Matilda the Musical vs. Matilda 1996: Which Movie Is Better

Matilda The Musical Isn't the first screen adaptation of Roald Dahl's Matilda, and is the musical version better than the original 1996 film adaptation?

While "Matilda the Musical" may be the latest adaptation of Roald Dahl's beloved children's book, it's not the only one. Many will recall that there was a 1996 screen adaptation, Matilda, before Matilda The Musical, but which of the two film adaptations was better? Roald Dahl's Matilda has been adapted for two films, each with more than 25 years between productions. Both films received positive reviews, as both Matilda the Musical and 1996's Matilda were critically acclaimed and praised for their adaptations of Roald Dahl's original story.

Matilda The Musical and Matilda are clearly two very different products. Not only are they made in different settings and time periods, but they're also different, as Matilda the Musical is based on the screen adaptation of the 2011 stage musical of the same name, while Matilda is based on Rohr Adapted from De Dahl's book. As such, the former will feature musical elements that were paramount in previous adaptations. Likewise, both films adapt the story in different ways, with vastly different settings and casts, and some may be better suited to tell Matilda's story than others.

Matilda The Musical vs. 1996's Matilda: Which Has The Better Matilda

As the titular character in "Matilda," Matilda is not only the most important character and protagonist in the story, but also the most important character in "Matilda" the musical and in 1996's "Matilda." one of the considerations. The 6-year-old protagonist was played by Alisha Weir in Matilda: The Musical and by Mara Wilson in the 1996 version of Matilda. So the difference between the two Matildas is not just their respective actresses, but the overall story of the film and the role each Matilda played in the musical "Matilda" and the 1996 screen adaptation "Matilda". The way Matilda was built.

Matilda in the musical sometimes feels invulnerable, as she seems much stronger than Matilda in 1996, who can neither cause explosions nor create monsters with chains. While making Matilda more powerful is fun to watch onscreen, it might make Matilda's hurdles in the musical seem less cumbersome. So 1996's Matilda was more successful as a Matilda who seemed to defy all odds and have a happy ending.

Matilda The Musical vs. 1996's Matilda: Which Does The Story Better

On the one hand, Matilda the Musical adds a whole new dimension to Matilda's story, as The audience will find out at the end of the film that it is the story of Miss Honey in the musical "Matilda". Matilda 1996, on the other hand, changed the setting of the book from England to California. Despite the changes, both still tell roughly the same story, but 1996's Matilda manages to tell the story in a more linear fashion, which may be difficult for those not familiar with Roald Dahl's book and who may have difficulty following the musical. For viewers of the dual storyline of , this may be easier to understand.

Likewise, 1996's "Matilda" tells the story in such a way that the viewer becomes increasingly familiar with Matilda's family situation and her father's sketchy business, leading to the development that Matilda may want to run away from home and Beloved book on why her family sought sanctuary. Also, 1996's "Matilda" gave us a better look at Matilda's true happy ending when she was adopted by Miss Honey, which didn't happen in "Matilda the Musical" on Netflix . In the latter, Matilda still gets the happy ending, but its story and ending are more dreamy and fairytale.

Matilda The Musical vs. 1996's Matilda: Which Has The Better Cast

For a story like Matilda, the cast is The success of its adaptation. Plus, any Matilda adaptation will have to contend with the added difficulty of being a child-centric story. This means that the film needs to have a strong and large cast of children. While this is true of both "Matilda the Musical" and "Matilda" starring Danny DeVito, the former performed better with children, and their performances were praised from all sides, thus wowing the audience Get to know these supporting characters better, and 1996's "Matilda" puts the emphasis on the main characters.

Likewise, Matilda The Musical and 1996's Matilda both have memorable performances from adult characters. Despite the controversy surrounding Thompson's casting, Emma Thompson's memorable performance as Agatha Trunchbull in "Matilda" proves that the actor The perfect person to play the role of villain in Da, portraying the character in a horrific way. Likewise, Lashana Lynch joins a top-notch cast, proving that "Matilda the Musical" is the film with the best cast, adding more depth to the role of Miss Honey, and More details are provided in her harrowing story through Lynch's performance.

Matilda The Musical vs. 1996's Matilda: Is The UK Or US Setting Better?

One of the most notable differences between the two Two Matilda adaptations are set. While Matilda the Musical stayed true to Roald Dahl's setting in a small Buckinghamshire village near Reading, England, 1996's Matilda, set in suburban California, altered the setting of the original story (which added theory linking Matilda and Carrie). It also changed the nationalities of all the characters, who were American instead of British in the earlier film adaptation. While this applies to the story told in Denny DeVito's Matilda, especially with the details added to the characters of Matilda's parents, keeping the original setting Still the best option.

In fact, Matilda's English background fits the story perfectly. As evidenced by Matilda The Musical and its widespread success, the original setting in which the story is set makes Matilda the story, as the characters in the book are inspired by the real-life characters the British author encountered in his works. life in different parts of the UK. Much of the story takes place in a private school setting which has a surprisingly British feel to it in how the building itself is described and how the structure of a traditional British school is maintained.

Why 1996's Matilda Is Better Than Matilda The Musical

Matilda the Musical hits Netflix in December 2022, and no matter how it compares to 1996's Matilda, it's a beautiful film. But while both films are excellent adaptations of a well-loved story, there are a variety of reasons why the first adaptation, Matilda, ended up being better. While the new element of Matilda's own storytelling adds an interesting dimension to the new retelling of the story, it does cause the Matilda musical to stray away from its source material and make 1996's Matilda a more acceptable adaptation that maintains linear storytelling and reality The original story set.

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