The Lord of the Rings: 10 Memes That Perfectly Summarize One Ring

The Ring of Sauron is the focal point of Lord of the Rings, and its importance to the story has prompted the internet to create some amazing memes.

The Lord of the Rings: The Ring of Power revealed at the end of season one that Halbrand was Sauron the Dark Lord all along. While the rings of power themselves haven't been explained on the show, they're sure to be a big part of the story in the coming seasons. In the legend of the Lord of the Rings, Sauron tricked an elven blacksmith into forging the Ring of Power for Men, Dwarves, and Elves. Secretly Sauron created the One Ring for himself, binding the others to his will.

The same ring is the focus of the original Lord of the Rings trilogy, as is the through-line between the Amazon series and the Peter Jackson films. It was the initiator of Lord of the Rings and the eventual Ring of Power operation, and thus became a prominent topic of debate. Inevitably, countless memes about the Ring and the characters succumbing to its power have emerged as online discussions have surfaced.

10/10 The All-Seeing Eye

One of the One Ring's powers is that it makes the user invisible as long as the ring is worn. However, while the bearer may be invisible in the physical world, they are transported to a shadowy world where Sauron can see the bearer as if they were lit like a beacon.

Whenever Frodo wears the ring in The Lord of the Rings, for a moment, the Dark Lord's huge flaming eye appears to obscure the sky as it is aimed at the wearer. The ring could hide the wearer from all but Sauron, who immediately knew where they were.

9/10 Transitive Properties

The properties of the One Ring are never fully explained in the Lord of the Rings films or J.R.R. Tolkien's writings. Its mystique is part of its appeal, an object with the essence of a Dark wizard destined not to obey the rules of the physical universe like any other normal object.

It does get a bit confusing if people think too long about the power of the Lord of the Rings in the film. At the end of Return of the King, Sam arrives at Mount Doom with Frodo and the Ring, and is unaffected by the object. This leads to a number of possible loopholes that scholarship could have used to deal with One ring.

8/10 Does Anyone Else Know?

In the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo and Gandalf learn together that Bilbo's ring is the One Ring. Frodo optimistically tries to say that they will hide the ring forever. If no one else knows about it, its existence should die with Gandalf and Frodo.

When Frodo asks if anyone else knows about it, Gandalf's reaction is similar to Michael Scott's in The Office. It turns out that there is another person who knows the Lord of the Rings Gollum. This is one of the most powerful moments in Frodo's life, as Gandalf realizes that Gollum has been captured by Mordor.

7/10 Rings For Each Race

An important aspect of the One Ring in The Lord of the Rings is its ability to control the will of the wearer of the smaller ring made by Sauron. For some races of Middle-earth, Sauron granted them a certain number of rings. The elves got three, the dwarves got seven, and the humans got nine.

But the hobbits don't get anything, because they aren't important enough to get powerful tools. Finally, it is best Less rings, considering what Sauron did to the ring bearer.

6/10 The Real Lord Of The Rings

The events surrounding the Ring of Power are only a small part of the timeline in Middle-earth's history. For most of that time, the entire world lost the Ring. Not even the servants of Mordor know of its existence.

The One Ring is possessed by only six characters in The Lord of the Rings, for varying lengths of time. Even Sauron, one of the most powerful supernatural beings in The Lord of the Rings, has no Ring longer than the bottom of a river, making water the ultimate Lord of the Rings. In a world full of talking trees, a sentient river doesn't seem particularly out there.

5/10 Once More, Where Are We Going?

The Council of Elrond is a meeting of Elves, Dwarves, Men and Hobbits to decide the fate of the One Ring. In a council of legendary heroes and royal heirs, only one tiny hobbit volunteered to bring the Ring to Mordor. After he did so, other volunteers joined him on the journey.

Without knowing the full story, one can assume that the group was A random and strange group of warriors travels with Frodo in The Fellowship of the Ring. This meme pretty much sums up the Expedition's relationship as a ragtag bunch of adventurers.

4/10 Something Happened That The Ring Did Not Intend

In Cate Blanchett's incredible film voiceover for The Fellowship of the Ring, Galadriel describes the fate of the Ring. When she said: "But then something happened and the ring was not on purpose. It was picked up by the most unlikely creature imaginable."

This unlikely creature refers to the hobbit Bilbo Baggins ). However, for the past four centuries the One Ring has been in the possession of Gollum, himself a Hobbit. It seems the Lord of the Rings has a knack for being picked up by hobbits, so it shouldn't be unthinkable.

3/10 Frodo Destroys The Ring

As Bearer of the Ring, Frodo Baggins is the only one capable of throwing the Ring into the flames of Mount Doom. When the One Ring was finally destroyed and Frodo and Sam were saved, all were naturally grateful to Frodo for throwing the Ring into the flames and ending Sauron once and for all.

What happened, though not vital information, is that Frodo refuses to throw the Ring in. this is Gollum caused the ring to be set on the cliff of the cliff, and Frodo knocked Gollum down while trying to retrieve the ring. Frodo certainly accomplishes his task, but he may feel that the true story is a little less heroic.

2/10 I Have To Make A Call

Gandalf confronts Bilbo Baggins with his suspicions when he uses the Ring to disappear and escape from his birthday party, but he doesn't yet know it's Sauron's Ring. This leads Gandalf to Minas Tirith to research the history of the Lord of the Rings and get clues about the items the Hobbits may have possessed.

Gandalf needs one last piece of evidence, the black tongue that appeared on the ring when it was put into the fire. When Frodo confirms this, Gandalf stops and pushes Frodo out the door, effectively "going to the phone", a door call to Saruman.

1/10 Frodo Is Not Useless

With such a popular and successful franchise worldwide, there will always be criticism of the Lord of the Rings movies and books, both serious and tongue-in-cheek. One of the most popular criticisms is that Frodo was going Mount Doom, carried by others in his fellowship.

In fact, Frodo was more resistant to the influence of the Ring than anyone in history. Sam Gamgee owned it for less than 24 hours, barely returned it, Gandalf refused to touch it, and Galadriel almost used it to rule Middle-earth. However, Frodo overcame his pain and exhaustion to complete a task that no one can match.

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