RHOBH: Why Lisa and Erika are greater MVPs than Kathy

RHOBH may be weighing Kathy Hilton's ultimatum to ditch Erika Jayne and Lisa Rinna to keep her on the show, but Erika and Lisa are the real MVPs.

Kathy Hilton gives 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' producers ultimatum not to return unless Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne are ousted, but dynamic couple The duo could be more valuable than Casey. Tensions started to simmer during Casey's Aspengate debacle and flared up during the season 12 reunion. Kathy calls Lisa the biggest bully in Hollywood, and Erica accuses Kathy of using a homophobic slur at the club. Meanwhile, Kathy allies with Faye Resnick and uses TMZ as her face, revealing that if Lisa and Erika don't get fired from RHOBH, she will end the franchise for good.

Since her RHOBH debut, Casey has become a pop culture icon. However, good friends Erika and Lisa have been the cornerstone of RHOBH for many years. Erika and Lisa may get notoriety for being unfiltered and unapologetic, but the show wouldn't have much going on without them. Kathy is right, Lisa goes head to head with Brandi Glanville, Lisa Vanderpump, Camille Grammeyer and Denise Richards, but without those clashes, there wouldn't be much of the show . Meanwhile, Erika brings so much drama, personality and sultry dance moves that she's even been awarded The Real Housewives of Attention Bethenny Frankel, New York's alpha dog. Bethenny approves of Ariana Grande's makeup look, but she might still be thinking about "patting the cat."

Lisa & Erika Guarantee RHOBH's Longevity

Even if Bravo ousts Erika and Lisa to keep Kathy at RHOBH, there's no guarantee she'll stick around for years. Unlike Erika and Lisa, Kathy does not need RHOBH financially. Her daughter Paris Hilton is more famous than any Bravolebrity, and so is the Hilton hotel brand. While Kathy's conga stage words and jumbles of Homeless Not Toothless and hunky dory are cute, they might not be enough to hold up RHOBH. Sutton Stracke might say Lisa makes them all look bad, but even a show needs its resident villain.

Erika and Lisa are united because they don't care what other people think. That's a powerful skill set in reality TV, especially when Erika hints that the most reputation-conscious two-shoes actor has some skeletons in their closet that they probably don't want to unleash. Fans may have booed Lisa at Bravo Con, but if Erika and Lisa don't dig it in season 13, they'll never learn about RHOBH's sordid underbelly. If Casey leaves, NBCU won't end and end Casey rob. An ultimatum might just be the warning producers need to validate Parisian Love season 2. A deeper look at the Hilton-Reum family might be just what the world after Aspengate needs.

With filming set to restart in winter 2023, it seems unlikely that Bravo will ditch Lisa or Erika. Instead, it seems more likely that they'll shell out the cash to satisfy Lisa's claim to be the highest-paid housewife and keep an eye on Erica's legal drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. If Casey is gone, there's also the possibility of Denise coming back to rekindle that old storyline. Hopefully Garcelle's cameo in Vanderpump Rules will bring back some old drama as well. If the rumored lesbian hookup and doggygate incident resurfaces, Kathy could take the aftermath of her Aspengate incident to Peacock.

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