Marvel's Midnight Sun: Hulk's best decks

When considering which cards are the best decks for the Hulk in Marvel's Midnight Sun, players must choose cards that work around the Wrath passive.

The last hero players recruit in the Marvel Midnight Sun base game is the Hulk, who possesses superhuman strength, making him an excellent tank DPS unit in battle. However, before fans can consider the best decks for this gamma-radiated beast, it's worth having a solid understanding of the Wrath of Heroes mechanic. Rage is a passive skill that enhances the Hulk's offense. This passive increases when a Smash card is played or whenever the Hulk takes damage. However, when the unit uses an attack or heroic ability, the rage is reduced. Fortunately, playing cards only consumes one rage, which means it's much easier to create rage than to spend it.

As mentioned above, Smash is an attack card that is vital to the core deck building of The Hulk in Marvel's Midnight Sun, as it increases rage rather than drains it. A sound strategy is to build up the Hulk's rage by using Smash on weaker minions at the beginning of the fight, and gradually increase it against stronger opponents after the rage reaches a high threshold. To passively build up extra rage, it's crucial to keep enemies focused on the Hulk.

Best Cards for Hulk's Deck in Marvel's Midnight Suns

Hence the Challenge Roar The Taunt Card is another basic ability of the Hulk deck, allowing the green monster to taunt enemies and gain more rage when attacked in Marvel's Midnight Sun. According to YouTube channel Fextralife, Seismic Slam is the next key card in the Hulk deck, as it allows players to hit one or even multiple enemies at once. In general, it is recommended to build up Rage by challenging Roar and Smash before spending Heroism to use Seismic Slam.

Next, Always Angry is not an offensive ability, but a basic skill card for HP maintenance in the Hulk deck in Marvel's Midnight Sun. In some cases, Hulk can take too much damage from taunting opponents or being targeted by enemies. In moments like these, playing Always Angry allows the Hulk to receive emergency healing, allowing players to stay on the field longer. However, keep in mind that this skill consumes any rage accumulated prior to this.

The final top card in the Hulk deck is World Breaker, a Legendary ability that unleashes a devastating AoE, often one-hit clear. It costs 6 heroism points to play, but by then the players already have a good With built-up rage, playing World Breaker will abruptly end battles by KO'ing all enemies on the field in Marvel's Midnight Sun.

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Source: YouTube/Fextralife

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