The Below Deck Franchise Actors Who Shocked Fans in 2022

There have been many questionable or worrisome decisions made by the stars of the Under Deck franchise this year, but some shock fans more than anyone else in 2022.

While 2022 has had dozens of on-camera and off-camera surprises for Under Deck fans, the behavior of certain actors throughout the series has been particularly shocking. Since the original Under Deck series first launched in 2013, the franchise has expanded considerably with equally popular spin-offs such as Under Deck Mediterranean, Under Deck Sailing Yacht, Under Deck Down Under and Bravo's newest addition, Under Deck Adventure . Like Bravo's other reality shows, Below Deck packs a lot of drama in each season, but it also has a growing fan base thanks to insights into the expensive but rarely discussed yachting industry.

With so many spinoffs and cast members, the Below Decks franchise has had a busy year. Under Deck Adventure premiered in early November with a brand new cast, while Under Deck Mediterranean Season 7 and Under Deck Season 10 wrap up and begin at the end of November. While several Under Deck franchise stars stand out in 2022 for their hard-working work ethic or likable personalities, others have been criticized, condemned, and even fired for their egregious behavior both on board and in real life.

3. Natasha Webb From Below Deck Med Season 7

When Season 7 kicked off in July, viewers were initially excited to learn about Captain Sandy Yawn's new crew, who Including Chef Dave White and Head Natasha Webb. As time went on, Below Deck Med fans started attacking Natasha for the way she treated Dave, who revealed that he dated Natasha before she was on the show. Viewers were misunderstood by Natasha and Dave's complicated affair, but Below Deck Med fans like Reddit user u/Beachgirl8thst were especially surprised by Natasha's hot and cold behavior towards Dave and her apparent attempts to keep their relationship a secret. “You know it sucks, Captain Sandy is the cutest character besides Mzi and Courtney,” one Below Deck Med fan declared on Reddit.

2. Kyle Dickard From Below Deck Adventure

While Below Deck viewers found Captain Kerry Tisserage and crew generally enjoyable, the controversial behavior of short-lived deckhand Kyle Deckard was a bit of a surprise. Between misbehavior in front of charter guests and threats to Nathan Mobley, Kyle cemented himself as the Under Deck's worst deckhand before he was eventually forced to resign. While Kyle's early exit was supposed to be the last time Under Deck fans saw him, Kyle was arrested in late November after storming a football game. Kyle shared his moment of trouble on Instagram, which was quickly retweeted Reddit user u/wheelerin said that while Under Deck Adventure fans didn't see news of Kyle's arrest, they weren't surprised. "I don't like [Kyle], but I think he took the 'resignation' very well. Then he did something stupid like this, and I was reminded of his stupidity," mused one Reddit user.

1. Rachel Hargrove From Below Deck Seasons 8-10

While Kyle's questionable behavior intrigued viewers, it was chef Rachel Hargrove's erratic social media posts that made her the most shocking Under Deck of 2022 Franchise star. While Rachel redeemed herself in Season 9, her encounter with Southern Charm star Austen Kroll this summer started a chain of events that led to Rachel swiftly disowning Under Deck and Bravo . Despite her current appearance on season 10 of Under Deck, Rachel has been bashing the franchise over the past few months, such as in a Facebook post captured by Reddit user u/get_lizzy. While Rachel takes home the title of Most Shocking Under Deck Actor in 2022, time will tell if the crown will pass in 2023. /wheelerin/Reddit, you /get_lizzy/Reddit

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