M3GAN producer James Wan's Malignant 2 update disappoints

Exclusive: James Wan teases further collaboration with M3GAN writer Akela Cooper, but shares a disappointing update on Maleficent 2.

Writer, director and producer James Wan has teased his ongoing collaboration with M3GAN writer Accra Cooper, but he has bad news for fans hoping to see Maleficent 2 soon. Cooper has written TV shows across genres, including Marvel's Luke Cage, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and American Horror Story. Cooper rose to fame in the horror genre with his terrifying collaboration with Wan on Malignant.

Wan and Cooper proved to be an impressive team, and Cooper also wrote the scripts for M3GAN and The Nun 2. In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant promoting M3GAN, Wan hinted at more of Cooper's upcoming projects. Although it looks like Malignant 2 isn't at the top of the list.

Wan rose to fame in the horror genre, launching several franchises including Saw, The Conjuring, Insidious, and Annabelle. Wan has shown an ability to dig into truly gruesome horror stories and expand characters and worlds beyond the original film. Wan has also developed great collaborators, of which Cooper is a perfect example. Wan and Cooper have now collaborated on three projects, each investigating a different creepy horror concept. cooper brings An important perspective of the horror genre, an often overlooked but essential perspective when exploring narratives with female-centric characters.

James Wan: Let me just say we have a lot of stuff going on right now. Malignant 2 is not necessarily at the top. But we're definitely keeping Akela [who wrote Malignant] very busy, I can tell you that.

What's Next For James Wan's Horror Universe After M3GAN?

Malignant's cliffhanger ending is a perfect continuation of Madison, aka Emily's struggles, possibly more brutal and bloody than the first. However, while Wan supports the desire for Malignant 2, it's not currently at the top of his horror priority list. Wan and Cooper's continued collaboration bodes well, especially as fans clamor for a Maleficent sequel. The horror franchise Wan spawned continued to grow, and Cooper's script for The Nun 2 continued the story of another Wan film.

2023 stacked with theatrical release of Wan's M3GAN and Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom. Wan was also an executive producer on Saw X and produced numerous other projects, including Insidious: Fear of the Dark, The Nun 2, Last Train to New York, the American adaptation of Train to Busan, and the film based on the 1975 The film adaptation of "The Fate of Salem" Stephen King's novel of the same name. While news about Malignant 2 was disappointing, fans shouldn't lose hope. Wan expressed interest Continuing to explore the world of Malignant, The Nun 2 took five years to come to fruition.

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