One Piece: 10 Most noticeably awful Filler Bends, Positioned

From Spa Island and Goat Island to Ice Seeker and Cidre Society, and more, find the foremost underwhelming filler circular segments in One Piece history.

With One Piece's most recent scene airing on November 20th, 2022, fans are proceeding to regret the non-canon filler bends that numerous consider pointless to the overarching storyline. Whereas a few disconnected one-off story curves are more interesting than others, the most noticeably awful frequently feel pointless and immature, need compelling characterizations, and drop the ball in terms of narrating.

Whether they've included the foremost vile characters, contained unneeded recaps, ran for as well long, or had gloomy and shallow stories, these underwhelming One Piece filler curves have cleared out fans feeling cold over the past two decades.

10/10 Post-Alabasta Arc

Episodes 131-135

Taking after what numerous consider to be one of the finest primary story bends in Alabasta, the five-episode filler circular segment that takes after completely pales in comparison. The calm after the storm so to talk, the Straw Caps cruise to their another harbour and tell stories around themselves and the experiences they went on some time recently getting to be Straw Caps. In expansion to the destitute pacing, unbalanced execution, and Luffy's need of declaration, the circular segment levels a parcel to be wanted within the long-running shonen anime.

Whereas the filler circular segment has nothing to do with the most narrative and the individual accounts the group transfers don't advance the story in any considerable way, at slightest watchers get to memorize a small more almost the objectives and histories of Nami, Chopper, Sanji, Usopp, and Zoro. Still, coming on the heels of the energizing activity in the most Alabasta circular segment, the follow-up feels a bit limp.

9/10 Warship Island Arc

Episodes 54-61

The primary filler circular segment in One Piece history, Watership Island has somewhat more profundity than the tired and trampled ones that take put down the line. Still, numerous fans felt the story of The Straw Caps protecting a young lady named Apis and helping her with returning a mythical serpent to its town had as well numerous plot gaps, an overhyped lowlife that never paid off, and disarray relating to the Punk Hazard and Alabasta fundamental bends.

Negating the most account by having the Straw Caps claim they've never seen a mythical serpent 500 scenes afterward in Punk Risk, Zoro too claims he can cut through anything in Watership Island, but demonstrates the inverse afterward in Alabasta. Between these irregularities and Luffy's weak standoff with Eric, it's one of the foremost confounding shonen anime curves on record.

8/10 Goat Island Arc

Episodes 136-138

Straightforwardly taking after the Post-Alabasta filler bend, The Straw Caps arrive at Goat Island and offer assistance a peculiar ancient man named Zenny and his crowd of goats, which offer assistance Luffy and his team battle off a Marine assault.

Whereas the arc does not development the most story in any significant way, the whimsical transaction and witty chitchat between Zenny and the group are reasonably entertaining. In spite of some truly amusing trades between Zenny and the goats assaulting the Marines to some degree vital, the storyline of the circular segment itself is beautiful forgettable and is simple to skip without lost the bigger and more critical plot focuses.

7/10 Caesar Retrieval Arc

Episodes 626-628

Tied for the second-shortest filler bend, Caesar Recovery finds the already-kidnapped Caesar Clown being snatched from the Straw Caps as they cruise to Dressrosa. The Straw Caps must group with the Heart-Hats to vanquish Doflamingo and Kaidou to induce Caesar back. In spite of a strong set-up, exceptionally small happens amid the circular segment, driving to the scalawag utilizing his Fiend Natural product on himself in a add up to cop-out of a conclusion.

In spite of the fact that the bend gives a few point by point history with respect to Law's relationship to the Straw Caps and a few better than average activity with Luffy and Chopper seeking after Captain Breed, the three scenes are reasonably standard in they that give many entertaining asides but don't include much to the overarching account.

6/10 Cidre Guild Arc

Episodes 895-896

With fair two scenes, Cidre Society is the most limited filler bend in One Piece and is amazingly forgettable as a result. In reality, the Bend has the least IMDb rating of any in appear history, which doesn't offer assistance its case. The plot concerns Luffy fighting the Cidre Society bounty seekers with Boa Hancock after attempting to buy pop for the Thousand Sunny.

Past the brief runtime, one of the most reasons the filler circular segment comes up short to reverberate is that it does not take put between two primary Curves as most do. Instep, the Cidre Society Circular segment took put whereas the Wano Province Circular segment is still progressing, which cleared out numerous fans dazed as to what the point was. Whereas the Cidre Society Circular segment does tie into the One Piece: Rush motion picture, its need of setting something else harms its adequacy.

5/10 Bossy Luffy Historical Special Arcs

Episodes 291-292, 303, 406-407

As extraneous and disconnected as filler circular segments come, the Bossy Luffy Authentic Specials are fun sufficient on their claim but have no genuine bearing on the bigger One Piece rule. Set in an interchange universe in Japan's Edo period, the filler scenes feel fiercely out of put and ordinarily conclusion up befuddling and distancing watchers.

For occasion, the primary two episodes circulated right within the center of the Enies Lobby Bend, which disturbs the stream of the most account and bewildered gatherings of people within the handle. In addition, whereas it's engaging to observe the Straw Caps investigate an substitute authentic age, the Wano Province Circular segment went into much encourage profundity within the delineation of Samurai culture and finished with much more fulfilling comes about.

4/10 Spa Island Arc

Episodes 382-384

Set right after the fan-favorite Halloween scenes within the Thriller Bark Circular segment, Luffy's propelled administration permits The Straw Caps to appreciate some uneventful downtime at a withdraw on Spa Island, where one of the foremost unlikable characters in Saucy is presented. In spite of a few strong HD movement, fans found the short-lived filler circular segment forgettable at best and out and out unenjoyable at most exceedingly bad.

With a relaxed pace to go with the Straw Hats' relaxing downtime, not much happens within the story other than experiencing the greatly unpalatable Saucy and his mates Porche and Hamburg. Whereas it's pleasant to see Tolerate included in his to begin with filler circular segment, the jokes do not arrive, the plot falls level, and the unused character presentations are as unsavory as they come.

3/10 Ice Hunter Arc

Episodes 326-335

Set between the amazing Enies Campaign and Thriller Bark Curves, fans completely disdained how long, moderate, and drawn-out the Ice Seeker Circular segment require up being. With generally one scene of story fabric extended over 10 trudging chapters, the second-longest filler bend within the history of the cherished Shonen Hop anime finds The Straw Caps cruising from Water 7 through The Florian Triangle to reach a winter island, where a band of bounty seekers who take the Thousand Sunny's hail.

For most anime fans, the excellence of filler scenes is how brief and sweet they are, permitting for a slight redirection some time recently digging right back into the most cannon account. The Ice Seeker essentially turned off a few fans who had to hold up months for the unimportant filler bend to finish.

2/10 Ocean's Dream Arc

Episodes 220-224

Much just like the dreary Post-Enies Campaign Circular segment that might too be included, the Ocean's Dream Circular segment is nothing but a arrangement of superfluous recaps that basically spew what's as of now been seen. At slightest the other lackluster One Pice filler curves endeavor to compose modern storylines, present modern adversaries, and shade the characters assist. The Ocean's Dream bend does none of that and takes its story signals from the One Piece video amusement, Ocean's Dream.

Due to the characters waking up with amnesia, the entire plot concerns the Straw Caps recapturing their memory and retelling their past histories. With nothing new to include nor relevant to progressing the most storyline, numerous have fans essentially skipped over the Ocean's Dream bend.

1/10 Foxy's Return Arc

Episodes 225-226

Aside from Chopperman's solitary side stories, most One Piece fans concur that Foxy's Return is by distant the most noticeably awful filler circular segment on record. Set after the monotonous Ocean's Dream bend, the plot finds the return of the terrible Saucy the Silver Fox, a especially detestable character that fans wished they were done with on Spa Island.

More regrettable however, the terrible reprobate is some way or another made the star of his possess side story in which fans are implied to invoke sensitivity and root for his victory, which as it were rankled fans encourage. The coming about Davey Back Battle isn't as it were remarkably underwhelming, but it also does nothing to assist watchers get it the expansive One Piece mythology.

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