The doctor who almost brought home the most unlikely 'companion'

The Power of Doctor Who script has hit the web, revealing that Chris Chibnall is almost bringing back a surprising Doctor Who "sidekick."

Warning! SPOILERS for the Doctor Who Centenary Special, The Power of the Doctor.

^ The script for Doctor Who's 60th anniversary special "The Power of the Doctor" has been published by the BBC, revealing that Chris Chibnall almost brought back Jackie Taylor as an unlikely companion. In the episode's climax, the Doctor leaves Yaz on Earth after both Jodie Whittaker's Doctor and Sacha Dhawan's Master are severely injured by the creatures that power Cyberplanet so that she You can regenerate yourself. However, Yaz soon discovers that she is not alone, as Graham has formed a support group for his many fellow ex-doctors in their rebirth.

"The Doctor's Powers" has a heartwarming ending, with Graham, Yaz, and classic-era Doctor Who companions, including Bonnie Langford's Mel (the sixth and seventh Doctor companions) looking for each other's new Families come to fill vacancies and doctors leave their lives. In Chibnall's script for the Centennial Special, he wrote that he also wanted to bring back reboot-era sidekicks for the scene, "On the laptop screen, we might even see a few others join in: Martha, Ryan, or Jackie Tyler! "It would have been a controversial storytelling decision, especially since Jackie is Rose's mom. Settle down in a parallel dimension at the end of season 2.

To describe Doctor Who's Chibnall era as flawed is an understatement. From its focus on nostalgia-bait, to its overly simplistic storylines, to its notoriously timeless child revelations that retooled the show's core concepts. The inclusion of Rose's mom, Jackie, as a Doctor Who sidekick might not have been the most controversial issue of Chibnall's three seasons, but it would have sparked debate despite her being an important character in the canon. In the first two seasons of the reboot era, Jackie appeared more often than most of the companion family members, and she returned to the original universe with Rose and Mickey for the two-part finale of season 4 and Russell T. The high point of the Davis era.

Should Jackie Tyler Be Considered A Doctor Who Companion?

However, portraying Jackie as a true companion may detract from the importance of the character. The true Doctor Who companions continue their adventures, and their intimacy as they learn about the Doctor and themselves through the beauty and horror of time and space, turns them into unique, special characters. There was even friction between Ross and Jackie in seasons 1 and 2, as the latter struggled to understand how these adventures happened Changed Ross so dramatically.

Jackie would have found it difficult and irresponsible to break the laws of the universe for a friendly catch-up, given that Jackie existed in a parallel dimension that Davis's era painstakingly rendered nearly impossible (and dangerous) to tamper with. If they were like Chibnall Introduce her to a peer support group via laptop as suggested, then it's hard to see how it makes any mechanical sense other than the classic "timey-wimey" justification, as writers occasionally do in Science of Who Science fiction like that has the potential to overcomplicate its fiction. Perhaps parallel dimensions have excellent fiber optic broadband for Zoom connections.

How Would Jackie Tyler Dial Into This Meeting?

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