Mythical serpent Journey Treasures Meet With Maker Taichi Inuzuka

Maker Taichi Inuzuka examines the advancement of Mythical beast Journey Treasures with Screen Rage ahead of the game's discharge on December 9.

Mythical serpent Journey Treasures brings Erik and Mia to the cutting edge as the two kin from Mythical beast Journey XI look for treasure and scout monsters for their groups. There's a ton to do within the diversion, and ahead of Mythical serpent Journey Treasures' discharge on December 9, 2022, maker Taichi Inuzuka examined the spinoff's improvement with Screen Tirade.

Winged serpent Journey Treasures takes put on Draconia, a arrangement of islands stuffed with famous creatures and charming treasures, counting the dragonstones. Erik and Mia must race against match groups as they attempt to get all the dragonstones and reestablish their base to wonderfulness. The amusement is all around finding modern things and investigation, and it's apparent that this was a major center of the advancement group. The meet with Taichi Inuzuka can be found underneath.

Screen Rage: Mythical serpent Journey XI has such a incredible cast of characters - why were Erik and Mia particularly chosen for their claim spin-off in Mythical serpent Journey Treasures?

Taichi Inuzuka, DRAGON QUEST TREASURES Producer: One of the main things that we had decided on early on in the development for DRAGON QUEST TREASURES was that we wanted to create a game with a male and female duo. When we looked at the popularity of Erik and Mia from DRAGON QUEST XI, we decided that they’d be a perfect fit for a spin-off game and decided to treat it as a prequel for their characters.

How concerned was the group approximately rule, in terms of making beyond any doubt Mythical serpent Journey Treasures ties up pleasantly to what’s displayed in Mythical serpent Journey XI?

Taichi Inuzuka: DRAGON QUEST XI is a singular, self-contained story, so we respected that as much as we could. This game connects in a way where the adventures of DRAGON QUEST TREASURES are part of what shaped the personalities and characteristics of Erik and Mia that were depicted in DRAGON QUEST XI.

How critical is it to know the story of Winged serpent Journey XI some time recently playing Mythical beast Journey Treasures? For occurrence, might a newcomer effectively choose this diversion up?

Taichi Inuzuka: In general, even if players have no prior knowledge of DRAGON QUEST XI, there won’t be any issues playing one without the other. There may be, however, some supplemental details from DRAGON QUEST XI that you might pick up on in DRAGON QUEST TREASURES if you are familiar with the former.

At what point did Mythical beast Journey Treasures ended up its claim diversion instead of a unused Mythical beast Journey Beasts section?

Taichi Inuzuka: To answer this question I think it is important to share that my main desire with this title was to create a game that players could enjoy casually. Around the middle phase of production of DRAGON QUEST TREASURES, we experienced some changes to how we wanted to approach the game. In the end, we decided that having treasure hunting become the main focus was something that we wanted to move forward with, and we felt that treasure hunting would be an effective way to achieve our goal of creating a casual experience.

What was the thought prepare for that like, making a unused spinoff arrangement for Mythical beast Journey?

Taichi Inuzuka: Each and every title is truly different. There are various cases, but in many of them, the idea gets triggered from a certain title or a function of the video game console. In the case of DRAGON QUEST TREASURES, I would say that it was a gradual process, mixed in with our initial intent to create a game with Erik and Mia. This further evolved through the duration of our development process, and the choices we made landed on a game focused on treasure hunting.

Was it troublesome making Winged serpent Journey Treasures feel distinctive from past spin-offs just like the Beasts arrangement?

Taichi Inuzuka: I didn’t think that it was difficult to make it feel different from previous spin-offs. Since the core gameplay was completely different, I was confident that it would naturally turn out different as long as it didn’t diverge from that axis.

There are a parcel of recruitable monsters in this amusement. Do you've got a individual favorite?

Taichi Inuzuka: I get this question a lot, but my answer is always the same: they’re all my children, and I don’t play favorites with them.

I know numerous individuals, myself included, are truly energized almost Mythical serpent Journey Treasures. Any tips or exhortation you’d like to share with fans for when they begin the diversion?

Taichi Inuzuka: I truly hope that players play this game casually and take it easy. Please enjoy and have a relaxing time with it.

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