Myers' Murder Mystery Game Leaks The Glass Onion's Story

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery's central crime revolves around a murder mystery party that foreshadows the main story.

Glass Onion: Wilderness Mystery starts out as a fake murder mystery party and then becomes very real, with the former providing the key to the film's core detective story. At the beginning of the film, each of Glass Onion's main characters is invited to their friend's private island. Troubled friend Miles Bron brings them together for a weekend of relaxation and murder mystery fun at the titular Glass Onion mansion.

However, after the murder mystery party becomes very real and someone dies, Benoit Blanc has to unravel yet another mystery. By writing a murder mystery party as the catalyst for Glass Onion's plot, Rian Johnson wisely foreshadows the film's main mystery. This both showcases Johnson's skill as a writer and ties Glass Onion's title meaning to its story perfectly.

Miles' Murder Mystery Game Is Another Example Of A Glass Onion

The first half of Glass Onion builds on Miles' murder mystery, with the character scattering clues and hints throughout the island for the other players to use after his "murder". However, shortly after Miles made the announcement, Blank unraveled the murder mystery within minutes. Blanc casually explains every detail of Bron's murder Mystery and the revelation that Bertie Jay was the willful murderer succinctly undercuts Miles' excitement about his seemingly elaborate plot. This revelation fits perfectly with the film's title, which has multiple meanings. While Glass Onion refers to the name of Miles' mansion, it has another meaning entirely.

Netflix's Glass Onion title references the idea that something that looks layered and complex, like an onion, is actually quite simple and obvious, hence the glass portion of the title. This has to do with Miles' murder mystery plot, which seems overly complicated and well thought out, but actually appears fairly straightforward once Blank deduces the case. This foreshadows the central mystery of Miles' murders of Duke and Andy and the attempted murder of Helen. While this may seem complicated, Miles' revelation is only taking inspiration from Blank, who wasn't the genius he created, which is reminiscent of what Murder Mystery and Glass Onions really are.

The Fake Blood Miles Uses Nods To Blanc's Hot Sauce Trick

Another, more obvious way in which the Murder Mystery element mirrors the Glass Onion cameo is through Miles' faked death. Blanc accidentally spoiled Miles' unsolved murder case and was "shot" by a crossbow. The fake blood was funny Spray quietly on the dining table. Miles' use of fake blood is tied to the movie's story and the aforementioned cameo. Later in the film, after Miles shoots Helen, Blank realizes she's still alive because Andy's diary blocks the bullet. In order to sell the murder and induce Miles to confess that he attempted to murder her, Blank covered Helen in Jeremy Renner's hot sauce.

After this, all the other guests show up and mistake the hot sauce for blood. Blank rubbed some hot sauce on his eyes and looked like he was crying. This leads guests and Miles to believe Helen is dead, through one of Glass Onion's many celebrity jokes and references. It's reminiscent of Miles' murder mystery, where the fake blood in both scenes provides humorous jokes for the film's unique tone, while the Helen scene sells the murder that Miles failed to do.

Miles Taking Credit For The Game Echoes His Andi Betrayal

In the end, Miles' murder mystery and who wrote the plot for it are crucial to reflecting his betrayal and murder of Andy. After Blanc thwarted Miles' murder mystery, Miles revealed that he didn't even write the murder mystery story, but that Gillian Flynn, A well-known mystery author who wrote complex crimes. Before that, Miles took credit for the story, convincing everyone else that it was written by his own genius. This mirrors his betrayal of Andy, whose relationship with Miles is explained throughout the film.

The end of Glass Onion reveals that Miles murdered Andi to keep her silent about the fact that she started Alpha instead of him. Miles kicked Andy out of the company she founded and convinced the wider public that he was the creator in a rigged court case in which he blackmailed his friends into testifying against Andy. Miles claims that his murder mystery is credited to someone else, and that someone else was its creator, a major betrayal of Miles in the vein of The Glass Onion, since Andy created Alpha.

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