Thank goodness The Wizard confirmed that Ciri's most WTF story won't happen

The "Witcher" series of books gave Ciri a disturbing pregnancy story, but "The Witcher: Blood Origins" seems to indicate that Netflix is ​​not adapting it.

The Witcher books feature an incredibly disturbing Ciri-centric storyline that Netflix's The Witcher will hopefully not adapt thanks to The Witcher: Blood Origins. Ciri, played by Freya Allan, is an important character in wizard mythology. Out of two seasons, with a third currently in post-production, Netflix's adaptation explores a small part of her history. However, some of her stories in the canon are very disturbing. A striking example is her ordeal with Eredin Bréacc Glas and King Auberon Muircetach. Princess Cintra's bloodlines made her a target for various groups in the wizarding world, one of which was Eredin, the evil leader of the Wild Hunt.

In the Lagoon book, Aredin captures Ciri so she can conceive his King Oberon's offspring. Given Ciri's elder blood in The Witcher, Eredin wanted her to give back to the elves the coveted power known as the Worldgate (the ability to travel through time and space). Ciri tried unsuccessfully to impregnate Auberon, and the king was eventually killed (seemingly by accident) by an aphrodisiac given to him by Eredin. The storyline is rather disturbing, but the current state of Netflix's The Witcher Seems pointing to the franchise not being comfortable with it, especially given Eredin's characterization in Blood Origin.

Blood Origin Means The Witcher's Creepy Ciri Pregnancy Stories Probably Won't Happen

Blood Origin provides a different backstory for Eredin (Jacob Collins-Levy). Rather than serving King Oberon, the Witcher prequel series established him as a duplicitous sidekick to chief druid Balor (Lenny Henry). He betrayed his leader and joined forces with Empress Merwin (Mirren Mac), but Balor eventually exacted his revenge by banishing him to another realm. There, he finds his Wild Hunt leader helmet, establishing his place in the world of The Witcher books and games, and providing the backstory for his appearance at the end of The Witcher season 2. However, given his trajectory in Bloodborne, it's possible Netflix will restructure his character from the books.

While Netflix could still technically adapt Eredin's goals despite him changing Bloodborne's backstory, The Witcher has changed its story, which is probably a good sign since it completely ignores the plot. If so, it could also be a hopeful sign that the show will omit a disturbing pregnancy episode involving Ciri and her father, Emhyr, who want to have a baby with her due to her elder parentage. The character was set up as the main villain in The Witcher, so the story may still happen. But if Netflix decides to ignore Eredin's mission, it could theoretically change Emhyr's motivations as well.

The Witcher Avoiding Ciri's Weird Book Story Is A Very Good Thing

Netflix's The Witcher series has been at the center of a debate over the fidelity of its source material, especially after the release of Season 2, which diverges significantly from the Witcher books. However, the show could benefit from separating itself from its source material in a number of ways, one of which is Eredin's disturbingly impregnated episodes. Eredin's pregnancy storyline is frankly disgusting, and so is Emhyr.

Ciri endures a lot of sexual violence in the book, which Netflix's The Witcher doesn't focus on. Instead, the series focuses on her journey as a warrior to find her place in the world, and should continue along that path. There are multiple narratives that the Witcher can use to track down Ciri's elder blood without involving sexual assault. The Witcher series gradually established its own path, taking the books as inspiration but using them to craft new stories. With this, Eredin's book The motivation should be that of the show's cancellation in favor of a new one.

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