Marvel confirms Doctor Strange and Clea Big Difference as Sorcerer Supreme

In a stunning Doom Supreme reveal, Marvel officially revealed the biggest differences between Doctor Strange and Sorcerer Supreme Clea.

Warning! Mild spoilers for Avengers Assemble Alpha #1 ahead!

The biggest difference between Doctor Strange and his official Sorcerer-Supreme replacement, Kerry, has been revealed by Marvel. Ever since Clea succeeded Doctor Strange as Earth's Sorcerer Supreme after his death, fans have been wondering how the two men's reigns differed. One of the most common observations is that Clea's R-rating is much higher than Strange's because of her more violent methods. Due to her role as the Supreme Sorcerer of the Dark Dimension, she is used to seeking darker solutions. However, the true differences between the two have been officially revealed, giving insight into who they are as characters.

In The Avengers, Assemble Alpha #1 by Jason Aaron, Bryan Hitch, Andrew Currie and Alex Sinclair; Doom Supreme engages in an epic battle with Agamotto as he seeks to end Doom's multiverse tyranny. However, Doom didn't seem too impressed with the attempt, and made it clear to him how much chaos he had created. He's defeated so many Marvel Menaces and Sorcerer Supremes that he doesn't even remember how much he's "skinned and chopped up." However, he did tell Agamotto what he had done to them. as he Doom grabs his opponents with tentacle-like terror, and he mentions that if the wizard he beats is "a weird guy, I like to grab his hand, one rough finger at a time." However, if he faces With "Clea", he will eventually take her heart. These appear to be random body parts he's stolen from enemies, but they actually hold significance.

Doom Supreme's Sorcerer Trophies Are Tied to Who Strange and Clea Are as People

What's interesting about this reveal is that Doom Prime didn't choose these trophies from Doctor Strange and Kleia for no reason. The most obvious one is Doom's decision to grab Strange's hand. Doctor Strange's story has been tied to him from the very beginning. His origins revolved around his search for a magic solution to fix them after being crushed in a car accident and unable to continue his work as a surgeon. However, it also represents the way he fights his greatest enemy. Strange's approach is very strategic, looking at every possibility before executing his strategy. It also gives him a stronger moral compass, as he thinks before acting. This led him to a workable temporary truce for the greater good, Including teaming up with Doom himself in Secret Wars.

Clea, on the other hand, is a completely different story. When Doom mentions that he took her heart when he defeated one of her variants, it's referring to the fact that she follows emotion rather than reason. This was best demonstrated in Strange #1 during her first big issue as Marvel's new Sorcerer Supreme. When an anti-magic force known as the Desecration Cartel begins to destroy the Shroud Bazaar, she soon goes all out to kill them. This leads to some of the most horrific and grotesque images in Doctor Strange stories, as these nobodies are, as they say, ripped to shreds. Clea's origins come from the Dark Dimension, where she is the niece of the former Sorcerer Supreme and the dreaded Dormammu. Because of her upbringing, violence was a common answer for her, and Doom's choice of her heart as his trophy is significant because it's a symbol of her emotion-driven combat strategy.

Doom's choice of trophies for each Sorcerer Supreme just goes to show that Stephen and Clea are not as similar as one might think. They may have the same title, but they're still different people with unique views on how to plan Different power levels should be implemented keeping them separate. It's an amazing way for Marvel to visually show fans how Doctor Strange and Clea are different, and to give them a new appreciation for these two major characters on the magical side of the universe.

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