The Best Serials of 2022

While new comics are important for attracting new audiences, established comics still bear most of the blame. Which will perform best in 2022?

In 2022, manga will continue to occupy the global manga market, and Japanese media will occupy a larger share of the publishing market. While new series are important for attracting new audiences and younger generations, established titles still bear most of the blame.

Household names in manga are often featured in the pages of Shueisha's flagship magazine, Weekly Shonen Jump, which served as a distribution platform for the iconic series, but digital manga must also be considered. While a new comic has to hit readers quickly to keep them interested, ongoing series have a hard time maintaining high quality for long. Without further ado, here are Screen Rant's official picks for the best comic strips of 2022.

Chainsaw Man Part 2 Is Off To A Slow But Promising Start

Tatsuki Fujimoto's Chainsaw Man Part 2 sits in a strange place. It's technically just a continuation of the wildly successful manga that took the world by storm between 2018 and 2020, but it could also be considered a whole new series. The author introduces a new protagonist, Asa Mitaka, who becomes the host of War Devil Yoru, and Yoru seeks revenge Chainsaw. However, Denji soon reappears, trying to live a normal life as a high school student while killing demons under the guise of Chainsaw.

A big problem with Chainsaw Man Part 2 is that the pacing feels slow, especially compared to Part 1. However, the choice to keep Denji out of the spotlight is pretty brave, especially considering Chainsaw Man is more popular than ever, thanks to the anime's first season finally airing. Fujimoto clearly hasn't lost his sense of touch, nor his ability to paint a depressing but engaging picture of humanity's darkest side. Asa is the opposite of Denji: a victim of bullying, difficult to get along with others, and easy prey for War Devil's plots. Asa's relationship with Yoru is also the opposite of Denji and Pochita's, based on exploitation rather than trust. Part 2 of Chainsaw Man is off to a slow start, but is still on track to reach the same heights as part 1.

One Piece Is Still The World's Greatest Shonen

No list of the best serial manga can exclude One Piece. Eiichiro Oda's masterpiece has been going on for 25 years, and it shows no signs of dying out stop. 2022 is the 25th anniversary of the manga, which is a very important year for the series, with the box office hit movie "One Piece: Red" released. The manga also contributed to One Piece's great year, showing the Wano arc (the longest in the series) ending, the deaths of Kaido and Big Mom's two main villains, and Luffy's fifth The debut of Gears comes with an incredible revelation about the Devil Fruit, leader of the Straw Hats.

As the only serial member of the "Big Three", One Piece bears the responsibility of carrying the torch of one of the greatest eras in comics history. Luckily, Eiichiro Oda's incredible skills at world building and epic storytelling mean that even 25 years later his manga is as engaging as ever, if not more so now. Some of its biggest mysteries (like the nature of the demonic Fruit) are finally starting to unravel. Even though One Piece may not be to everyone's taste, it's impossible not to appreciate the incredible accomplishments the series has achieved over the past 25 years.

One-Punch Man Is Even Better Than It Looks

One Punch Man is of course one of them The most original Shonen series ever, all thanks to series creator and writer ONE, who has consistently proven to be one of the most talented writers in the business. The One-Punch Man digital comic also benefits from Yusuke Murata, one of the most active artists out there, who collaborated with ONE on what started as an adaptation of the original One-Punch Man webcomic and then evolved into something almost entirely new, with input from both creators benefit from. In 2022, One Punch Man wraps up the Monster Association arc that began in 2017 with one of the best fights of the year, a devastating clash between Saitama and Werewolf.

However, what makes One Punch Man really shine in 2022 is that the manga has continued to improve throughout the year, especially in its portrayal of protagonist Saitama. While Saitama may seem drab in his parody of the classic teenage hero, he's deeper and more nuanced than that, and the series really shows that in 2022. In his battle with the werewolves, Saitama goes through defeat and defeat, as well as realizing the lack of what he needs Be a hero. This allowed him to "get serious" for the first time, completely changing Saitama. Of course, One Punch Man was quick to return to the light-hearted tone that fans so appreciated, but the series has clearly shifted gears, which is further evidence of the new and exciting direction the show is taking, centering on the villainous God .

Hunter X Hunter's Return Was The Manga News Of The Year

Comics fans are shocked and delighted in 2022 by the news that Hunter X Hunter returns after a four-year hiatus. Series creator Yoshihiro Togashi still suffers from severe back problems that have forced him to take long breaks, but he seems to have finally found a way to deal with them, in addition to delegating more work to his assistants. Hunter X Hunter picks up where it left off halfway through the succession race, even if the long break clearly doesn't sit well with Togashi's hyper-complex narrative style. It's worth noting that the series still has to go back to any of its "main" characters and continue to focus on the war between the Kakin mafia families, with the Phantom Troupe caught in the middle.

Speaking of spiders, the funniest new development is that the manga finally has a flashback Their origins and tragic past. However, after the ten episodes that have been announced, it is still doubtful whether "Hunter×Hunter" will continue to be serialized. Hunter X Hunter is one of the best comics of the past few decades thanks to its complexity, detailed world-building, incredible powertrain, and relatable characters, but its constant interruptions only hurt it so much.

While it's hard to pick one standout from this incredible list, Screen Rant's best serial of 2022 is One Punch Man. Given that each of these series has its own unique characteristics and strengths, it ultimately comes down to which one has the best year, narrowing it down to One Piece and One Punch Man. While Eiichiro Oda's pirate story has some of its most exciting moments in 2022, Saitama's story has made even more notable progress. One Punch Man was already a great series, but in 2022 it steals Luffy's most famous move and takes the gear-shifting to a whole new level, making it the best serial of 2022. ^More: The real reason for Dragon Ball Super Saiyan 3's weakness is perfection

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