'Stranger Things' TikTok contradicts Dustin's claim Eddie never went crazy

A recently shared TikTok video of Stranger Things contradicts Dustin Henderson's heartfelt ending claim that Eddie Munson was never really angry.

Spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4 below!

^ Stranger Things TikTok video shows Dustin Henderson claiming Eddie Munson was never mad for being wrong. Joseph Quinn stars as Munson, the eccentric and charming leader of the Dungeons and Dragons Hellfire Club at Hawkins High School. After trying to help a classmate escape an inner nightmare, Monson witnesses her violent death by Vecna ​​(Jamie Campbell Bower), a demonic telepathic creature from an inverted alternate universe. When Vecner starts killing residents one by one, Dustin (Garden Materazzo) and the rest of Hawkins' heroes come to Munson's aid.

In two videos shared via TikTok, Dustin contradicts himself by claiming that Eddie was never angry. The video posted by @strangerth1ngs65 and @voidginny uses footage from Season 4 of Stranger Things and depicts many moments of Eddie throwing tantrums at those around him, slapping, yelling and hitting things. Check out the Stranger Things edit below:

The video opens with a clip from the Stranger Things season 4 finale in which Dustin talks to Eddie's uncle and reveals that Eddie is a hero. Dustin hopes that if people actually get to know the affable Eddie he befriends, a nice guy Never get mad, then maybe they'll all love him. However, as the clip shows, Eddie is often terse with himself and those around him.

Is Dustin Lying About Never Seeing Eddie Get Mad?

Perhaps Dustin's touching words describe Eddie's intentions behind that moment. He may be upset or frustrated, but he never gets mad at his friends. One clip shows Eddie screaming at the top of his lungs as Robin Buckley (Maya Hawke) seeks out the music to fight Vecner. Eddie was loud, but he wasn't really angry, just an emotional person. Every reaction in these videos can be characterized in this way.

Eddie's brash and undeniably charming personality immediately captivated audiences in the season 4 premiere of Stranger Things. He quickly became a fan favorite, and audiences around the world mourned Eddie's dramatic death in the finale. While many have speculated that Eddie could return in Stranger Things season 5, similar to Billy Hargrove's (Dacre Montgomery) cameo in season 4, his death could have serious implications for Dustin and the core heroes. Make a huge motivating impact in the final battle against the Upside Down. With Stranger Things season 5 scheduled to begin filming in 2023, viewers will There's plenty of time to revisit season 4 and judge Eddie's eclectic emotional demeanor for yourself.

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Sources: @strangerth1ngs65, @voidginny

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