The Flash Fan Trailer Sees Barry Allens Unite for Final Crisis Event

The Flash gets an epic fan trailer as it sees Barry Irons team up across the multiverse for the event of Final Crisis, as the CW series returns next year.

The Flash gets an epic fan trailer as it sees Barry Allens team up for the final Crisis event in the Arrowverse. The CW's Arrowverse franchise is slowly drawing to a close, with just a few shows left on the slate. After portraying the fastest man in nearly a decade, The Flash season 9 will wrap up Grant Gustin's series in 2023. At the end of next year, The Flash will be the longest-running show in the history of the Arrowverse franchise. The conclusion comes as The CW acquires a new majority shareholder in Nexstar, which is currently reshaping the network.

As the premiere date for The Flash season 9 approaches, audiences have been paying homage to the series in a number of ways. One of them comes from YouTube creators Arrowverse Concepts, LoopEdits, and UltraEdits, as they recently unveiled a new fan-made trailer for The Flash. Gustin's Scarlet Speedster, titled The Flash: Final Crisis (based on the iconic DC storyline of the same name), joins two Barry doppelgangers. In this video, Earth-Prime's avatar joins Ezra Miller and John Wesley Shipp's respective versions of Barry from the multiverse. Check out the incredible Flash: Final Crisis fan trailer below:

What The CW Has Revealed About The Flash Season 9

The Flash season 9 will premiere on Wednesday, February 8, 2023 at 8 p.m. regular time slot. Unlike previous seasons, season 9 of The Flash only has 13 episodes, making it the shortest season of the series. This will bring the total number of Arrowverse episodes to 184 after the series finale airs. Gustin will return alongside original cast members Markandice Barton and Danielle Panabaker as Iris West-Allen and Caitlin Snow, respectively. Brandon McKnight, Kayla Compton and Danielle Nicolet also return as Chester P. Runk, Allegra Garcia and Cecile Horton. Jon Cor's Chillblaine has been upgraded to a regular series on The Flash's Last Song.

The CW confirmed some exciting details about The Flash's final season, with new and returning characters appearing in Central City. Supergirl Dreamer, played by Nicole Maines, will appear in a special collaboration with Iris in one episode. The DC TV series will also see the return of numerous Rogues, including Pied Piper, Hotness and Goldface. New Captain Boomerang will also join the team alongside Richard Harmon as Owen Mercer.

Javicia Leslie, who plays Ryan Wilder, aka Batwoman, does double duty at the start of the game season. Not only will Gotham's leading lady be rocking, Leslie will be playing another version of Ryan, too. Although The CW called her a "mysterious figure," Leslie was seen donning a Red Death costume as The Flash offered a new look at DC's foe. There will be at least one Batwoman-Red Death fight during The Flash season 9.

Panabaker and Compton will also each direct an episode of The Flash's final season, episodes 9 and 11, respectively. Jesse L. Martin, who retired as a series regular after eight seasons, will reprise his role as Joe West. With season 9 of The Flash less than two months away, more details are sure to come as The CW bids farewell to the world's fastest man.

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