Siesta Key's Joe called out for talking behind each other's backs

Siesta Key's Joe Jenkins wondered why the show's cast kept talking behind each other's backs as the cameras rolled.

Joe Jenkins noticed that the cast of Siesta Key often talked about each other behind their backs, and he wondered what their friends thought. Joe never became the main star of the series, but instead appeared as a friend of Juliet Potter and Kelsey Owens. He didn't appear in the new season at all, but that didn't stop him from recapping episodes on social media every week. Most recently, Joe feuded with Sam Logan after accusing the reality star of not donating to his mother's cancer nonprofit. Sam refuted Joe's claims and tweeted screenshots of his text conversations with Joe, which he agreed to donate.

In a recent episode of Siesta Key, Joe wonders what the show's stars think when they see each other saying bad things about themselves. Joe tweeted: "Looking back on this season - I wonder how the actors felt about the way they talked about them when they weren't around." in a "very different" way. Joe didn't specify who he was calling out to, but he was likely referring to the drama between Juliet and Chloe Long and Amanda Miller. Juliette and Chloe say a lot of nasty things to Amanda after accusing her of spending too much time with Sam.

Jordana Recently Found Out Chloe Was Talking Badly About Her

"Honestly baby!!!" a Siesta Key fan replied to Joe's tweet. In the last episode, Madisson Hausburg spoke with Chloe and Kelsey about what she is writing about her son Elliot, who died a year ago book of. Maddison told them she wanted Jordana Barnes to illustrate the book because she is a talented artist who has also dealt with grief in her life. Chloe warns her not to work with Jordana because she doesn't agree with Jordana's lifestyle at Sam's house. Jordana was understandably annoyed when Kelsey told her that Chloe was behind her back.

Joe is correct in calling the Siesta Key cast. They speak ill of each other for most of the series, only to hang out with each other in the ensuing scenes. Confusingly, they claim to be best friends but have mostly negative comments about each other. Madison seems to be the only actor who never speaks ill of her friend. Jordana tends to mind her too Business. The rest of the cast, however, were not so devoted to each other.

However, some fans felt that the show was far less real than it made out to be. If that's the case, the cast of Siesta Key might just be saying bad things about each other to add to the drama. Although, even if that was what was happening, some of the things the Siesta Key stars said were so harsh that they were offensive no matter why they said them. Joe isn't the first to wonder what's really going on between the friends, as fans have been asking the question. It will be interesting to see if the cast of Siesta Key responds to his tweet.

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Siesta Key Miami Moves airs every Thursday at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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