Suicide Squad: KTJL Needs These Two Justice League Members

The Justice League is finally introduced to the Arkhamverse in Suicide Squad: KTJL, but it's missing two members from the acclaimed DCAU lineup.

DC's main superhero team, the Justice League, is finally making an appearance in the Arkhamverse in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, but two members from previous iterations have yet to be confirmed to appear. As the title suggests, Amanda Waller will ask players to defeat DC's greatest superheroes as they've come under the mind control of Brainiac, whose plans have yet to be revealed, aside from wanting to control Superman's home, Metropolis.

"Kill The Justice League footage shows The Suicide Squad in the Halls of Justice, where ARGUS appears to be establishing a base of operations, with John Stewart statues of Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and The Flash visible behind them. This suggests that fans have been introduced to all the Justice League heroes in the Arkhamverse through Suicide Squad: KTJL promotional materials. However, Rocksteady only needs a few additions to reflect the fan-favorite cast of the acclaimed DC Animated Universe (DCAU) from the early 1990s to the mid-2000s, albeit with Barry Allen's The Flash Not Wally West's.

Hawkgirl Could Hold Her Own Against Other Justice League Members

There are several iterations of Hawkgirl in the comics, some of which have ties to Ancient Egypt and reincarnation, such as Golden Age's Sheila Sanders Hall and more recently Kendra Sanders, and others with ties to the alien planet Thanagar. The DCAU version of Hawkgirl could round out Suicide Squad: KTJL's roster, taken from the Silver Age version of the character and using Shayera Hol from the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited shows, she was one of the founding members of the Justice League and a member of the Thanagarian Army Ex-member with a bit of a head.

In several versions of Hawkgirl, the iconic DC hero has a similar powerplant, the ability to fly, and considerable strength, stamina, and durability. She's also seen wielding a mace made of Nth metal, a material so potent against magic that it can generate electricity and repel magical energy -- all of which help in the fight against the Justice League's Brainiac. In some cases, such as Shayera Hol, these superhuman abilities come from being a Thanagarian, but for other versions of Hawkgirl, they come from wearing a belt made of Nth metal, although the Kendra Saunders version later reveals that she retains the got these power belts, probably because she Prolonged exposure to this substance.

In the DCAU, Hawkgirl also appears to be resistant to mind control, and the Martian Manhunter's attempt to enter her mind fails. This could make her resistant to Brainiac's control, like Wonder Woman's appearance in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. If Rocksteady incorporates this ability into Arkhamverse's take on the character, Hawkgirl could become a powerful ally for Suicide Squad. Hawkgirl has extensive knowledge of advanced hand-to-hand combat skills and is a skilled strategist thanks to her experience and training in the Thanagarian army, or stuck in an endless cycle of death and rebirth with Hawkman over the centuries, Having fought through lifetimes, her insider knowledge can be used to help plan attacks.

Martian Manhunter's Psychic Abilities Could Help The Suicide Squad Defeat Brainiac

Likewise, Martian Manhunter's telepathic abilities could greatly help ARGUS and Suicide Squad stop Brainiac's evil plan in killing the Justice League. The last son of Mars and a founding member of the Justice League of the DCAU, due to his power pack matching and in some cases superior to many The most powerful member of the Justice League. J'onn J'onzz's biomorphic structure allows him to change shape, be able to disguise himself as anyone, and manipulate his size to grow or shrink. It also allows him to absorb kinetic energy and regenerate health faster, making him invulnerable to bullets and other weapons, even Superman's hard hits.

The Suicide Squad: KTJL trailer shows Wonder Woman going head-to-head with the Last Son of Krypton, thanks to her enhanced strength and fighting skills that allow her to stand up to him in combat better than members of Suicide Squad. However, The Martian Manhunter can easily level the playing field and make it much easier to stop mind-controlled heroes, although from a gameplay standpoint, it may take away a lot of the challenges players enjoy. His abilities like heat vision, flight, and super strength easily rival Superman, while invisibility, telekinesis, and the ability to create hallucinations can help slow or distract heroes long enough for ARGUS to take control of them.

Despite the game's title, it's unlikely that Suicide Squad: KTJL kills the members of the Justice League so quickly after introducing them Arkhamverse and building Rocksteady's renditions of iconic characters, Warner Bros. may hope their appearances can branch out into a spin-off game of the hero, if well-received. Allies like J'onn J'onzz can help save his fellow Justice League heroes, as he possesses mind-manipulating abilities. If Martian Manhunter got inside the Justice League members' minds after their defeat, he could break Brainiac's hold on them and get the heroes back on their feet, assisting Task Force X in defeating Brainiac in the late game.

It's understandable why Rocksteady might have chosen not to have Hawkgirl or Martian Manhunter appear in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, as many of their abilities, such as flight, increased strength, and Martian Manhunter's heat vision, are likely already present in Other Justice League members in boss fights like Suicide Squad: KTJL's Evil Superman. However, for those who grew up with the DCAU's Justice League and Infinite Justice League, the addition of these two characters in some capacity will certainly be welcome, and they'll certainly prove to be foils for Brainiac's Suicide Squad: Kill Justice League Program Thanks to their power-ups, ARGUS and the underpowered Task Force X are given some much-needed help in their fight against some of DC's most powerful creatures.

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