The heartstopper deletion scene between Elle and Tao is so cute

Yasmin Finney's Elle and William Gao's Tao are adorable in newly released Heartstopper deleted footage, highlighting the sweet couple.

A new deleted scene from Heartstopper shows a sweet moment between Elle and Tao. Captivating Netflix show offers positive and meaningful LGBTQ+ representation as its various teen characters deal with identity, relationships and high school pressures. While the focus of Heartstopper season 1 was primarily on when Charlie (Joe Locke) and Nick (Kit Connor) met and began to deal with their newfound relationship, the series also focused on many other characters, including Charlie's group of friends , including Isaac (Tobie Donovan), Elle (Yasmin Finney) and Tao (William Gao).

As a transgender girl, Elle suffered peer bullying at Truham Grammar High School after transitioning, leading to her transfer to Higgs and creating a rift between her and her friends. The separation hits Tao the hardest, partly because of his fear of losing his friends and partly because of his special affection for Elle. Over the course of Heartstopper season 1, it became apparent that longtime friends Elle and Tao harbored feelings for each other, which was explored in more detail in a recently announced unreleased scene released by Still Watching Netflix, showing the relationship between Elle and Tao. intimate moments. In the clip, the two Hugging and sharing intense glances, Tao admits he doesn't want to be alone because sparks literally fly between them. Check out the scene below: ^Aside from providing an extra moment between Elle and Tao, who didn't get as much screen time as Nick and Charlie in the fast-paced Heartstopper Season 1, this unreleased clip also Giving a deeper understanding of Tao's character, showing his fear of being alone, even when all his friends are around. Even though they clearly liked each other and came close to kissing, Elle and Tao ended season 1 without acknowledging their feelings for each other in order to prioritize their friendship. This decision stems in part from Tao's desire to maintain the deep connections his circle of friends have with one another, something Elle clearly respects and seems to share.

Will Elle And Tao Be Together In Heartstopper Season 2?

Season 2 of Heartstopper will adapt the next volume in Alice Oseman's graphic novel series of the same name, in which Tao and Elle end up dating. However, it's unclear if the TV show will go down that route or further prolong the romantic tension between the two. Elle's New Friend Shows Up in Heartstopper Season 2, and It Might Cause Some Jealousy On Tao's part, before they finally start a relationship, create conflict for them in the next season, whether it's in season 2 or after.

Previously announced Season 2 information for The Destroyer confirmed that the TV show would travel to France to adapt the novel's Parisian storyline, introducing several new characters and unfamiliar settings. The season wrapped filming in early December, and while Netflix doesn't have an official release date, it's likely to premiere in 2023, possibly on the anniversary of Season 1's spring release. Plus, Heartstopper season 2 won't be over, and with season 3 already confirmed by Netflix, audiences will have more time with the beloved characters after the next installment hits theaters in 2023. watching netflix

Everything We Know About Heartstopper Season 2

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