The 15 Best Nicolas Cage Characters, Agreeing To Reddit

Nicolas Cage has made a wide assortment of curiously characters all through his career and Reddit clients have their possess suppositions on which is his best.

When considering of the career of Nicolas Cage, it's difficult for fair one character to come to intellect. The on-screen character has given so numerous vital and acclaimed exhibitions over his productive career and made numerous notorious characters. But each fan unavoidably has their claim favorite Cage character.

From his brave heroes to his malevolent lowlifess and all the other unconventional characters in between, there's a part for fans to select from. Cage's fans over on Reddit enthusiastically shared their suppositions around which of his numerous characters stands out among the rest as the exceptionally best.

Benjamin Franklin Gates

Updated on December 1st, 2022 by Jordan Iacobucci:

In spite of the fact that Disney's National Treasure motion pictures weren't fundamentally acclaimed, they hold a special put within the hearts of numerous fans. Cage leads the enterprise motion pictures as Benjamin Franklin Entryways, a history specialist who reveals covered up privileged insights all through American history.

Cage is able to bring his activity saint chops to the part whereas too playing Doors as more of an mental and grounded saint. One client preferred Cage's part as Doors sufficient to propose they'd "adore another one of those movies." They will get a few level of fulfillment in their wishes, with National Treasure: Edge of History set to debut on Disney+ within the close future, but without Cage's character display.

Tom Welles

National Treasure (2004)

Nicolas Cage plunged his toe into the neo-noir world of private examination within the 1999 mental thriller 8MM. Within the film, he depicted Tom Welles, a private analyst who is unafraid to dive into the darkest profundities of human evil to induce to the foot of his current case.

KickButtson accepts that 8MM is one of Cage's "most underrated movies," with Welles being one of their "favorite characters in his career." Whereas the character of Tom Welles himself didn't demonstrate to be particularly developmental in Cage's body of work compared to certain other parts, he would tap back into such sensibilities to voice Spider-Man Noir in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.


8MM (1999)

In spite of the fact that Nic Cage is most commonly known for driving parts in action-thrillers and sensational craftsmanship house pieces, 1983's Valley Young lady saw the youthful performing artist play the sentimental lead in a free adjustment of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Depicting the character of Randy, Cage gets to incline into the "terrible boy" stylish in genuine 1980s design.

A Reddit client beneath the handle of BigHairNJ may be a enormous fan of Cage's character in Valley Young lady, calling his performance "so, so great." This part may be a must-see for anybody who considers themselves a fan of Cage's work, generally due to the truth that it may be a distant distinctive character than numerous of those he would depict afterward in his career.

Yuri Orlov

Valley Girl (1983)

Another fabulous motion picture from Cage's filmography that was ignored by numerous individuals is Ruler of War. Cage gives a complex and charismatic execution as the puzzling Yuri Orlov, an arms merchant who slowly rises within the illicit arms amusement whereas addressing his misfortune of morality.

Yuri may be a character who keeps the group of onlookers at a distance, appearing that he could be a layered man who is additionally competent of a few genuinely unfeeling things. Redditor DarkMatterM4 communicated their cherish of the character whereas naming it as "Cage's best execution."

Jack Campbell

Lord Of War (2005)

With Christmas coming up, fans likely rewatched numerous occasion motion picture classics for the season. One underrated Christmas diamond that a few fans might have observed is Cage's The Family Man. He plays a wealthy official who gets a see at the life he nearly had on the off chance that he remained with lady he adored.

Cage plays Jack Campbell as a self-centered elitist who has to manage with blue-collar family life. It could be a shockingly sweet and clever motion picture that Redditor KicksButtson names as one of Cage's "most underrated movies."

Memphis Raines

The Family Man (2000)

In the midst of the underseen and compelling littler ventures Cage has been a part of, there are too bounty of fans who just like the actor's greater blockbusters. One such motion picture of this kind is Gone in Sixty Seconds, and Redditor kappa23 named Cage's character of Memphis Raines as their favorite, saying "he's just a small tired and wired" in reference to a line from Raines.

This can be another easy-to-love character from Cage, as Raines could be a cool car cheat who employments his particular set of abilities to take a number of cars in one night in arrange to spare his brother from a dangerous criminal.

Terence McDonagh

Gone In Sixty Seconds (2000)

Cage's extend as an performing artist is very flexible, and now and then it may be a part of fun to see him go as wild as he likes in a part. Terence McDonagh in Awful Lieutenant: Harbour of Call Unused Orleans is the idealize character for Cage to really have fun with.

McDonagh may be a drug-addicted police officer who locks in in corrupt and unpredictable behavior whereas examining a kill case. Redditor jjjam decided that the most reason the character is so great is that executive Werner Herzog "truly let him go full Nic Cage."

Donald Kaufman

Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans (2009)

Cage took on the bizarre part of playing screenwriter Charlie Kaufman in a motion picture composed by Charlie Kaufman himself. To create Adjustment an indeed trippier motion picture, its plot rotates around Charlie inadvertently composing himself into his possess script. But, whereas Charlie is the most character, it isn't the as it were part Cage plays.

He pulls double duty moreover playing Charlie's totally anecdotal brother Donald Kaufman. Donald may be a much more active and more joyful individual than his brother which makes him such a fun character. Redditor MarcusHalberstram88 moreover includes "Tear" in reference to the truth that the motion picture is devoted to this anecdotal character.

H.I. McDunnough

Adaptation (2002)

In spite of the fact that the Coen Brothers are known for a few darker motion pictures, Raising Arizona is certainly one of their most clever. Cage fits impeccably into the wacky world of this motion picture playing H.I. McDunnough who is like a real-life cartoon character.

H.I. may be a well-meaning career criminal who cares profoundly almost his spouse and their plans of having a family but too cannot appear to kick his propensity of victimizing places. When proposed as a contender for Cage's best character, Redditor Curleysound excitedly concurred with "This x1000."

Stanley Goodspeed

Raising Arizona (1987)

BerryBeak proposes that Dr. Stanley Goodspeed is one of Nicolas Cage's greatest characters of all time. Goodspeed could be a uncommon operator within the FBI sent covert into Alcatraz within the 1996 activity film The Shake, featuring Sean Connery and Ed Harris.

Dr. Goodspeed has all the same characteristics and peculiarities that one would anticipate from a classic Nicolas Cage character, in spite of the fact that he tends to be calmer and more repressed than certain others within the actors' accumulation. He too plays very pleasantly nearby Connery and Harris, finding his put among the cast of major activity stars.

Sailor Ripley

The Rock (1996)

The combination of Cage and filmmaker David Lynch was beyond any doubt to result in an energizing extend, and Wild at Heart did not disillusion in those desires. Cage plays the wonderfully-named Mariner Ripley, an ex-con who goes on the run with his sweetheart Lula when her mother contracts a executioner to chase down Mariner.

The wild and entertaining dim comedy makes full utilize of its preposterous premise and Cage gives an awfully amusing execution. One client proposed Mariner reminded them of "Wind from The Simpsons" which as it were included to their adore of the character.

Peter Loew

Wild At Heart (1990)

Vampire's Kiss may be a 1989 religion comedy featuring Nicolas Cage as Dwindle Loew, a scholarly specialist who acts as the protagonist of the film. Loew could be a social hermit who continuously starts to lose touch with his environment as he develops to suspect that he is getting to be a vampire.

Reddit client georgieramone names Loew as one of their favorite characters from Cage's storied career. Whereas numerous may incline toward Cage's more grounded parts, Vampire's Kiss could be a breathtaking film for fans of his signature exaggerating, which is on full show in his depiction of Diminish Loew.

Castor Troy

Vampire's Kiss (1989)

The wild preface of Face/Off has Cage and John Travolta exchanging faces in this action-packed confrontation between two dangerous adversaries. For much of the motion picture, Cage is playing the more impassive legend of Sean Bowman. But numerous point to his part as the contemptible Castor Troy as the way better character.

Castor may be a psychological militant whose as it were inspiration appears to be causing chaos and pulverization fair for fun. Though Cage is as it were seen briefly within the part, he quickly makes Castor a paramount reprobate which Redditor _Invalid_Username__ acclaims as "Nicolas Cage attempting to act like Nicolas Cage."

Cameron Poe

Face/Off (1997)

In spite of the fact that Cage has played characters in around each sort, it appears as in spite of the fact that fans are especially drawn to his action-hero parts. Among these characters, Con Air's Cameron Poe may be the foremost iconic.

Poe could be a man indicted of kill after killing a man in self-defense. In spite of being named a criminal, he may be a good-hearted man who fair needs to return to his family once his jail sentence is over. But when a pack of detainees takes over his transport plane, Poe must gotten to be the saint. Redditor DavesWorldInfo communicated their cherish of the motion picture and the character with Poe's line, "I believe two men. One of them's me, the other's not you."

Nick Cage

Con Air (1997)

Whereas Nicolas Cage has depicted a endless cluster of important characters all through his long and celebrated career in Hollywood, none can compare to the man himself. This basic reality inevitably driven to the performing artist playing a fictionalized form of himself, Scratch Cage, within the 2022 action-comedy The Agonizing Weight of Gigantic Ability.

One Reddit client, teeohdeedee123, hits the nail on the head, claiming that Nicolas Cage's best character is none other than himself. The Agonizing Weight of Gigantic Ability brings this out perfectly, highlighting the hits and misses of his career and making the idealize representation of what moviegoing gatherings of people see Cage to be.

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