opens up a conversation about the culture of Salt Lake City, and how polarizing different people's views are; it also ties into the storyline of Whitney healing the past.

Angie H's Husband's Burner Account

As Friends of the Show, Angie Harington was involved in much of the third season, the biggest being her husband admitting to running a mean Instagram account and attacking Jen Shah and other cast members . While there are many pages on Instagram that discuss The Real Housewives, this account feels like a personal attack on Jen, not only because it uses her last name, but because Having private information on all women, it can post some valuable information. The page felt like an invasion of the privacy of all the women, and no one got a public apology, making it seem like Angie's husband wasn't as sorry as he claimed to be, or saw nothing wrong with what he posted.

Whitney Vs. Heather

While Whitney and Heather's friendship is considered one of the few real housewives to be entirely genuine, this season puts their relationship to the test more than ever. Their feud started with a trip to Arizona and continued throughout the season, no matter how many times Whitney tried to repair their friendship and return to the way it was before Heather refused. This culminated in a Marilyn Monroe-themed dinner, where Heather continued to interrupt Whitney as she tried to explain how she was feeling. If the status of their relationship persists, it's unlikely that the former friends will reconcile, and it will definitely work out at the reunion.

Lisa Vs. Meredith

Season 1 made Meredith one of the funniest catchphrases on The Real Housewives, but there's nothing funny about her feud with Lisa spreading from the previous season to this one. There wasn't a moment when Lisa and Meredith didn't turn on each other, as rumors of Lisa cheating and Meredith not forgiving Lisa's rants continued to be brought up. The rivalry between them intensifies when Meredith starts talking about Lisa's husband and her business, which Meredith claims is off limits during the fight. While most Real Housewives feuds erupt after a few episodes and end in tearful hugs, the fight isn't going to stop anytime soon.

Whitney Healing From Her Past

Whitney worked to move on from her past and recover from the trauma she experienced as a child, with cameras documenting the journey from beginning to end. Many of the moments in Whitney's recovery were emotional for her and the other women because they, too, had issues to deal with and heal.

These moments of connection brought an emotional feel to the season and opened up friendships that allowed for more conversations about faith and different ways of life in Salt Lake City. The reunion will likely bring everything Whitney has been through and provide an update on her progress on the road to self-discovery.

Jen's Legal Battle

Jen's Fraud Case has been One of The Real Housewives' biggest scandals of 2022, Jen is the focus of season three. While the show wasn't able to reveal all the details to fans, they've seen how Jen handles every twist and turn of how she'll be sentenced before filming is complete. At the end of filming, Jen was still on trial for her case, and despite claiming her innocence all season, she now faces ten years in federal prison after changing her plea from not guilty to guilty. As fans wait to learn about Jen's fate, they can watch her struggle with the stress of the case on the show.

Danna Vs. Jen

Jen seems ready to fight everyone this season, including Danna, who is quick to accuse Jen of bullying other people and not taking responsibility for her role in most of this season's drama. The trip to San Diego allowed Dana to talk to Jen about why she felt the way she did, but it only made Jen more frustrated and further the hatred between them.

Jen may not return for Season 4 depending on her fraud case, fans may get more Danna if Season 4 is confirmed. With Jen not participating in the reunion, Danna will begin to rein in the narrative of their feud, which could stir up even more drama between them.

Angie K. Vs. Jen In San Diego

Rumors of Angie K.'s promotion from friend to full-time cast member on Real Housewives in 2023 have been surrounding her participation in Season 3 and her feud with Jen. Despite being best friends, Jen was quick to catch up with Angie when they arrived in San Diego, even throwing her shoes off their chartered yacht. Through her fight with Angie, it's clear that Jen doesn't trust anyone and is ready to fight anyone who questions her, even if they're always there for her like Angie. Many of the other cast members were clearly upset by Jen's behavior, which exacerbated her rift with others on the trip.

Heather's Black Eye

After dinner with Marilyn Monroe, Heather's dark circle shocked everyone on the trip, because no one knew what happened except Heather, and she wasn't Said who did it to her, though she implied it wasn't from the fall. The suspense surrounding the injury has spanned two episodes. It goes on to the next one, as Heather ends the episode by saying she hasn't talked about what happened. Fans have been speculating about what happened, but if Heather decides to talk about it, at least until the reunion to find out for sure. This is the most suspenseful storyline of the season, and the internet is full of theories that will only grow with time.

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