Strolling Dead Maker Settles Fan Wrangle about Over Rick's Darkest Slaughter

Rick Grimes' darkest murder within The Strolling Dead was open to elucidation, but the comedian book's Robert Kirkman maker affirmed the truth behind it.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead comic book series

^ When Rick Grimes murdered Caesar Martinez within The Strolling Dead, there was bounty of fan wrangle about encompassing whether the kill was advocated. The prevalent comedian book's maker Robert Kirkman weighed in on the matter, conceding that Rick slaughtered an guiltless man who was a "great man," affirming that Martinez's passing was his darkest slaughter, as he brutally killed a man who eventually didn't merit to pass on.

Whereas Rick Grimes battles for his group's survival from zombies within The Strolling Dead, the most hero within the arrangement has slaughtered a few people all through the arrangement. In any case, like taking out the cannibal lowlifess, The Seekers, Grimes more often than not had a substantial reason for slaughtering non-walkers, as bounty of individuals undermined the presence of his family, companions, and individual survivors. But, Rick Grimes' darkest slaughter came against a man, Martinez, whose passing had fans debating whether it was vital - with TWD maker Robert Kirkman affirming the truth almost the stunning kill.

Within The Strolling Dead: Select #36 by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Dave McCaig from Skybound Comics, Rick Grimes' darkest murder happens within the republish. After learning that Caesar Martinez, who says he's working against the Representative from the interior after going by their jail fort, takes off, Rick accepts he's almost to tell the reprobate almost the survivors taking asylum at the area. As a result, Grimes catches up to Martinez and hits him with a vehicle. As he lies dying on the ground, Martinez tells Rick he was never bringing the Representative to them but instep needed to bring "great individuals," like children, ladies, and others, and free them from Woodbury and the Governor's run the show. Rick along these lines chokes Martinez, not accepting his story.

Kirkman conceded within The Strolling Dead: Luxurious #36 that Martinez's passing spoken to a "gray range" whereas sharing he kept things equivocal encompassing his genuine eagerly. But, Kirkman advertised his conclusive take on the fan talk about encompassing Martinez's passing, composing he "was a great man" who wasn't arranging on bringing the Senator back to the jail. Kirkman uncovered Rick Grimes slaughtered an guiltless man, with Martinez's kill being one of the series' darkest slaughters.

Robert Kirkman Settled Fan Debate Around Martinez's True Intentions

Martinez's passing is one of the more stunning minutes within The Strolling Dead, as it's one of the few times Rick or his gather of survivors killed a non-walker who didn't merit it. It's arguably Rick's greatest botch within the entire series, as he let his feelings get the finest of him. Eventually, with Robert Kirkman confirming Martinez was a "great man," the fan talk about encompassing Rick Grimes' darkest slaughter within The Strolling Dead is at last settled.

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