Peaky Blinders: Every season from worst to best (according to IMDb)

All six seasons of Peaky Blinders have been packed with compelling storylines, but according to IMDb, some of them are just better than others.

The story of Tommy Shelby and his notorious Birmingham gang may be over, but fans can enjoy a new take from series creator Steven Knight. Knight is now directing a new BBC drama, SAS: Rogue Heroes, which by his own admission is very similar to Peaky Blinders (via Radio Times).

It remains to be seen whether Knight's new series will be able to replicate the glory of its predecessor. Overall, Peaky Blinders is near perfection, with an IMDb episode rating above 8.0. But according to IMDb's averages, some seasons have more high-stakes crimes, dangerous antagonists, and tense Shelby drama than others.

6/6 Season 6 – 8.5

This season saw the emergence of Captain Swing and was praised for one of the most heartbreaking Peaky Blinders deaths, that of Polly Gray. Tommy's daughter Ruby also died, and his relationship with Michael deteriorated, resulting in the latter being killed. Finally, Tommy attempts suicide after being told he has inoperable tuberculosis, only to discover it was all a lie.

With an 8.5 rating, season 6 still outperforms most shows. However, it falls short of the show's standards and has There are several reasons. The main flaw of the season is that Tommy is plagued by personal problems rather than problems brought on by his enemies. Compared with other seasons, the Birmingham gang have no big enemies to fight. Mosley was rarely used, and Captain Swing lived up to the reputation set for her. Nothing major happened in the ending either, thus eliminating the possibility of it being discussed for years like The Sopranos.

5/6 Season 1 – 8.5

Peaky Blinders stole weapons from an arms factory just to prove they belonged to the government and that they were destined for Libya. So Winston Churchill sends Inspector Campbell of the Royal Irish Police to retrieve them, leading to a game of cat and mouse between him and Tommy. Meanwhile, Tommy falls for Grace, Campbell's undercover agent.

This season's ranking is also lower, as the show is still building its foundations while gaining a foothold. The characteristics and perspectives of the main characters are not clear from the start. Viewers have to dig a few episodes deep to understand why Arthur can't control his temper or why Ada Thorne has always disagreed with the family. While Campbell isn't a weak villain, it's easy for Tommy to get around him compared to the way he handles his other enemies. Another opponent, Billy Kimber, was also talkative. On the positive side, one of the best couples of the Peaky Blinders was born this season.

4/6 Season 2 – 8.6

A new antagonist appears in the form of the Italian gangster Dabi Sabini, whose men beat up Tommy, causing him to be hospitalized. Polly's son Michael is also reunited with her, and May becomes Tommy's new lover in Grace's absence. Polly also manages to kill Campbell, finally putting an end to one of the greatest threats the family has ever faced. On top of that, one of the coolest Peaky Blinders characters ever, Tom Hardy's Alfie Solomons makes an appearance.

The addition of Alfie was a huge boost to the series, as it not only helped attract new audiences, thanks to Hardy's star power, but also facilitated the conversation. Most of Alfie's quotes are golden, and after he's introduced, many other characters try to keep up. Sabini also impressed as the first person to physically harm Tommy. Also, Tommy's relationship drama Helps to tone down the dark, focused, atmosphere of the constant killing and brutality.

3/6 Season 5 – 8.7

It was Michael's fault that the US stock market crash affected Peaky Blinders' operations in the country. This leads to animosity between him and Tommy. The protagonist is also introduced to Oswald Mosley, leading to a shaky alliance. Later a newfound friendship between Tommy and Winston Churchill influenced his attempt to assassinate Mosley, but the plan failed.

Season 5 stands out for its deft blend of business, politics, and gang animosity. The dilemma Tommy finds himself in as he tries to avoid being drawn into the British Fascist League is entertaining to watch, as is watching him engage in intellectual dialogue with one of history's most admired figures. Plus, it's refreshing to see the villains defeat Tommy without violence. This season is also full of fascinating side plots, especially the "Angel of Retribution" side plot.

2/6 Season 3 – 8.7

Tommy marries Grace, and she is killed. The evil priest Father Hughes also became a pain in Tommy's neck and thwarted an attempt to kill him because of Polly's confession Give it to another priest when drunk. During the war with Father Hughes, Tommy was also betrayed by Alfie, but chose to spare his life after realizing that he would be useful in the future.

Few would have guessed that a priest would be one of Sombra's deadliest villains, but it is, and Hughes has proven to be both smart and ruthless. Like Sabini, he scored baddie points by hurting Tommy and keeping him on the sideline for months. It's also easier to sympathize with Tommy in Season 3 because of Grace's death. The season also had one of the best endings of the entire series, in which several Blinders were arrested and the groundwork was set for the emergence of iconic New York gangster Luca Changretta.

1/6 Season 4 – 9.0

Gangster Luca Changretta shows up in Birmingham to avenge his father's murder by the Blinders. After Changretta's men kill John, Tommy meets with the mobsters and makes a deal to keep children out of the war. For the rest of the season, Luca tried to outwit the blind man, but he was eventually outwitted and killed by Tommy.

drama, season 4 is arguably the easiest way to tell a story, yet the most beloved. Although not much happens outside of the "Hunter vs. Prey" plot, the events are compelling enough to be memorable. Plus, the action this season is much better than other episodes of the series. Most importantly, there is a perfect happy ending, where Tommy not only triumphs over an enemy who terrifies his family, but also transitions into politics in the finale.

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