Manifest season 4 still has 3 Al-Zuras mysteries to solve

The Manifest season 4 is full of much-needed answers, but three important mysteries - all of which involve Alzuras - remain unsolved.

The Manifest Season 4 Part 1 is full of much-needed answers, but three important mysteries - all three related to Alzuras - remain unsolved. From season 2 onwards, the passengers of Flight 828 understand that they have some strange connection to the 16th-century Egyptian explorer. For reasons beyond their comprehension, Al-Zuras and his crew disappear like planes and return, even suffering summons that inexplicably involve the passengers themselves.

What they reveal about their calling and the nature of their plight ultimately reveals this connection and their situation in general. Apparently, all those who experienced this phenomenon were sucked into the consciousness, which provided them with information, which they have been gradually recalling since their return. It seems like this is what Carl meant when he said "everything is connected" when he mentioned Al-Zuras in season 2. Obviously, he and his crew were also chosen by the divine consciousness.

How Did Al-Zuras See Flight 828?

Apparently, Al-Zuras' ship is stuck in divine consciousness, not unlike what happened with Flight 828 between 2013 and 2018. But what remains unclear is how Al-Zuras managed to capture a A glimpse of the plane. A season 2 call confirmed that the "Silver Dragon" that Al-Zuras saw flying aboard during the storm was Flight 828. Of course, it makes sense that they are all in the same place, but their time in divine consciousness is not aligned. Passengers didn't find their way there until hundreds of years later. According to the timeline of events set in season two, Alzuras and his people were only trapped in consciousness for ten years before being sent back.

One could explain this by arguing that divine consciousness exists outside of time, but the circumstances of Cal's conflict with Daly and Fiona suggest that is not the case. If they co-existed in divine consciousness whenever they were brought there, then Karl saw more than just the two of them. He will see everyone who enters the consciousness. This must mean that there is an entirely different explanation for Al-Zuras' targeting of Flight 828.

What Happened To Al-Zuras?

In discussing Al-Zuras' life, TJ states that Wikipedia does not include the date of Al-Zuras' death. The show poignantly revealed the unknown fate of Al-Zuras, which was particularly important to the show. The all-encompassing story. The fact that the show deliberately doesn't reveal it is a sign that it's going to matter eventually. Plus, the passengers who got to the bottom of the mystery actually felt compelled.

The connection between Al-Zuras and his passengers makes his journey crucial to understanding their own future. Passengers might figure out what they should do if it turns out he's alive more than a decade after the day he disappeared. Tracking Al-Zuras' footsteps can provide a framework for Passengers to plan their next move in Season 4, Part 2 of The Manifest.

Why Did Al-Zuras Have A Death Date (& How Did He Know About It)?

Although they do not know when Al-Zuras died, they do know that he had a death date. In his diary he discusses his crew's awareness of their impending death. How exactly they knew the fate that awaited them is not resolved, but certainly something to ponder. Ben and the others only know the date of their own death because of what happened to Griffin in season 1. For Al-Zuras to know about this, someone else he knew must have disappeared, or Callings had somehow revealed it to him.

There is also the question of why Al-Zuras and his crew have death dates. At this point, it is accepted that the passengers were chosen by divine consciousness to prevent the end of the world in 2024, but the events of Al-Zuras happened centuries before that. Characters like Zeke, Griffin, and the three meth addicts may have been chosen so they could help the passengers achieve their goals, but that doesn't explain the 16th-century ship's crew. Did they have to prevent their own doomsday event, or did they secretly contribute to the passenger's efforts in some other way that hasn't been revealed yet? While Al-Zuras was a bit of an afterthought in Season 4 of The Manifest, these are questions Ben, Michaela, and Saanvi will need to ask when the show returns.

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