Smallville's Lex Luthor reveals which actor terrorized him

Smallville' Lex Luthor actor Michael Rosenbaum has revealed which actor in the wildly popular superhero franchise terrified him at first.

Michael Rosenbaum, best known for playing Smallville's Lex Luthor, has revealed which actor scares him in the first season. Centered on Superman/Clark Kent's young adult years in the titular small town of Kansas, Smallville ran for 10 seasons from 2001 to 2011. The hit series blended teen drama with superheroes. The heroic action film is unique in that it has influenced several episodes of the Arrowverse, including The Flash and Supergirl.

On a recent episode of the Talk Ville podcast, Rosenbaum recalled being intimidated by John Glover, the actor who played his father in Smallville. Worried that the Batman & Robin cast didn't like him, Rosenbaum shared how he confronted Glover. Check out Rosenbaum's description of the behind-the-scenes story below:

You know what I found out about John Glover is that in the pilot episode when he came on I was so intimidated by him, and I didn’t think he liked me. I was really worried like 'oh my God I gotta work with this f—k nut,' you know that’s how I felt. I confronted him about it later on. I just said hey, 'I’ve always felt like you didn’t really like me,' and he's like, 'no, I was so nervous, I had just gotten the part, and I was trying to deal with things.'

Why Lionel Luthor Was So Important To Smallville

The founder and CEO of LuthorCorp has several different roles on the show, both as villain and ally. One of the main villains from seasons 1-4, Lionel cunningly seeks to further his selfish ambitions and uncover Clark Kent's secrets. At one point, he even pretended to be blind so he could observe the actions of those around him without their knowledge. From Season 5 to Season 7, Lionel's Intentions Was shrouded, but after gaining Kryptonian knowledge and Jor-El guiding him, he seemed to be on the mend. It's even been reported that he and three other families founded Veritas, a secretive organization to protect the survival of travelers. Glover's Lionel kept viewers guessing and was still memorable even after his run, and his return in the final season of Smallville was welcomed by viewers.

Second only to Lex among the show's top villains, Lionel is key to understanding who Lex is. Lionel sees his son as an incompetent, weak and disappointing heir, leading Lex to develop an intense hatred for his father. In addition to constantly testing and teasing him, he unfairly blames Lex for the death of his youngest son, Julian. Lex inevitably began to inherit many of his father's traits in the process of becoming a villain. Obsessed with the future Iron Man, Lex will stop at nothing to unmask Clark and develop an insatiable thirst for power. Eventually, he even kills his father after learning about Veritas - mirroring how Lionel conspired to murder his own parents.

Similar to the Kents, Lex and Lionel Contrasted with the warmth between Clark and his parents. Viewers felt the disappearance of the Lutheran duo, who had previously been the heart of the series, in seasons 8 through 10. Ironically, Rosenbaum was intimidated by Glover at the beginning of the show, which was well represented onscreen by their father-son interaction. Glover's image is so iconic that the comics even changed the character's name from Jules to Lionel to reflect his version in Smallville - a series that left a huge legacy, still is one of the best Superman stories to date.

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