Myers-Briggs® Type Christmas Character Nightmare

The Nightmare Before Christmas features a cast of characters with unique personalities, and we've learned about their MBTI® personality types.

A trip to Halloween Town might reveal a horde of creepy monsters, but each character in Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas has their own unique personality traits that Easy to spot. Fans choose their favorite characters, from idealistic Jack to down-to-earth Sally, based not only on their cool stop-motion animations, but also on their attitudes and behaviors.

While the "It's Halloween" singer is unlikely to have taken the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator® test, we think their personalities speak volumes about themselves. It'll be interesting to see what each character's type is and if fans match up with Oogie Boogie and the gang.

Updated by Aya Tsintziras on 25 December 2022: Decades have passed since The Nightmare Before Christmas in 1993, and watching Jack Skellington wonder what it would be like to celebrate Christmas instead of all of Halloween always It's fun, all the time. Voiced by Catherine O'Hara and Danny Elfman, the film has been a favorite with fans of all ages for nearly 30 years. The characters not only look vibrant and are fun to watch, but Each has its own personality. Jake and his fellow Halloween townspeople are perfect for the MBTI®.

Monster Who Lives Under the Stairs: ESFP

The Monster Who Lives Under The Stairs is as creepy as he sounds, but he gets a lot of fun out of his job. He sings "I'm the one hiding under your stairs with fingers wrapped around my hair like snakes and spiders" with some of the most memorable lyrics in the entire movie.

He sounds like an ESFP because he is extroverted and friendly in his own way. Residents of Halloween Town absolutely love to be spooked, and that includes this monster. ESFPs like to be around other people, and while it's fun to think of a monster like that, this character seems to be.

Clown With The Tear-Away Face: ENTP

Rippedface clown has a memorable and unique name and likes to ride a unicycle. While it's a popular animated Halloween movie, and it's not scary at all, there's definitely something creepy about the character who can literally remove his face.

This clown character sounds like an ENTP, with personality traits including outgoing, confident, and extroverted. This personality type also likes Their own people, their own way of doing things, that describes this clown, he loves scaring people.

Jack Skellington: ENTP

While some might argue that Jack Skellington is an introvert at heart, Burton's protagonist is delighted by the excitement of team events and the accolades of fans - if they are within his larger vision. As an ENTP, Jack excels at solving problems in creative ways, especially when he gets tired of the routine. He's so good at reading people it makes him change his speech midway through the show. Scientific and forthright, he studies his dreams before showing them to the town, a true "visionary".

Jack hates the proven way of doing things, and will always come up with new ways to get his job done, even if he ultimately decides that Halloween rather than Christmas is the best option. The debate continues as to whether the movie is best seen on Halloween or Christmas, and of course, the answer is simple, in one word: both.

Mayor Of Halloween Town: ESFJ

In The Nightmare Before Christmas, one of Tim Burton's best films, the Mayor of Halloween represents a scarier version of Gemini, but his MBTI® shows he is ESFJ, the "provider" . he is A courtesan who wants to keep everyone happy and the town in harmony, even if he's a little embarrassed about it. He's Jack's biggest cheerleader, and he loves organizing the biggest social event in Halloween Town: Halloween. He has maps and plans for the day after Halloween to prove it.

The mayor is loyal and warm to the people of the town, and losing Jack truly breaks his heart. He foresees the needs of his town and works hard to meet them. He also likes to be praised for his hard work and likes to boast when he is recognized.

Santa Clause: INFJ

Given the many versions of Santa Claus in popular culture, it's easy to argue that his personality could be different in each legend. Sometimes this may be true, but most versions of Santa are typical INFJs, and the Santa from The Nightmare Before Christmas is no exception. As a "counselor," Santa is the rarest of all characters, an idealist who needs to make the world a better place. Everything he does is driven by his vision of respecting children, especially those who also do good things for the world.

Santa's Naughty List even confirms this, as INFJs don't have time for people who aren't looking for meaning and positive movement in the world. Santa's values ​​are firm, and he knows exactly what he wants to do to make his vision a reality in the world.

Oogie Boogie: ENTJ

Oogie Boogie is a natural leader who prides himself on seeing obstacles in his path only as challenges to be overcome. The film's counterpart, Oogie Boogie, is "The Commander" or ENTJ. "Potent" is a word often used to describe ENTJs, but for Oogie, that's the understatement this year. This is the way or highway for this monster and his bugs.

Oogie Boogie is decisive and eager for the opportunity to be responsible, he believes that his world has many problems that he wants to solve, and that his method is the best way to get the job done. He's smart, well-informed, and always knows what's going on, not because he's curious, but because he needs all the information possible to formulate his plans.

Dr. Finkelstein: INTJ

If anyone in The Nightmare Before Christmas deserves the title "The Mastermind", it's Dr. Finkelstein. He deserves his own movie, and his movie will feature the most twists and turns. INTJ, Dr. Finkelstein Having extremely high standards for himself and his work, his scientific mind assesses situations, looking for patterns and life in the world of theory and ideas.

The movie is one of the highest rated claymation movies, the introverted Finkelstein prefers to work alone, making buddies who only serve as his assistant and sidekick, and like other INTJs, he doesn't like surprises. He likes to have a strategy and follow that plan in his life.

Lock: ESTP

Spontaneous and extroverted Lock, the Little Red Devil voiced by Paul Reubens, is a "Doer" or ESTP. Locke was not a thinker. He only does what feels right in the moment without thinking too much behind his actions, which leads to kidnapping the wrong Santa. He's not a guy with ideas, he'll do what's asked of him, but he's more than happy to correct his mistakes when he does.

Freedom is another quality ESTPs demand, and working as one of Oogie's boys gave Lock quite a bit of freedom. He's full of energy and loves to play pranks with his two best friends just like other ESTPs like to hang out with them friends. Lock also has the best style of the trio, an ESTP's signature quality.

Barrel: ENTP

Green-haired Barrel may be Oogie's "star student", but as an ENTP, "The Performer", he really likes to have fun while working with his friends. He values ​​their friendship so much that he even offers to draw lots. Like Locke, he is active, hates boredom, and learns by doing. He loves new people and surroundings, and if given the chance, he'll probably explore all of his vacations.

Barrel likes the idea of ​​being rewarded for his efforts, and being in the spotlight motivates him to successfully complete his mission, not only to kidnap "Mr. Sandy Claws", but to hand him over to Oogie Boogie.

Zero: ISFP

One of the most loyal of characters, the ISFP, Zero is a sensitive soul, always aware of his master's feelings. Warm and friendly, Zero is a "composer", a fun and caring companion who enjoys new experiences and being present. It's not hard to picture this personality as a dog, even if it's a ghost dog. There are a lot of weird details about the nightmare before Christmas zero.

ISFPs like Zero love their own space, which is why this dog, despite being Jack's companion, still has his own outdoor house. Conflict and disagreement make this little dog sad, which is why he's always there to support and fill in when needed, even if it's lighting Jack's sleigh in an ill-advised Christmas scheme.

Shock: ENFJ

Deeply disgusted by her "guys being so stupid", ENFJ's Shock is an example of a "champion" personality. She likes to do things her own way, and while she enjoys being with her friends, she refuses to follow their ideas in lieu of her own unique approach. Driven by her intuition, she knows what works best, whether it's setting a trap to catch Sandclaw or giving Saint Nick a mysterious gift to bring him down.

Loyal to Oogie Boogie and her companions, Shock is dedicated to making sure the Oogie's Boys do their jobs. Although she is not the official leader of the organization, she often serves as its leader.

Sally: ISFJ

Sally is the ultimate ISFJ, "The Nurturer". From the moment she prepares a care package for Jack, to her constant attempts to warn him, she's all about The well-being of those she cares about. She even raised Dr. Finkelstein who made her, but never harmed him, choosing to escape by giving him sleeping pills instead of real poison.

Sally is kind and warm, not only caring about other people's feelings, but also paying attention to small details that others may overlook. Sally's awareness makes her a powerful ally, and Jack should have listened before he lamented. Sally really craves harmony in her life and wants to avoid chaos as much as possible.

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