Rest Key: Amanda Denies She Snares Up With Friends' Boyfriends

Break Key fans frequently charge star Amanda Mill operator of snaring up with her friends' boyfriends, but the star says usually not the case.

Amanda Mill operator closed down Break Key fans who blamed her of snaring up with her friends' boyfriends. In a later scene of the arrangement, Amanda's companion Chloe Long called her out for wearing Sam Logan's t-shirt and resting over at his house. Sam dated Amanda and Chloe's near companion Juliette Doorman, and the two went through a muddled breakup final season. Amanda moreover conceded to Lexie Salameh that she was being a tease with her boyfriend, Mike Vazquez when they were out together. Amanda has been impractically connected to a number of of her costars, counting Brandon Gomes and Will Gray.

In any case, this doesn't cruel the Rest Key star is crossing the line with any of her friends' boyfriends. Amanda went live on Instagram with Mike, and @mtv_reality_teaa reshared a few clips on their page. Amanda guarded herself from these allegations saying, "I rested with them some time recently they had lady friends, some time recently they dated my companions, and after that my companions went and dated them. Why am I the terrible individual for that?" Amanda addressed. She at that point conceded she snared up with Sam, but it was four or five a long time some time recently he and Juliette started dating.

Amanda Calls Out The Double Standard From Siesta Key Fans

Amanda moreover called out the twofold standard that individuals are affirm with men snaring up with whoever they need to, but when ladies do the same thing, they confront feedback. Shockingly, Break Key fans weren't on her side, as they overwhelmed the comments with feedback. "It may be since you be a tease with everyone’s men some time recently AND after they dated them," one fan composed. Within the same live, Mike told Amanda he considers she overstated when she told Lexie that they were being a tease with each other. Be that as it may, Amanda claims the scene was altered, and their discussion went differently in real life.

Amanda might not continuously come over as the most excellent companion on Break Key, but the show's editors know how to turn scenes to make show. Fans should take Amanda's word for it and accept she would never deceive her companions by snaring up with their accomplices or exes. Whereas Amanda can be investing a part of time with Sam this season, Kelsey Owens and Madisson Hausburg were moreover hanging out at his house within the most recent scene, and Break Key fans haven't blamed them of disrespecting Juliette.

Rest Key fans aren't completely off-base, as Amanda had a hurl with Brandon indeed in spite of the fact that he dated and cheated on Madisson. In her defense, Madisson was over Brandon by at that point and is as of now on great terms with him. In spite of how things may show up on Break Key, Amanda's companions have stuck by her side and appear to have a more grounded fellowship with her these days than ever some time recently. Rest Key fans should trust that Amanda could be a steadfast companion and knows where to draw the line when it comes to investing time with her friends' exes.

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Break Key Miami Moves show Thursdays at 8 pm on MTV.

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