The Boys Season 4 Can Finally Introduce Queen Maeve's Son

The Boys season 3 wrapped up Queen Maeve's storyline nicely, giving her the happy ending she always wanted, but it could continue in one big way.

Queen Maeve's story ended in season 3, but with the debut of her son in season 4, Queen Maeve's story could continue. Queen Maeve, the boys' answer to Wonder Woman, is one of the least problematic characters in the Amazon Prime Video series, often using her position to help the boys conquer tyrannical Superman, especially Homeland Security. In The Boys Season 3, her aid culminated in an epic battle between the Boys, Golden Age hero Soldier Boy, and the Homelanders, culminating in Maeve throwing herself and Soldier Boy out a window to save all People are protected from the ensuing explosion.

At the end of The Boys season 3, Queen Maeve was stripped of her powers and finally got everything she wanted from DHS and Walt. However, while her story appears to be over, her legacy will continue if The Boys season 4 introduces Maeve's secret son, Blarney Cock. In the comic series, Blarney Cock is the son of Maeve and The Legend and a member of the young Supe team Teenage Kix, debuting in The Boys #4 "Cherry, Part 1". Blarney Cock is one of the more depraved characters in the film The comic book series, and thus a perfect fit for a controversial live-action series, carries on Queen Maeve's legacy in some questionable ways.

The Boys Already Hinted At Blarney Cock In Season 3

Viewers of The Boys series who may not have read the comics may have missed the little tease introduced by Blarney Cock in Season 3, for which they may be grateful. Hughie, powered by Compound V, during a battle between Billy Butcher's Boys and Teenage Kix in comic #6 ) punches a hole in the young villain's chest, killing Blarney. After death, a hamster crawls out of Blarney's rectum in one of the most disturbing moments in the series.

Many might cringe if this event were to take place on screen, but with The Boys season 3 reaching new levels of depravity, it's certainly not out of the question, especially since poor Jamie the hamster has already appeared in The Boys Season 3, Episode 4, "Glorious Five-Year Plan". Jamie reveals himself to be a superhuman with the ability to fly - Braney's ability - and he escapes from his cage, flies through a soldier's eyes, and proceeds to eat the soldier's face.

Blarney Cock Can Explain Black Noir's The Boys Return

Black Noir will He appeared in The Boys Season 4 despite his death in the Season 3 Episode 8 "The Instant White-Hot Wild". Black Noir's return can be explained by Blarney Cock's comedic storyline, which brought the villain back from the dead thanks to Vought's new resurrection process, though it returned him to a useless, zombie-like version. Eventually, when Hughie caught Blarney looking for his hamster, Blarney was killed again, and his body was set ablaze to ensure he would not return. Even so, this comedic storyline could explain the return of Black Noir season 4 and provide some moments that are both unsettling and comic.

The introduction of the glib rooster in The Boys season 4 may trigger a new phase of the series' Compound V storyline, as it may be revealed that the drug can resurrect Supes after death. Whether or not Braney is revealed to be Queen Maeve's son is another question, as it's not revealed until much later in the comics, but his debut could be a great (and loathsome) way to carry on Maeve's legacy The way. Many new characters will appear in The Boys season 4, and Bradney Kirk is sure to be one of them.

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