Spider-Man: Homecoming May Include Another Secret MCU Mutant

Phase 4 brought multiple MCU mutants to the screen, but Spider-Man: Homecoming could have secretly introduced another mutant alongside Peter's classmates.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe may have another secret mutant thanks to Spider-Man: Homecoming's Liz Toomes. Marvel Studios was only recently able to use mutants in the MCU due to 20th Century Fox's decades-long ownership of the X-Men film rights. While the franchise has been slow to introduce the rebooted X-Men team, progress is being made to integrate the characters associated with it. This is very clear throughout Phase 4, as several MCU mutants have been revealed.

The mutant wave really begins in Ms. Marvel's finale, as Kamala Khan's new origin heralds her potential X-Men future. Audiences also later encountered Namor in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, making him the MCU's oldest mutant. While the multiverse has been and will continue to be used to showcase other X-Men-related characters, speculation based on the characters' comic book backstories has made it possible for Black Widow and She-Hulk: Lawyer to have some mutants in their other attributes. Spider-Man: Homecoming Might Include an MCU Mutant, Thanks to Liz Toomes

Liz Toomes Could Be A Secret MCU Mutant Too

Based on the character's comic book history, Liz Toomes may be the MCU's secret mutant. Laura Harrier's character is based on Liz Allan, who is Spider-Man's hobby in the comics. Marvel Studios and Sony made a number of changes to her story to bring her to the MCU, including making Liz the daughter of Vulture, allowing Spider-Man: Homecoming's big twist to actually land. However, there is a universe in Marvel's comic book multiverse where Liz Allen is a mutant and becomes a superhero known as Mars.

Marvel Comics' Ultimate Universe makes Liz a mutant by making her the daughter of X-Men villain The Blob. While this backstory doesn't apply to Liz Toomes in the MCU, she still has access to mutants. Adrian Toomes is unlikely to be revealed as a mutant (especially since Vulture is now in the Morbius universe), but it's possible that Liz Toomes' mutant DNA came from her mother. Her powers may even have remained dormant during Spider-Man: Homecoming, so once Liz and her mom moved to Oregon, her superhero origins could have happened.

How Laura Harrier’s Liz Toomes Can Return To The MCU

If Laura Harrier's Liz Toomes is a mutant in the MCU, it would be wise for Marvel to finally bring her back after Spider-Man: Homecoming. She didn't appear in either of the sequels, though Spider-Man: No Way Home revealed what happened to her. She's alive and against Spider-Man and Peter Parker. She might not remember who Peter Parker was, but the idea that superheroes ruined her life might matter. In the Ultimate Universe comic, Liz Allen has a mutant phobia. The MCU could twist this and make her fear all superhumans, complicating her discovery that she has superpowers.

Liz Toomes as an MCU mutant would make her possible return as part of Marvel's next X-Men series. Her fear of her superpowers might lead her to Xavier's school for gifted children, allowing her to train with a new generation of mutants. This could mean Liz Toomes becoming the MCU's main version of Firestar, bypassing Angelica Jones' introduction for now. Liz's superhero future in the MCU could even see her and Spider-Man crossover again in the future, for the first time since Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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