Sister's Wife Update: Explaining all of Cody's work over the years

Sister Wives fans have long been curious as to what patriarch Kody Brown was doing to support the now-divided Brown family.

Sister Wives' Kody Brown seems to know it all, with a loyal following wondering what exactly he does to earn his income. The patriarch has been in the limelight for more than ten years, but before that he was just a simple husband of four children. Now with a bit of fame, fans are starting to question what he does for a living.

The 18-year-old father has been coy about his work. All viewers have known for years that he used to work in marketing and advertising. Kody’s current ex-wife, Janelle Brown, was candid about her job description when she worked in accounting because of her love of numbers. Both Kody and Janelle told the camera that they have been living a low-key polygamous life in order not to lose their jobs. Kody and Janelle are the only two who actually bring in the entire family paycheck. As the years go by, Cody seems to be in and out of work, but what is he currently doing?

Kody Brown Was A Firearms Salesman

Even now, Kody seems to enjoy changing jobs. Until 2004, Cody served as President of Das Hundhaus Firearms and Accessories. He then saw the potential he could achieve with the TLC show, and in 2010 started his own production company, Brown Family Entertainment. Cody seemed to have always had a job as a gun salesman, but as the season continued to air, his work got lost in the mix, and while Cody wasn't supposed to be responsible for everything, he never really gave much information. In recent years, Cody has been spotted at gun shows in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The annual Town Gun Show is a big deal in the town, as there are more than 4,000 tables and the show is held on 11 acres.

Kody Creates Cameos To Support The Brown Family

Kody has also gone the normal route of being a reality TV star. The 53-year-old started a Cameo late last year, and he's been giving away videos to fans willing to pay. Kody, which Gabe Brown has severed ties with, currently charges $99 for videos made by companies, clients or employees. Kody is currently not participating in media interviews, so it's safe to say he only gets paid from TLC. All in all, Cody seems to enjoy selling guns to feed his family.

Fans were quick to object to Cody's work. Most said they could not support him because gun control has become a major talking point in the United States. Many "Sister-in-law" viewers think he might like his job because it makes him feel tough, unlike his job as a reality TV star.

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