The Boys Season 3 Cast & Character Direct

The Boys season 3 on Prime Video had a greater cast than ever. Here's where else you'll discover The Boys season 3 cast, and who's joining for season 4.

Here is The Boys season 3 cast and character direct. More than a year and a half after the season 2 finale, The Boys returned to Prime Video for season 3, with season 4 presently on the way. The arrangement, made by Eric Kripke and adjusted from the comedian book by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, picked up a year after the dangerous occasions of season 2 and its cast was way better and greater than ever. With the Profound cast back into The Seven, The Boys season 3 saw very the change in numerous respects, conjointly showcased more supes than already seen on the appear.

The Boys season 2 cleared out the characters in tricky circumstances, in spite of the fact that it appeared like things were getting way better. Stormfront was not a risk after Ryan dispatched her with his powers. Butcher joined Beauty Mallory's errand constrain, and Hughie joined up with Congresswoman Victoria Neuman in a offered to halt Supes through legitimate implies. The Boys season 3 saw the main characters part up for a whereas, The Profound cast back into The Seven, and a unused superhero group known as Payback. Things before long changed in spite of the fact that, and they had to regroup as Homelander got to be more unsafe. The Amazon arrangement saw the most cast returning to their parts, each of whom had a distinctive story this time around. The Boys cast expanded significantly in season 3. Here may be a direct to the complete cast, which characters the performing artists play, and in which ventures groups of onlookers have seen them in before they landed their parts within The Boys.

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Karl Urban As William "Billy" Butcher

Billy Butcher is the pioneer of The Boys who harbors a extraordinary scorn for Supes after the vanishing of his spouse Becca. At the conclusion of The Boys season 2, Butcher joined Beauty taking after the passing of Becca. In season 3, Butcher was still working with her and detailed to Hughie and Victoria Neuman, who sent him on missions to obtain Supes and bring them into care. Butcher is depicted by Karl Urban, who is best known for playing Bones within the 2009 Star Journey motion picture and its spin-offs, Star Journey into Haziness and Star Journey Past, as well as Eomer within The Master of the Rings motion pictures. The on-screen character has moreover been in Riddick, the TV arrangement Nearly Human, Dredd, The Bourne Matchless quality, and Xena: Warrior Princess, where he repeated as Julius Caesar.

Jack Quaid As Hugh "Hughie" Campbell Jr.

Hughie Campbell Jr. was selected into The Boys after his sweetheart was murdered by A-Train in what was called a collateral harm mischance. After feeling futile for a long time, be that as it may, Hughie joined the effective Victoria Neuman’s campaign, and indeed fiddled in Temp-V — giving him brief powers of his possess. Hughie is played by Jack Quaid, who is best known for his parts within The Starvation Recreations and The Starvation Diversions: Catching Fire, where he played Wonder, the fifth installment of Shout, and Logan Fortunate. Quaid moreover voices the character of Ensign Brad Boimler on the energized Star Journey: Lower Decks.

Antony Starr As Homelander

Homelander is the pioneer of The Seven, the tip top group of super-powered people controlled by Vought. Homelander is savage, narcissistic, and doesn’t care around harming or slaughtering individuals, which is the precise inverse of his open picture as the people’s savior. Homelander is inconceivably solid, with the capacity to shoot lasers from his eyes, smash about anything with his uncovered hands, and fly. Homelander is depicted by Antony Starr, who is best known for his parts in Wish You Were Here, the TV arrangement Benevolence Top, Over the top Fortune, and American Gothic. The on-screen character too voiced Homelander within the vivified spin-off arrangement The Boys: Fiendish.

Erin Moriarty As Annie January/Starlight

Annie (aka, Starlight) could be a part of The Seven, who joined the group accepting they truly made a difference individuals. She was horrified to find that was the uttermost from the truth. In any case, Starlight herself is true in helping individuals and has joined The Boys in their mission to require down Homelander. Starlight is depicted by Erin Moriarty, who is best known for her roles within The Observe, Captain Phenomenal, and Jessica Jones. She too had a recurring role within the HBO arrangement Genuine Analyst and the cleanser musical drama One Life to Live.

Jessie T. Usher As Reggie Franklin/A-Train

A-Train may be a part of The Seven who was kicked off the group for his enslavement to Compound V and reestablished at the conclusion of The Boys season 2. A-Train is an opponent to The Boys, having murdered Hughie’s sweetheart Robin, but he has made a difference after being extorted. A-Train is depicted by Jessie T. Usher, who is known for his parts in Stories of the Strolling Dead, Shaft, Freedom Day: Resurgence, Survivor’s Regret, The Investor, Level Up, and When the Amusement Stands Tall.

Laz Alonso As Marvin T. "Mother's" Milk

Marvin T. “Mother’s” Drain (aka M.M.) could be a part of The Boys who was already a doctor within the U.S. Marines. M.M., like Butcher, moreover features a particular reason for joining the mission to require down Vought and The Seven. He takes after within the strides of his father, who battled to bring down Vought legitimately but kicked the bucket some time recently he may fulfill that. Along these lines he wrestles with the death of his father within The Boys season 3, as he must group up with Trooper Boy, who he faults for his passing. M.M. is played by Laz Alonso, who is known for his parts in Avatar, Fury of Man, Fast & Furious, and L.A.’s Finest.

Tomer Capon As Serge/Frenchie

Frenchie could be a previous worldwide arms trafficker who joined The Boys in a offered to form up for his past botches. He’s gifted at penetration and knows a part approximately weaponry as well. After assembly Kimiko, he got to be defensive of the Supe and the combine are presently indistinguishable. Frenchie is played by Tomer Capon, who is known for his parts in When Heroes Fly, Fullmoon, and One Week and a Day.

Karen Fukuhara As Kimiko Miyashiro

Kimiko Miyashiro was mightily infused with Compound V and seized, at that point protected by The Boys within the U.S. She employments sign dialect to communicate with Frenchie, in spite of the fact that season 3 saw her communication aptitudes develop. In season 3, Kimiko briefly misplaced her powers, but had to re-take Compound V to ensure Frenchie. Kimiko is depicted by Karen Fukuhara, who is known for her parts in Suicide Squad, She-Ra and the Princesses of Control, Stray, and Bullet Prepare featuring Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock.

Chace Crawford As Kevin Moskowitz/The Deep

The Profound may be a part of The Seven with the control to communicate with all ocean animals and breathe submerged (much appreciated to his gills_. The Profound was kicked out of The Seven after he ambushed Starlight. Disrespected, he wound up joining the Church of the Collective in a offered to restore himself and his notoriety, some time recently Homelander welcomed him back into The Seven. The Profound is played by Chace Crawford, who is best known for his part as Nate Archibald in Talk Young lady. He was moreover within The Pledge, What to Anticipate When You’re Anticipating, All Almost Nina, and Mountain Men.

Dominique McElligott As Maggie Shaw/Queen Maeve

Queen Maeve could be a part of The Seven who was once like Starlight in that she saw the great she may do as a Supe with such control and impact. Over the a long time, in any case, she got to be debilitated and bored, in spite of the fact that her energy for the battle was reignited within The Boys season 2. She stood up to Homelander and utilized the flight film — of the both of them abandoning the individuals to pass on — as extortion and kept on disrupt him all through season 3. Ruler Maeve is depicted by Dominique McElligott, who is best known for her parts within The Final Big shot, the Netflix arrangement House of Cards, Hell on Wheels, and The Space explorer Spouses Club.

Giancarlo Esposito As Stan Edgar

Stan Edgar is the CEO of Vought, the pharmaceutical organization that controls The Seven and was established by the Nazi Frederick Vought. Stan may be a merciless businessman and continuously appears to have a hand in everything — government contracts, Compound V experimentation, and other privileged insights as a rule found by The Boys. It was uncovered in season 3 that he's moreover Victoria Neuman's receptive father. Stan is played by Giancarlo Esposito, who is best known for playing Gus Fring in Breaking Terrible and Superior Call Saul. Esposito broadly played Moff Gideon within The Mandalorian. The performing artist has moreover had parts in Adoptive parent of Harlem, Once Upon a Time, The Get Down, Insurgency, and voiced Lex Luthor within the animated Harley Quinn arrangement and the storyteller in Expensive White Individuals.

Claudia Doumit As Victoria Neuman

Victoria Neuman could be a lawmaker who is apparently against Vought and Supes being within the military. In any case, at the conclusion of The Boys season 2, she was uncovered to be a Supe herself, with the capacity to blow up people’s heads at will. Hughie worked for her, until finding out that she's Stan Edgar's assenting girl and a supe. Victoria Neuman is depicted by Claudia Doumit, who is known for her parts in Ageless, How to Be a Vampire, Scandal, and Where’d You Go, Bernadette.

Colby Minifie As Ashley Barrett

Ashley may be a Vought marketing specialist who is advanced taking after Madelyn Stillwell’s passing at the hands of Homelander. Ashley is continuously focused, fighting one open relations catastrophe after another since the supe group The Seven are exceptionally difficult to control and frequently go off-script. Ashley is depicted by Colby Minifie, who is known for her parts in Jessica Jones, I’m Considering of Finishing Things, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and Fear the Strolling Dead, The Strolling Dead spin-off appear.

Jensen Ackles As Soldier Boy

Trooper Boy was the pioneer of the Supe group Payback, which was possessed and worked by Vought Worldwide. He was a noticeable Supe amid World War II and remained on with Vought until his affirmed passing decades afterward. Trooper Boy is about as effective as Homelander, with superhuman quality and the capacity to emanate vitality impacts. The Supe is depicted by Jensen Ackles, who is best known for playing Dignitary Winchester in all 15 seasons of Extraordinary. Ackles has moreover been within the frightfulness redo My Grisly Valentine, Smallville, and voiced Bruce Wayne/Batman and Jason Todd/Red Hood within the vivified movies Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Beneath the Ruddy Hood, individually.

The Boys Supporting Cast & Characters

Miles Gaston Villanueva as Supersonic - Supersonic may be a unused Supe, an unique character made for The Boys. He’s a hopeful on the reality competition appear American Saint and a previous part of a boy band. Starlight's ex-boyfriend was moreover a contender to connect The Seven earlier to his passing. He’s depicted by Miles Gaston Villanueva, who is known for his parts in Nancy Drew, The Inhabitant, Law & Arrange Genuine Wrongdoing, and The Youthful and the Fretful.

Aya Cash as Stormfront - Stormfront may have been burned about to passing, but she survived and is within The Boys season 3 some time recently committing suicide on Homelander's birthday. Previously, she attempted to make a super warrior armed force of Nazis for Homelander to lead, but that arrange reverse discharges. Stormfront is depicted by Aya Cash, who is known for her parts in You’re the Most noticeably awful, the miniseries Fosse/Verdon, the Hulu arrangement The Young lady from Plainville, and We Broke Up.

Nathan Mitchell as Dark Noir - Dark Noir may be a part of The Seven and a past part of Payback. Within The Boys season 2, Dark Noir was about slaughtered after an unfavorably susceptible response to eating an Almond Delight. He is played by Nathan Mitchell, who is known for the Netflix arrangement Ginny & Georgia, iZombie, Psych: The Motion picture, and has visitor featured on Extraordinary, Bolt, and Immortal.

Laila Robins as Beauty Mallory - Elegance Mallory is the previous Delegate Chief of the CIA. She initiated The Boys’ mission and selected Butcher to work for her around the time that Becca vanished. She contains a quarrel against The Seven as well after Lamplighter burned her grandchildren. Elegance is depicted by Laila Robins, who is known for Eye within the Sky, The Boycott, The Strolling Dead, Country, and Planes, Trains & Automobiles.

Katy Breier as Cassandra Schwartz – A part of the Church of the Collective who gets to be the Deep's spouse. Katy Breier is known for her parts in Moonfall, Run This Town, and Murdoch Murders.

Jim Beaver as Robert Artist - Robert Vocalist is the U.S. Secretary of Defense who was running for president within The Boys season 3. Jim Beaver is best known for playing Bobby Artist in Powerful. He has moreover been in Defended, Bad dream Back street, Blood red Top, and Deadwood.

Laurie Holden as Dark red Lady - Blood red Lady was a part of Warrior Boy’s group Payback. Laurie Holden is known for her parts within The Americans, The Strolling Dead, and The Shield.

Sean Patrick Flanery as Black powder - Black powder was moreover a previous part of Payback some time recently he's slaughtered by Butcher. Sean Patrick Flanery is best known for his parts within The Boondock Holy people, Dexter, The Dead Zone, and The Experiences of Youthful Indiana Jones.

Katia Winter as Small Nina - Little Nina may be a Russian swarm boss who is acquainted with Frenchie. Katia Winter is known for her parts within The Capture, Languid Empty, Dexter, and You’re Not Alone.

Nalini Ingrita as Janine - Janine is M.M.’s daughter. Nalini Ingrita is known for her parts within The Boys and What We Do within the Shadows.

Frances Turner as Monique - Monique is M.M.’s ex-wife. Alvina Eminent is known for her parts in Unused Amsterdam, Talented, and The Man within the Tall Castle.

Simon Pegg as Hugh Campbell Sr. - Hugh Campbell Sr., as his title recommends, is Hughie’s father, who came back for The Boys season 3. Simon Pegg — who plays Hughie within The Boys Presents: Devilish — is best known for his parts in Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fluff, The World’s Conclusion, 2009’s Star Journey and its spin-offs, and Truth Searchers.

Cameron Crovetti as Ryan - Ryan is Becca and Homelander’s child and who Butcher has taken beneath his care. Cameron Crovetti is known for his parts in Grimy John and HBO’s Enormous Small Lies.

Malcolm Barrett as Seth Reed - Seth Reed may be a part of Vought’s promoting and improvement group who helps the Supes. Malcolm Barrett is known for his parts in Ageless, Virtuoso, and Evangelist.

Christian Keyes as Nathan Franklin - Nathan Franklin is A-Train’s more seasoned brother and coach. Christian Keyes is known for his parts in Holy people & Delinquents, the superhero arrangement Legends of Tomorrow, Powerful, and In Scorn.

Kristin Booth as Tessa and Jack Doolan as Tommy - Tessa and Tommy are collectively known as the TNT Twins, who were already individuals of Trooper Boy’s group, Payback. Kristin Booth is known for her parts in Vagrant Dark and Marked, Fixed, and Conveyed. Jack Doolan is known for his parts in White Gold and Marcella.

Sabrina Saudin as Ashley - Ashley is the partner for Ashley Barrett. Sabrina Saudin is known for her parts in Locke & Key and Don’t Hang Up.

Joel Labelle as Airburst - Airburst was a part of Payback. Joel Labelle is known for his part as Alaric in Shadowhunters.

Ryan Blakely as Mindstorm - Mindstorm is additionally a part of The Boys’ Payback. Ryan Blakely is known for his parts in Vagrant Dark, Medical caretakers, and Gangland Covert.

Who Is Joining The Boys Cast In Season 4?

The Boys season 4 is on the way after an hazardous third installment, and there are a few modern cast individuals included to the group. Jeffrey Dignitary Morgan (The Strolling Dead) has been cast in an undisclosed part for The Boys season 4. In expansion, Valorie Curry (The Misplaced Image) will be playing a supe named Firecracker, and Susan Heyward (Orange is the Unused Dark) is within the part of a supe named Sister Sage. Since all of The Boys made it out lively, Hughie, Frenchie, Butcher, Kimiko, and M.M. will all be back for season 4.

The Seven has never had a simple time keeping individuals, be that as it may, Homelander shockingly survived. The same can't be said for Dark Noir, in spite of the fact that it's been indicated that since he's totally veiled up the moniker will pass on to somebody else, conceivably taking after the Homelander-clone storyline from the comics. Subsequently, Starlight, A-Train, The Profound, and Ashley will all be returning. In expansion, Cameron Crovetti's Ryan has been overhauled to a arrangement customary. Since Victoria Neuman is set to ended up the Bad habit President of the Joined together States, she'll likely play a part within The Boys season 4, but the same can't be said for the now-disgraced Stan Edgar, who will likely appear up in a constrained capacity. Like Edgar, Maeve's destiny is within the discuss since going into covering up after losing her powers, and Trooper Boy has been put back on ice. Either way, The Boys season 4 has bounty of modern supes in store.

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