Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Best Team Combo

In Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, different battles require different team combinations, whether the battle involves movement, survival, or good offense.

Part of the fun of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is the variety of team combinations available. Nine characters in groups of three, with over three thousand team combinations. A team's effectiveness can vary depending on how the roles are constructed. Some teams are better than others for certain scenarios and bad guys.

The best team combinations allow all three characters to tackle different aspects of combat. Princess Peach's shield, for example, helps her tank hit the secret boss of Beacon Beach, Hopefire's truly gigantic Goomba, while Luigi takes him out from a distance while Rabbit Mario does the most damage. Each Spark chosen for a character caters to their individual talents and helps enhance the innate strength of the combo. Some combos are powerful, while others can last a dozen rounds.

Best Movement Comp

Some combat focuses on getting from one end of the map to the other with little regard for enemies. So for these fights, one of the best teams is Rosalina the Rabbit, Luigi the Rabbit, and Archie the Rabbit.

Rabbid Rosalina, saved by the player after fighting Sparks of Hope's second boss Midnite, can Use her Ennui moves to buy time for her teammates to move. Rabbid Luigi has both a slide upgrade and a movement upgrade, and he can cover a lot of ground if his allies are in the right positions. It's Edge's job to use her Dash Increments Movement to help Luigi the bunny get to the end of the map.

Best Survival Comp

When players encounter their first "Survival" challenge, they know they're having a tough time. Luckily, Princess Peach, her Rabbid counterpart and her longtime captor Bowser are up for the challenge. Peach's shield strengthens her allies against swarm attacks. When the shield breaks and the character takes damage, Rabbid Peach can heal them. Finally, Bowser's robotic minions, which the player learns to control while fighting the third Hopefire boss Bedrock, can take on multiple enemies with multiple explosions.

Best Offensive Comp

If the goal is destruction, one of the best team combinations is Rabbit Mario, Bowser, and Mario. All three are set up to deal a lot of damage in different ways. Rabbit Mario can take out entire groups of enemies with his large area gloves. Bowser doesn't care what he hits, as long as his enemies are down, like a more dangerous Rabbit Peaches. Mario is the most mobile character, capable of a few well-targeted shots from a distance.

Best Defensive Comp

Sometimes, when facing a series of powerful enemies, it's best to take a defensive approach, such as the Giant Wildclaw boss fight. Luigi, Rabbid Rosalina and Peach are great for defensive combat. Luigi's attacks get stronger the further away he is from his target, making him valuable in the far corners of the map. Rabbid Rosalina's Ennui freezes enemies, giving everyone time to finish them off without fear of being attacked. When all else fails, Peach's shield protects her friends and runs to a better location.

Best Mixed Comp

Mario, Edge, and Rabbid Peach are good choices for players who want a well-rounded team that can take on a variety of challenges. As mentioned, Mario is very flexible in team compositions and is able to run an excellent offense while mimicking his brother's ranged protection stance. Edge can get up close and personal, line up and let opponents sprint or swing their swords. Finally, Rabbid Peach can heal her teammates while ignoring partial cover from missiles.

While these team combinations are good, there are many more Players can experience and enjoy in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope.

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