Star Wars' Ewok Jedi Completes A 24-Year Joke

With news that Youthful Jedi Undertakings will include a Jedi Ewok, it brilliantly pays off a 24-year-old joke from the Star Wars Extended Universe.

The news that the up and coming Star Wars appear Youthful Jedi Undertakings will include an Ewok Jedi implies that a 24-year-old joke will at long last be completed. The choke is the perfection of decades' worth of distinctive references over the Star Wars Extended Universe, enveloping books and RPG books, and centers on the comedic potential of turning the charming and cuddly teddy bear-like Ewoks into badass gallant figures. In any case, the thought of an Ewok Jedi remained non-canon. Until presently.

Youthful Jedi Undertakings, which has echoes of a rejected 1990s Star Wars appear called Youthful Jedi Knights, is an vivified Disney+ appear pointed at preschoolers. It is set amid the Tall Republic time and will center on Younglings learning the ways of the Constrain. Its setting and time period cruel it can be canonically inventive, given there's so much culture and history unexplored by Star Wars media based amid the Tall Republic. Fun and abnormal thoughts can be presented as a result, counting something that might appear as over the top as an Ewok Jedi. It concludes a running joke that started within the 1990s with the Star Wars: X-Wing novels.

The Expanded Universe's Ewok Jokes Explained

X-Wing: Solo Command may be a 1999 Star Wars Extended Universe novel composed by Aaron Allston, and is the primary Star Wars media to highlight an shrewdly, hyper-competent Ewok character. He is Kolot, a capable pilot. Kolot is at first an in-universe joke, as in 1998's X-Wing: Phantom Squadron, moreover composed by Allston, the Phantom Squadron individuals have a toy Ewok called Kettch. They utilize Kettch to trick other characters and persuade them he's a genuine Ewok X-Wing pilot, counting an Majestic Warlord called Zsinj. Allston turns a trick into reality, and Zsinj is motivated by stories of Kettch to explore on Kolot in Solo Command. He increments their insights and physical capabilities, so they can pilot shuttle.

Kolot isn't the as it were adventuring Ewok within the Star Wars Extended Universe. An RPG book called Geonosis and the External Edge Universes includes an Ewok Jedi Knight and is distributed two decades some time recently its canonical presentation in Youthful Jedi Adventures. This Force-sensitive Ewok isn't named but frees his individuals from Sanyassan slavers employing a blue lightsaber. There are also curiously Ewoks within the Disney-approved rule, counting those who cleared out Endor after the moment Passing Star's devastation. Peekpa, for illustration, is an Ewok who learns approximately innovation and gets to be a slicer for a group featuring Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, as seen within the novel Star Wars: The Final Shot.

When Did The Jedi Discover The Ewoks?

Until more is known about the Ewok Youngling in Youthful Jedi Undertakings, for the minute the primary canonical intelligent with the Jedi stay Luke's Ewok scenes in Return of the Jedi. Whereas Youthful Jedi Undertakings will normally skew towards an awfully youthful gathering of people, it'll be curiously to see in the event that they extend upon the Ewoks' roots and potential interaction with the Jedi amid the Tall Republic. In any case, an Ewok Jedi may be a fun expansion to the Star Wars rule.

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