Rick's Strolling Dead Area Prods A Dead City Spinoff Association

Rick Grimes is coming back to the Strolling Dead establishment, and his current area seem cruel that he highlights in Maggie and Negan's spinoff.

Warning: spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead series finale.

Maggie and Negan of The Strolling Dead will be heading to Modern York within The Strolling Dead: Dead City, and their spinoff travel might possibly connect to Rick Grimes. Within The Strolling Dead season 9, Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes was composed out with a near-death blast that was taken after by him being taken absent in a helicopter nearby Jadis. Rick's status has been the subject of much hypothesis since, but his appearance within The Strolling Dead arrangement finale has affirmed where he is, and his area sets up a potential hybrid with Maggie and Negan's up and coming spinoff.

The Civic Republic Military, which has taken Rick Grimes as a detainee, gloats a noteworthy nearness in Philadelphia. Whereas the city is however to be specified expressly, The Strolling Dead showrunners have intensely indicated that Rick Grimes is in Philadelphia amid the arrangement finale. With Maggie and Negan moving from Virginia to Modern York City within The Strolling Dead: Dead City, they seem effortlessly pass through Philadelphia, making a great chance they may come over the CRM or find confirmation Rick is still lively. A get-together will likely be spared for Rick’s possess spinoff, but assist Rick Grimes points of interest coming by means of The Strolling Dead: Dead City are made distant more likely by the Philly area.

Rick's Walking Dead Return May Hint At The CRM's Location

Rick Grimes returned within The Strolling Dead finale and was portrayed endeavoring to elude the CRM, as it were to be halted by their helicopter-flying troopers. Behind said helicopter was a recognizable horizon including two celebrated Philadelphian high rises, One and Two Freedom Put. A outline of the same Philly horizon was utilized within the to begin with secret for the Rick Grimes and Michonne spinoff, and the Philadelphia skyline was located within The Strolling Dead: World Past when Silas talked with Jadis as he attempted to invade the CRM.

Interests, the uniform that Rick Grimes is wearing amid his brief appearance within The Strolling Dead arrangement finale is nearly indistinguishable to the one Silas wore when he worked at the Civic Republic's winnowing office. Until now, the area of the gigantic Civic Republic settlement has gone unverified within the Strolling Dead establishment, but Rick's arrangement finale appearance includes advance weight to the progressively likely hypothesis that the most location is in Philadelphia. The Civic Republic's sheer estimate at that point increments the likelihood of the Strolling Dead Maggie and Negan NYC spinoff counting references to the CRM, Rick Grimes, or both.

Maggie & Negan Could Find More Rick Clues In Dead City

With Maggie and Negan heading to Unused York City from Alexandria, they will almost certainly have to be go through Philadelphia. Given the sum of hybrid within The Strolling Dead, more Rick Grimes prods ought to be anticipated, and this presents an opportunity to affirm to the Alexandria community that Rick is still lively. A get-together between Rick Grimes and Negan, his most noteworthy adversary, is an alluring one, but it is improbable that will happen within The Strolling Dead: Dead City given that Rick's elude from the CRM will be the center of his claim spinoff with Michonne.

In any case, Maggie and Negan may discover clues relating to Rick's survival, comparable to the boots and iPhone Michonne found within The Strolling Dead season 10. Rick and the CRM both appear intensely tied to Philadelphia, meaning Maggie and Negan might discover extra signposts cleared out by Rick amid their travel. On the other hand, the CRM may not take compassionate to two outsiders infringing upon their region, meaning Maggie and Negan may suffer their claim brush with a CRM helicopter within The Strolling Dead: Dead City.

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